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Upgrade Your Sunroom with These 7 Round Chair Ideas

Round chairs aren't just comfy, but they're also aesthetically pleasing thanks to their attractive curvature. With so many unique styles on the market, adding a round chair to your sunroom is guaranteed to add personality and life to the space.

On, you'll find over 50 different design ideas for round chairs to make a big style impact in your home.

1. Barrel Chairs Add a Touch of Luxury

Round seats stand out in any room but opt for a barrel chair if you want to make a statement. This plush circular couch screams luxury while still providing outstanding comfort.

Accentuate this sophisticated look with sumptuous velvet upholstery in jewel or blush tones. Pile on throw cushions to add depth and texture and make this cozy seat even more comfortable.

If you want to go all out, get a matching footstool with a curved edge that fits flush against the chair, and enjoy luxuriating with a good book in your sunny room all year round.

Dark Grey Polyester Barrel Chair on Wooden Legs
Barrel Chair in Blue and Green
Dark Navy Leather Barrel Chair
Faux Leather Barrel Chair in Black

2. Bring the Backyard into your Sunroom with a Papasan Chair

The most famous round chair design, the Papasan, has been popular in the Western world since the 1950s and has stayed in vogue ever since. These days, there is a myriad of modern Papasan variations, but the classic rattan frame is perfect for a sunroom.

Natural materials like rattan and bamboo help bring the outside in, so your sunroom feels like an extension of your backyard. This effect is especially appreciated by those living in areas with cold winters who spend much of the year looking at our yards rather than sitting in them.

Keep this natural theme in mind as you come to select the cushion upholstery for your Papasan chair. Linen in shades of green or beige is an ideal fabric choice for this back-to-the-outdoors look. If you're adventurous, experiment with foliage prints. Palm leaves coordinate perfectly with the Papasan frame, giving your sunroom a tropical aesthetic.

Fury Gray Papasan Chair
Black Bungee Papasan Chair
Tufted Back Velvet Swivel Papasan Chair in Grey
Colorful Simple Papasan Chair

3. Embrace the Fun with a Round Bean Bag Chair

If you want to turn your sunroom into a chillout space for all the family, a round bean bag chair is an excellent choice. Loved by kids and teenagers for their fun, playful vibe, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover just how comfortable bean bag chairs are.

When it comes to bean bag chairs, bigger is better. Smaller chairs are a great space-saving option for child-friendly seating, but for adults that want a stylish and comfy place to rest, you need a larger model.

To fully embrace the fun of the bean bag, choose a chair with bright hues and funky prints. If you want to elevate the look, subdued block colors or neutral shades ensure the space looks sophisticated rather than juvenile.

White Swing Chair with Cushion

4. Create a Magical Sunroom with an Indoor Round Swing Chair

Give your sunroom a dose of whimsy with an indoor round swing chair. This seat is guaranteed to become the most popular spot in your house.

Whether you go for an egg-shaped seat or a Papasan-esque design, a round swing is a stylish and unique addition to your sunroom. Macrame round swings are wildly popular for a boho-luxe or Scandi home, and we love the texture they bring to a room. Accessorize with a faux-fur blanket and bright cushion.

In addition to being an eye-catching piece of furniture, round swing chairs are exceptionally relaxing. Rocking gently back and forth is soothing and promotes calm. So if you're searching for a chair to transform your sunroom into a peaceful sanctuary, an indoor swing is ideal. For an extra magical touch, wind twinkle lights around the rope supports.

Round Swing Chair in Beige
Round Swing Chair in Beige
Hanging Rope Swing Chair
Hanging Rope Swing Chair
Swing Chair with Stand
Swing Chair with Stand
Teardrop Swing Chair in Brown
Teardrop Swing Chair in Brown

5. Be Original and Opt for a Balloon Chair

Consider purchasing a balloon chair to give your sunroom a futuristic feel with a wink to retro-style. These sleek, modern seats become a focal point of a room and are the perfect place to hide away for a moment's peace.

Exaggerate the contemporary design with bold, contrasting colors, or go for a more subtle look by selecting a wooden shell and neutral upholstery. Sitting in these unusual chairs feels like being wrapped in a private bubble, so it's a great spot to read a book or chat with a friend on the phone. Even if you live in a small family home, you'll feel like you've found your own space.

Classic Balloon Chair in Cream
Victorian Balloon Chair in Brown
Swivel Balloon Chair in White and Red

6. Choose Function with a Round Ottoman Seat

Doubling up as stylish storage and an elegant seating solution, a round ottoman is a functional and aesthetically pleasing option for your sunroom.

Everybody loves a multipurpose piece of furniture. Many ottomans can be used as a table and a seat and storage box for three uses in just one piece of furniture.

When it comes to design, you're spoilt for choice. For small sunrooms, try an ottoman with legs, as this gives a sense of light and space. For a more dramatic look, go for an oversized model. To show off your design flair, choose a color that contrasts with the other seating in the room.

Teal Tufted Round Storage Ottoman
Tufted Round Storage Ottoman in Navy
Wide Round Pouf Ottoman
Round Pouf Ottoman in Grey
Velvet Round Storage Ottoman on Gold Legs
Genuine Leather Round Storage Ottoman

7. Get Comfy With an Upholstered Round Pouf

A sunroom is meant to be a tranquil space for relaxing and soaking up your vitamin D year-round, so why not add a cozy seating choice?

An upholstered round pouf makes use of the visual appeal that round chairs offer, but it's low to the ground and provides a more casual way to hang out.You can make a bold statement in your sunroom by selecting an upholstery fabric with a design that expresses your personality. Use this piece to add texture to your room with a material like tufted jute or a chunky knit outer shell.

Upgrade Your Sunroom and Your Mood

It's no secret that sunshine naturally improves our mood. There are endless health benefits to getting your daily dose of vitamin D, so preparing a sunroom that you can enjoy all year with comfortable seating that excites you is vital.

Make bold choices in the prints and colors you select for this space, and don't hesitate to incorporate a few of the different chairs mentioned here together into the room. A Papasan chair, coupled with an upholstered pouf provides the variety you need to relax on any given day.

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