Unique Cat Beds

I don't know if you've noticed but cats tend to claim certain spaces. Be at the armrest of a chair or a special place at the foot of the bed. And if you get a cat a bed, they will claim that for the rest of their lives. Cats also have their own personality so maybe if you get your cat a bed you should get it a unique cat bed that matches its peculiar personality. And we have plenty to choose from.

Best Ideas

21" Cat Condo

21" Cat Condo
This charming cat condo is a combination of solid wood construction and a soft synthetic fur lining. The two-storey is also ideal for fun. Neutral colors and cozy ideal for any decor.

Custom made cat bed or dog bed

Custom made cat bed or dog bed
A unique, royal bed for exceptional cats only. It's a miniature of a king size bed with decorative pillars and an impressive headboard ornamented with a picture and small crystals. The bed is a nice combination of white, blue, and golden colors.

30" Soft Fleece Cat Perch

30" Soft Fleece Cat Perch
This super-soft cozy fleece cat perch is the perfect furniture for your pulpila. Robust design made of MDF making it very durable and soft cover provides exceptional comfort of the pet.

Cat Ball For Shark Week A Unique Cat Bed

Cat Ball For Shark Week A Unique Cat Bed
In terms of 'uniquness of cat beds' this one is very unique. :) Looks like a huge ball with shark shape and its teeth. Your cat would look really funny inside of it. Really fluffy and soft cotton that it was made of.

Seagrass Cat Scratch and Bed

Seagrass Cat Scratch and Bed
Create a comfortable relax area for your cat with this two-in-one scratch and bed tower. Solid, round base and column are covered with sea grass and can be use as a scratch. At the top is a bed, made of sea grass and soft fabric.

Unique cat beds 12

I just about flipped when I found this great bunk bed for pets! We have four dogs who share our home and, yes, they go to bed with us every night. How cool would it be to get our bed back and put a doggie bunk bed up? This pet bunk bed would also be

Unique cat beds 1

Cats that can not stay outdoors are losing a lot of opportunities for climbing-so please be satisfied with a special personal cat tree.This unique cat bed is made of many fabrics.Resistant to scratching cord,surrounds climbing piles. Contains also nest of cat.

Cat bed ideas

An unusual cool indoor dog kennel and fish tank in one! It has a shape of a traditional kennel. It's made of wooden materials. A base and edges are darker brown, a gable roof is lighter. An upturned U-shaped tank of clear acrylic glass is lighted.

Unique cat beds for pet lovers _10

Unique-Cat-Beds-for-Pet-Lovers _10

Unique cat beds 6

5. Side Dog Bed - 7 #Unique Items of Home Decor for Pets ... → #Lifestyle #Decor

Unique cat beds

A really adorable example of upcycling - turning an old baby bassinet into a unique bed for little pets. Both cats and dogs will love it! And you will have a great looking decoration, enhancing the surface of your bedroom.

Cool cat beds

A great tower that your cat will just love. The unit consists of a simple post and several, different size plates that are attached to it. The tower can serve as a bed for your cat or a fun zone as it can jump from one shelf to another.

Unique unusual cat beds

Unique / Unusual Cat Beds

Kitty Ball Hooded Cat Bed

Kitty Ball Hooded Cat Bed

Unique cat beds 2

Cat beds are always fantastic, but this unique shaped and colored cat bed is just something one of a kind! Wooden bulb filled with fluffy blankets will make your cat go crazy. Especially nice idea is the rope that surrounds the entrance.

Unique cat beds 22

Upcycled & Repurposed Vintage Console TV's

Unique cat beds

This looks easy enough for me! How to make a pet bed from an old sweatshirt.

Unique cat beds for pet lovers _03

Unique-Cat-Beds-for-Pet-Lovers _03

The cats trapeze is a unique suspended cat bed and

The Cat's Trapeze is a unique suspended cat bed and climber that is attractive to active cats, challenging them to climb and play while draw...

Unique cat beds 17

Here is a really cute idea for those of us that are pet owners.  How about making a dog bed from an upturned end table?  Handpainted with a funky pattern and a doggy print pillow, this sweet...

Unique cat beds 14

DIY Cat Tower | this unique cat tower will give your cat her own special place there ...

Unique cat beds 10

DIY Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed - Dear one of my friends with a cat, please let me make this for you. I don't know why but I think it's hilarious. - xoxo

Pretty cat beds

The cats' rest place. Perfect hiding place for your kittens. Made in recycle style by the old denim suitcases with red trimming and places on the leg looking like the baseball. It looks aesthetically and is also comfortable for animals.



Unique cat beds

These unique pieces of furniture constitute your animals' new favorite beds. From massive, leather ones, to modern and funky. All of them are handmade, covered with pleasurable materials, that your cats will love.

Unique cat beds

Sauder Bookcase for cats ~ The bookcase climber, bed and litter cabinet from Suader looks like a quality piece of furniture you would find in any living room. This great piece comes with microfiber cushions & two hanging toys, along with additional stora

Unique cat beds

BEST CAT TREES Condos Designer Cat Beds Modern by IncredibleCat

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We've found the best gifts for animal lovers.  Treat your favorite friend (or furry companion) to unique pet products, including fun pet toys, clever collars and leashes, comfy pet beds and more.NoClean AquariumsSelf-cleaning aquarium that functions wit

31" Blaze Half Dome Cat Perch

31" Blaze Half Dome Cat Perch

Unique cat beds 4

10 Unique Cat Beds – Very Cute!

Unique cat beds

Moon Cradle DIY tutorial. This is just beautiful. Like, I want to have a baby just to justify this beautiful.

Unique cat beds 5

This cat bed is charmingly unique. We love its cool and abstract design. It looks like a head of a cat. It's actually super funny to see your cat sleeping in its bed shaped like his head. Kind of a cat's inception.

Unusual cat beds uk

Round cat bed made of paper. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Unique cat bed

If you are looking for unique pet beds, which will enchant both you and your pets, this shall appeal to you. Based on a thin, steel frame, it ensures solidness packed in a minimal form. A real bargain for all modern style enthusiasts.

Cat box enclosure

Cat bed fitted with cabinets for storing necessary things. It is made of wood and fitted with soft pillow on the top. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

17" Sleeper Steel Cat Condo

17" Sleeper Steel Cat Condo

Unusual cat beds

Cat bed in the form of suitcase. It is covered with fabric and fitted with removable pillow. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral and functional accent for each place.

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30 Eco-Friendly Pet Products - From Repurposed Pet Beds to Eco Pet Hammocks - I'm sure this thing is way too expensive, but I like it.

Unique cat beds

Give your animal their own space in your house! For all your DIY needs visit Walgreens.com.

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

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Amazing cat beds

Modern cat scratcher rondo, a unique cat condo tree and cat home in one. You can hang them on the wall, or even let them loose on the floor so your cat can roll it and play with it. Really cool idea for cat lovers.

Unique cat bed 1

Unique cat bed

Unique cat beds 3

Custom Cat Beds

Unique cat beds 21

Bailey is probably too big for this, maybe that means I need to get her a small friend.

Unique cat beds 1

Unique Cat Beds -

Unique cat beds this unique heated bed warms

Unique Cat Beds This unique heated bed warms

10 unique cat beds very cute 1

10 Unique Cat Beds – Very Cute!

Unique and awesome cat beds

Unique And Awesome Cat Beds

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