Unique Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges that you are about to see, differ from each other but all of them have their own particular charm. Which one appeals to you most, in the end? Even the most demanding customers have managed to pick something for their houses down here and what will you do?

Best Ideas

Adrian pearsall mid century modern chaise lounge

Adrian Pearsall Mid Century Modern Chaise Lounge
Rocking chair in modern style. It is mounted on wooden frame. Upholstery is made of pleasant to the touch fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine.

Eyres chaise lounge image courtesy of limitless

Eyres chaise lounge | Image courtesy of Limitless

Unique chaise lounge

Aerolo Designer Chaise Lounge-z

Unique chaise lounge 11

Chaise longue di Plinio il Giovane con cuscino di Dedar. Cuscini di Surcanapé e Dedar, pouf di Rubelli.

Unique chaise lounge 14

Futuristic chaise lounge chair with a unique, modern shape to it and an unusual look. Perfect if you’re looking for a piece with distinct look to finish off your mid-century living room, bound to give it a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Unique chaise lounge 1

19 Spaces Made Beautiful By Unique Furniture Choices➤

Unique chaise lounge 32

Focus One Home Elan Double End Chaise

For personal privacy and relaxation hmmm

For personal privacy and relaxation. Hmmm.

Cool retro chaise quick view more chaise lounges at the

cool retro chaise quick view more chaise lounges at the

Unique chaise lounge 36

Funky Junky fainting couch! Sofa, chaise lounge, divan, whatever it may be!

Unique chaise lounge

Looking for a designer Chaise Longue

English chaise lounge 1

English Chaise Lounge
If you are very tired and you dream about little bit of luxury, you must buy, this old-fashioned chaise lounge. It has very elegant frame made of mahogany wood with stylish carved pattern. Seat is covered with bright leather.

Unique lounges

A bit funky innovative outdoor chaise lounge resembling a giant onion with a cut off part. It has a wooden frame and a bit sheer airy walls of wicker finished in off-white. A giant thick mattress and pillows have fabric covers in beige tones.

American mahogany recamier from a unique collection of antique and

American Mahogany Recamier | From a unique collection of antique and modern chaises longues at

Looking for a designer chaise longue 1

Looking for a designer Chaise Longue

HomePop Juvenile Chaise Lounge

HomePop Juvenile Chaise Lounge

Unique chaise lounge

How desperately I need daybed in front of the fireplace.....oh, and also a fireplace for said daybed..

Monumental 1970s chaise longue from a unique collection of antique

Monumental 1970s Chaise Longue | From a unique collection of antique and modern chaises longues at

Vintage chaise lounge

Vintage Chaise Lounge

English chaise lounge 3

English Chaise Lounge

Unique chaise lounge 38

Antique French 1920's Down Filled Chaise Lounge | From a unique collection of antique and modern chaises longues at

Unique chaise lounge 7

i would use different fabric, but love the idea. @Karen Sharkey - do this to yours!!

Palms Modular Chaise Fabric Cushions Leatherette - Black

Carefully profiled chaise lounge mounted on metal base and covered with faux leather. Seat and back is upholstered with thick fabric. Includes extra pillow. Received a lot of very good recommendations from clients.

French chaise lounge daybeds

French Chaise Lounge Daybeds
Coming from the 1940's, this set of French chaise lounge daybeds constitutes a real bargain for all vintage fans. Both of the chaises have beautifully gilded and gressel painted finish. They have the following size: 98 cmHx191 cmWx81 cmD.

Unique chaise lounge 5

Fibreglass Tulip Chair, 1959 | chair . Stuhl .  chaise | Design: Erwine Estelle Laverne | Laverne International |

Unique chaise lounge 19

LCP Chaise Lounge Light Blue / designed by Maarten Van Severen

Unique chaise lounge 30

1stdibs - Rare Franco Albini Chaise Lounge explore items from 1,700 global dealers at

Pink chaise betty m chicago merchandise mart

Pink Chaise Betty M Chicago Merchandise Mart
An attractive classic chaise lounge for true women. It has a wooden frame and short angular gently curved black tapered legs. Its frame, a thick seat, a backrest with a curved top edge and a sloped arm are covered in soft plain vivid pink fabric.

Unique chaise lounge 17

- Dream Chair Chaise Lounge - Relax in luxurious comfort in this unique chaise lounge. The sturdy powder-coated steel frame supports a suspended, adjustable chaise lounge. The set is weather resistant so you can enjoy years of use. Plush po

Unique chaise lounge 25

I want this!!! I've been looking for one of those little fold up chaise lounge thingys to use to lay out and even the more expensive ones suck. Maybe I should start looking for something better like this :) {EDWARD WORMLEY}

Unique chaise lounge 33

French Chaise Lounge | From a unique collection of antique and modern chaises longues at

Unique chaise lounge 9

Modern Chaise Lounge circa 1950's | From a unique collection of antique and modern chaises longues at

Unique chaise lounge 22

Rio chaise lounge designed in 1978 by Oscar Niemeyer. Photo courtesy of R 20th Century

Meditation Bench Cushion, Blue

Simple, sturdy wooden bench is always useful, but its features may be easily enhanced with this black cushion designed just for meditation bench. The cushion is filled with cotton batting and covered with cotton twill.

Walnut meditation bench

Walnut Meditation Bench
If you’re into meditation and Tai-Chi, this little meditation bench for your garden might interest you. Great to put up in your patio or backyard to help you with daily exercise and meditation sessions.

Bridal Veil Microfiber Bedroom Bench with Storage and Wood Feet in Brown

Rest your feet down when sitting on your favourite sofa, get an extra seating in your entry hall, and hide all the clutter away - this microfiber upholstered bench (in fine, neutral beige hue in camel shade) meets all these needs.

Unique chaise lounge 3

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Howard Elliott 851-202 Sterling No Tip Cylinder Ottoman, 18 by 17-Inch, Chocolate

A very simple, but functional product. This is an ottoman that has got a cylinder shape. It can serve as a pouf, footrest or coffee table in any living room. Its chocolate finish looks stylish in different kinds of decor.

Storage Chaise Lounge

Storage Chaise Lounge
This chaise lounge is a piece of furniture that provides comfort, relaxation and softness on the highest level. Its sitting space includes button tufting. The product also includes a storage compartment.

Velvet Chaise Lounge

Velvet Chaise Lounge
It is a velvet chaise lounge that has got a contemporary design, sturdy mixed hardwood frame construction and three color options to choose: green, purple and turquoise.

Unique chaise lounge 23

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Tufted chaise longue from a unique collection of antique and

Tufted Chaise Longue | From a unique collection of antique and modern chaises longues at

Unique chaise lounge 24

the Dolphin Chaise by Hans Wegner | From a unique collection of antique and modern chaises longues at

Unique chaise lounge 26

NIPPRIG 2015 Chaise lounge IKEA The furniture is handmade and therefore unique, with rounded shapes and nicely detailed patterns.

Unique chaise lounge 29

Antique Chaise Lounge on Item Is For 2 Antique Dollhouse Furniture Doll House Chaise Lounge

Handy Living 340CL-PGP46-084 Chaise Lounge Chair

Unique chaise lounge 37

I've always loved the idea of owning a chaise, but I've only ever sat on one once. SOMEDAY I WILL HAVE ONE.

Custom upholstered chaise lounge 2 seater

Custom Upholstered Chaise Lounge - 2 seater

Unique chaise lounge 34

Having midweek delusions of lounging by a refreshing pool, on the coziest daybed ever, all troubles long gone

Unique chaise lounge 35

Elegant Chaise Lounge Indoor : Unique Chaise Lounge Indoor