Tv Tray On Wheels

Not all TV strays need to be carried in. If you have a hot dish and don't wish to carry it in, put it one on of our TV trays with wheels and roll it in. Now you can save yourself all those horrible burns, and the pain in your back, if you need to hulk in a heavy dish for your favorite show with the family. See collection for more details, styles and colors.

Best Products

Folding Multipurpose Personal Notebook Stand TV Tray Table

Folding Multipurpose Personal Notebook Stand TV Tray Table
This tray table was designed with functionality in mind. It may serve as a stand for small TV or personal notebook. It has heavy duty metal frame on four wheels - two of them are lockable. The table is foldable.

Vintage black tv tray on wheels

Vintage Black Tv Tray On Wheels
TV tray on wheels, with endless possibilities, when it comes to its use. The beautiful pattern makes it interesting. It’s perfect for serving dinner to the bed, or to keep your remote on. Or, it can just be used as a decoration.

Tv trays big lots

This folding multipurpose TV tray table will be a practical accent in any living room decor. Ideal to lay your laptop, newspaper or food. Available in 2 stylish finishes: dark brown and grey.

Over Bed Table

This over bed table is space-saving, mobile, and functional. The table is characterized by a durable metal frame with 4 wheel casters, and a wood grain laminated top. The table is height adjustable - up to 42 inches.

Plantation Cherry Mobile Tray Table

Plantation Cherry Mobile Tray Table
This piece of furniture is a tray table that features a durable wooden construction. It has got wheels for enhanced mobility and a solid, decorative post. The top of this table is durable and has got a rectangular shape.

Folding Multipurpose Personal TV Tray Table

Folding Multipurpose Personal TV Tray Table
Bring a little more convenience to your daily life with this folding and multifunctional TV tray table, featuring a simple yet elegant design and blending perfectly well with most decors, while the robust construction proves utmost durable.

Folding tv tray table laptop computer stand locking wheels free

Folding Tv Tray Table Laptop Computer Stand Locking Wheels Free Shipping
Folding TV tray mounted on wheels for easy movement. Base is made of metal and fitted with wooden top. It folds flat for easy storage. Ideal as laptop table or serving snacks.

Our advice Buying Guide

A TV tray on wheels is a versatile piece of furniture. Despite being mainly designed to hold food and beverages while being in front of the TV, you can use it for just about anything that requires a small table. This could mean anything from a table for books or to a cart (thanks to the wheels).

Choosing the right TV tray on wheels can be tricky for you as the choices can be dizzying. Worry not as this article is going to be a buying guide for TV tray on wheels. After reading this article, you should be able to pick the right one for your situation.

What's the best material for a TV tray?

TV trays on wheels are often crafted from plastic, metal or wood. The right one for you primarily depends on a couple of factors.

  • If you need something that can hold a heavy load, then you might want to go for something metallic. Also, such kind of TV tray is also more durable than wood and plastic. However, metal TV trays are generally more cumbersome to move around. Metal is also susceptible to rust. Of course, you can minimize this issue by buying something made from aluminum or stainless steel.
  • If you need a TV tray as a table for your laptop, then a wooden tray may be a better option as the wood is a poor conductor of heat. Wood is also a beautiful material. On the downside, you may have to be careful when it comes to cleaning as water and wood are not a good mix.
  • Plastic TV tray is often a good choice if you are looking for something that is very light. It's also easy to clean as plastic does not rust or rot in the presence of water. On the other hand, plastic is not the most durable material, and you can scratch easily it.

Another thing to consider when choosing the right material is how it relates to the rest of the room's decor. For example, a wooden TV tray on wheels works well in a traditional or classic setting.

What's the standard weight of a TV tray on wheels?

The average weight of a TV tray on wheels is arounf 10 lb, but it can vary depending on a model. The weight of the TV tray on wheels is usually tied to its durability and capacity. This means that the more durable it is and the bigger load it can carry, the heavier the TV tray becomes.

Keep in mind that having a light TV tray is advantageous so you can easily move it around. Hence, you will have to find the right balance between portability versus capacity and durability.

What types of TV tray wheels are there?

You have the choice of unidirectional or castor wheels.

  • Unidirectional wheels are the ones that can move forward and back, but not side to side. Such kind of wheel may be limited, but it's typically a lot cheaper compared to the castor wheels.
  • Castor wheels allow for 360-degree movements. It's a lot more maneuverable, which makes the TV tray easier to move around. However, it can be relatively costly.

No matter the kind of wheel you choose, it's best that you select something that comes with a locking mechanism. This allows the TV tray to stay in place.


Furinno folding multipurpose personal notebook stand tv tray table 3

Furinno Folding Multipurpose Personal Notebook Stand TV Tray Table

Tray table on wheels

Hospital Over Bed Overbed Table - Great for Laptop, Food, TV w/Wheels

Furinno easi folding multipurpose personal tv tray table

Furinno EASi Folding Multipurpose Personal TV Tray Table

Folding multipurpose personal tv tray table 2

Folding Multipurpose Personal TV Tray Table

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Folding Multipurpose Personal Notebook Stand TV Tray Table

Folding Multipurpose Personal Notebook Stand TV Tray Table
This multi-functional table has wheels with the possibility of blocking is the perfect device. You can put on the TV, or use as a table or fold it and store easily. Robust design and wooden top ensure its durability.

Masterpiece Mobile Tray Table

Masterpiece Mobile Tray Table
Beautiful mobile tray table in black. Carved leg, smooth top and bottom shelf. Four casters for easy movement. Made of manufactured wood. Well made portable table great for putting drinks or computer on.

Adjustable tray table on wheels

Adjustable Tray Table On Wheels

Overbed table laptop tray tv dinner with wheels new

Overbed Table Laptop Tray Tv Dinner With Wheels New
Check this overbed table laptop tray with wheels! It can be also used as your TV tray during your dinner time! Or just as a tray when needed, when you need to read a book or write a letter. It's got nice silver vein finish.

Olsen wheeled laptop tray table with tilt control

Olsen Wheeled Laptop Tray Table with Tilt Control

Tv tray wheels the stand is on wheels that

Tv Tray Wheels The stand is on wheels that

Rolling non tilt top overbed eating table tray hospital tv

Rolling Non-Tilt Top Overbed Eating Table Tray Hospital TV Laptop Food ...

Tv trays find tray tables and bed trays online

TV Trays: Find Tray Tables and Bed Trays Online

Wheels r2400 oak tea trolley with wheels r2200 oak tv

... wheels - R2400 oak tea trolley with wheels - R2200 oak tv tray -250

Tv tray table with wheels

Vintage TV Trays | Awesome Bon Appetit Vintage TV tray on wheels

Tv tray table rolling cart with 4 tray tables

TV Tray/Table Rolling Cart with 4 Tray Tables

Tray with wheels

... Height Adjustable Table Non Tilt Hospital Over bed Table for Food Tray

Tray wheels


Set of four vintage tv trays florentine pattern in white

Set of Four Vintage TV Trays - Florentine Pattern in White and Gold ...

Food tray with wheels

... kitchen furniture living room furniture tables sofa console tables

Smash Tray Table

Smash Tray Table
This is a modern styled, rectangular shape tray table features solid, metal base in chrome finish and orange table top with high gloss finish. It can be easily slide under any furniture which makes it very practical one.

Metal Marble Tray Table

Metal Marble Tray Table
Pretty modern portable and foldable tray table with a base of durable black-coated metal. It has thin X-shaped legs and a crossbar. A rectangular top features a high-glossy surface and golden-finished railing-like edges.

Folding serving tray made of solid wood. It is equipped with handles for easy portability. It folds flat for easy storage. Solid and durable construction.

Four mid century lucite tv serving trays w original carrier

Four Mid Century Lucite Tv Serving Trays W Original Carrier On Wheels
A beautiful, rustic serving tray on wheels, with a surface made out of acrylic glass. The wooden finish gives it a nice, cosy touch. Great for when you want to relax and eat a dinner in front of your TV!

Hospital overbed table laptop food tv trays w wheels ad

Hospital Overbed Table Laptop Food Tv Trays W Wheels Ad Picture

Alessi barbicu trolley frame only wooden trays not included

Alessi - Barbicu Trolley Frame only (wooden trays not included)

Cascando base tv trolley with dvd tray

Cascando: Base TV-Trolley with DVD tray

Calico Designs 51200 Laptop Cart with Mouse Tray in Chrome and Black Glass

A finely crafted modern laptop cart in chrome and black glass which will definitely not only look astonishing in your living room or bedroom but also comes in handy whenever you wish to relax and not worry about moving your furniture. Comes with a mouse tray and wheels.

Vintage mid century set of 4 tv trays w stand

Vintage Mid Century Set Of 4 Tv Trays W Stand On Wheels Faux Wood Grain Nice
This practical TV tray will let you watch the TV wherever you want to. It has wheels so it's easy to move it around your house and it's foldable so it's also easy to store. It features a vintage look due to faux wood grain.

Tv tray with wheels 1

Furinno - Furinno 11044 Easi Folding Tray Table, White/Grey - Furinno ...

Smash Tray Table

Smash Tray Table
Simple rectilineal table with a polished steel frame. A flat U-shaped foot enables to slide it e.g. under a bed. Two straight legs are placed in 2 corners but 2 other ones in the middle of the frame. A rectangular top is of brown-finished fibreboard.

Bedside tray table on wheels

Tv Tray Wheels The top tray is removable,

Folding Laptop Desk/Tray Table

Folding Laptop Desk/Tray Table
Foldable laptop desk constructed of wood with water resistant polyurethane finish and nickel alloy hardware. Each of its three legs was equipped with locking mechanism for safety. Multiple finishes are available.

Coastal Chic Tray Table

Coastal Chic Tray Table
A tray table made from rattan to provide a more natural and rustic feel to your apartment, while bringing lots of practicality and ensuring you the amazing multi-functionality. The tortoise color blends perfectly with any setting.

Contemporary Accent Tray

Contemporary Accent Tray
A very useful, solid and attractive table with a tray top. It has got a durable metal frame that provides stability and support for snacks, drinks, etc. This is a folding construction, so the storage doesn't require plenty of space.

Details about over bed table with wheels food laptop tv

Details about Over Bed Table with Wheels Food Laptop TV Tray 217

Palm Harbor Butler Tray

Palm Harbor Butler Tray
Butlery tray featuring durable steel frame, tray made of UV resistant wicker resin and folding stand for easier storage. Additionally, the tray can be removed and stored or used separately, which makes it very convenient.

TV Tray

TV Tray
Useful modern folding tray table with an X-shaped tubular metal frame finished in black. It has a rectangular top made of resistant laminated fibreboard with a vibrant black and white geometric pattern.

Classy Styled Metal Tray Table

Classy Styled Metal Tray Table
This kind of product is a tray table that has got a solid metal construction. It is based on 100% iron, so it is resistant to damage, wear, etc. Its top area includes a removable serving tray that is convenient in use.

Folding Tray and TV Table

Folding Tray and TV Table
Such a wonderful, little folding tray to put up next to your coffee table. Not only does it look good, it comes in really handy for when you want to relax and eat a dinner in front of a TV. Gives a very cosy, rustic feeling.

Robin Snack Table, Wood Top by CrownMark

Snack table featuring brown, traditional finish and design, wooden top and solid metal construction. The latter, make this furniture a long-lasting and durable piece. Thanks to the wheels it can be easily moved around.

Adjustable tray table on wheels 1

Adjustable Tray Table On Wheels

Tv trays would be even more awesome if it had

TV Trays - Would be even more awesome if it had wheels =)