Types Of Chandeliers

Chandeliers, chandeliers, everywhere. That's right, you have walked into this chandelier showcase to end all chandelier showcases. We have every conceivable type of chandelier you can possibly imagine. So many styles and orientations and colors, that your mind will truly be blown by all of the options. Take a look at this chandelier collection to see all the types of chandeliers and pick one for your home.

Best Ideas

Holman 5 Light Chandelier

Holman 5 Light Chandelier
If you're a fan of simple and intriguing solutions, this awesome and stylish light chandelier is gonna perfectly match your needs. Check it out and bring some elegance and functionality to your house!

Holman 9 Light Candle Chandelier

Holman 9 Light Candle Chandelier
Are you looking for some simple and elegant decorations for your living room? Then, check out this amazing and stylish light chandelier and bring some incredible design to your living room or bedroom!

Large lantern bell jar chandelier

Large lantern bell jar chandelier
A pretty though quite simple chandelier with a circular lampshade holder and chains of metal. A jar-resembling cylindrical shade with a small bottom finial and a gently flared top edge is made of clear glass. It accommodates 4 candelabra bulbs.

Vintage Green Glass Bell Jar Chandelier W Hanging Crystals

Vintage Green Glass Bell Jar Chandelier W Hanging Crystals
Original chandelier with a very attractive and durable metal construction in gold finish. It includes some crystal accents and electric candles that provide good illumination and enhanced interior aesthetics.

Pretty in pink mason jar chandelier

Pretty in pink mason jar chandelier
Rustic design for an unusual hanging chandelier made out of tiny mason jars fitted with lights, all mounted on a ceiling with a couple of wires threaded through a wooden ring, creating a moody addition to any room.

Ballerina 5 Light Chandelier with Alabaster Bell Glass

Ballerina 5 Light Chandelier with Alabaster Bell Glass
If you're looking for some stylish and elegant solutions for your living room or bedroom, this awesome chandelier might be a perfect match for you. Check it out and enjoy an incredible look in your house!

Structure 4 Light Chandelier

Structure 4 Light Chandelier
Cool modern mini-chandelier for 4 candelabra bulbs. Its fixture is of straight rods with knotting, has bottom finials, bulb caps and tubes, adjustable chains and a rectangular canopy of steel with an aged dark finish. A round shade is of metal mesh.

Types of chandeliers

Here's a set of chandeliers that will considerably enhance the value of your living room, adding new style and chic to it. You can choose between branched chandeliers, caged ones, shaded and beaded.

Types of chandeliers 1

Elegant chandelier with crystal lampshade. It is mounted on metal frame. Perfect as main or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Types of chandeliers 25

Glass Style Chandeliers | The Best 4 Types of Chandeliers

Chandelier options and inspiration for your dining room

Chandelier options and inspiration for your dining room

Types of chandeliers 21

Crystal Style Chandeliers | Best Types of Chandeliers

Just as there are numerous crystal types there are a

Just as there are numerous crystal types, there are a diverse amount ...

Types of chandeliers 6

This all clear crystal chandelier would look delightful in a nursery room - as long as you fish for a glamorous accent... Transparent glass beads create a marvellous visual composition. When lighted, the view is fantastic.

Types of chandeliers 31

What type of pendant light will look best in your kitchen? A new light can give it a whole new look! -- Brought to you by LG Studio

Types of chandeliers

Saarinen pedestal table - saw this image today and thought of your dining room! love that chandelier above...

Large foyer lighting fixtures

The large and highly efficient foyer lighting fixture is an interesting way to create a stylish interior of your kitchen or living room. Beautiful iron design and subtle crystals in this glittering chandelier delight.

Types of chandeliers 32

STARRY NIGHT CHANDELIER - From the lighting purveyors to Europe's nobility and royalty, this fixture is present in the great halls and salons of palaces, chateaus and cathedrals across the continent. Each crystal is handblown, cut and polished to create a

Lovely Chandelier Pattern Wall Home Decor PVC Wall Sticker

Crystal chandelier it is considered as the finest chandelier

Crystal Chandelier - It is considered as the finest chandelier ...

Types of chandeliers 9

Arturo 8 Light Rectangular Chandelier @Ballard Designs

Bell jar chandelier 6

Bell jar chandeliers constitute a stylish proposition for those, who want to distinguish their interiors. Its intricate character will fit into lofts or other industrial spaces.

Types of chandeliers 23

pictures of different types of antiques | different types of chandeliers

Types of chandeliers 34

I was planning on making something just like this for my dad for his man cave! Someone stole my idea!

Types of chandeliers 3

These rich dark walls complement the opulent multitude of chandeliers and extravagantly detailed gold mirror, making the room feel cozy, intimate and luxuriously grand, all at the same time. Inspired!

Types of crystals used in chandeliers 1

Types of Crystals used in Chandeliers

Types of chandelier 1

types of chandelier

Chandelier types

Now you can choose from many different types of chandeliers, one more beautiful than the other to create the most fitting and perfect setting for your dining room or living room, especially with the crystals on the structure and light finish.

Glass and iron dining table 2

Orb Ceiling Mount. Dimensions: 10"H X 16" Diameter. Made of wrought iron. Uses 4 type C 60W max bulbs. Hardwire. I purchased this for my kitchen and it looks fantastic!

Lighting chandeliers of cast brass strass chandeliers colored crystal 1

lighting chandeliers of cast brass strass chandeliers colored crystal ...

Types of chandeliers 5

I have seen this type of chandelier before from a women in the Ottawa area who was taught the technique in Italy.

Types of chandeliers styles

If you're in an apartment or starter home, chances are you don't have a lot of say in the type of fixtures you have. Check out this DIY chandelier tutorial to update your space and make it your own. #diy #chandelier

Types of chandeliers 10

Romantic decor. anyway we can get a tree in there? I want some type of chandelier hanging :)

Types of chandeliers 28

Want this for a future bedroom ceiling! How beautifully romantic, they have this type of ceiling at the Spa at Encanterra <3

Different chandeliers

I LOVE that light fixture!! Perhaps THIS could be the wine bottle project?? I'm running out of space to store them!!

Types of chandeliers 27

How to hang a Chandelier - BUT also rules on selecting the best type of lighting for the size of rooms. Great designer tips

Different types of chandeliers

I really love this bedroom setup. Very elegant and classy, super sophisticated. The purple carpet nicely contrasts the cream and black bedding, and the crystal chandelier gives the whole room a nice, rich touch.

Types of chandeliers 12

Reduce, Rebooze, Recycle: 11 Creative Uses For Wine Bottles

Types of chandeliers 29

recycled bottles, I'm going to try to make this type of chandelier using my huge collection of empty cobalt blue sake bottles and edison lights, just trying to figure out the details of assembling it.

Types of chandeliers 17

These sparkling drapes of clear cut-glass crystals will softly reflect and diffuse the light, while the petite size make this chandelier into a finest addition to your home setting - whether it's in the powder room or bedroom.

Bell jar chandelier 21

Do you remember a novel " The bell jar"? This bell jar chandelier was absolutely inspired by this piece of art. Made in colonial India - in the form of historic lighthouses, at the same time referring to modernity thanks to glass. Connects with brass.

Types of chandeliers 13

Deborah Leamann Interiors. I love all types of homes and interiors but the California costal style with a Spanish core always has a tight hold on my heart

Types of chandeliers 20

DIY sputnik chandelier... so happy i saw this :) i love this type of light fixture

Types of chandeliers 26

this diy chandelier is shabby chic and adorable for any type of girly event. we used it at a wedding but it would've been cute at the shower too. also, i used hot glue instead of wire and i feel it was a lot easier.

Types of chandeliers 4

Harvest table with crystal chandelier from another perspective. #Rustic and a hint of glam play beautifully together.

Styles of chandeliers

vintage crystal waterfall pendant

Types of chandeliers 24

Wedding tent and flowers in lavender. OMGOSH!! This is beautiful!! I need to get married again!! To the same man of course!!

Cavalli night club um yes

cavalli night club, um yes

Chandelier Tree, Underwood Park on the Redwood Highway Trees Original Vintage Postcard

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