Trendspotting: Why Everyone Is Loving Inflatable Chairs This Holiday Season?

You might've noticed you suddenly see blow up chairs everywhere, and it likely has something to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Outdoor gatherings have become one of the safest ways to socialize with our loved ones. It allows everyone to maintain social distance and enjoy each other's company in a well-ventilated area.

Inflatable furniture has become a big part of that trend, allowing us to bring additional seating to the yard when needed and then quickly deflate and store it out of sight when it's not. Inflatable chairs also come in styles that blend in with your living room furniture, meaning you can also put an additional chair in your living room or recreation room if you are hosting extended family for the holidays.

If you're interested in hopping on this trend during the holidays, explore for ideas on how to incorporate inflatable furniture into your home.

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Inflatable Lounge Chair

Inflatable Seating is Comfortable

The holidays are a time for relaxing and spending time with the people you love most. While folding chairs are another excellent way to expand your seating for the holidays, many folding styles are uncomfortable when spending hours conversing, playing games, or whiling away the hours in front of the fireplace.

An inflatable chair offers a comfortable alternative. Look for models with a high backrest and tufting or a lumbar support cushion. Ensure that the seat width and height are large enough to accommodate your guests, and make sure the seat is adequately inflated for better support.

They're Portable and Easy to Store

A significant benefit of blow-up furniture is how compactly it can be stored away before and after use. When deflated, blow up chairs can be stored in the garage, under the sofa or bed, or inside a closet. Their compact deflated dimensions make them an excellent option for apartments or small homes that lack storage space and have limited seating.

If your family enjoys camping trips for Thanksgiving, you can even bring inflatable chairs on your outdoor adventure to create a cozy seating area around the campfire. Look for products that come with a fabric carrying bag so you can fold the deflated chair up neatly and transport it conveniently.

Folded Inflatable Sofa

Folded Inflatable Sofa

Blow Up Chairs are Water-Resistant

For outdoor gatherings, choosing a water-resistant inflatable chair eliminates an element of stress for you as a host over the holidays. Choose a chair made from a material that stands up to spills or inclement weather.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common material for inflatable chairs that stands up to moisture and wipes clean in seconds. If you're determined to have a more comfortable fabric on the chair like felt or corduroy that won't wipe clean as easily, consider a machine-washable cover to save time and make post-party cleanup a breeze.

Inflatable Seating is Available in Numerous Color and Design Options

It's easier than ever to find a blow up chair that matches your home's interior or complements the vibe of your backyard. Contributing to the growing popularity of the trend, the countless options range from beach party chic to contemporary living room.

If you're celebrating the holidays in a warm location and have the luxury of sitting outside or hanging by the pool, a nylon or PVC chair in vibrant, bold color adds an element of fun to your outdoor space.

For people looking to increase their seating capacity indoors, consider a more classic design like a button-tufted Chesterfield inflatable chair in olive green or black. This style blends with interior furniture more subtly than other inflatable designs that are better suited to the outdoors.

Chesterfield Inflatable Chair

Chesterfield Inflatable Chair

Blow Up Chairs Are Great For Creating a Kid's Table

We've all spent an evening at the kids' table at some point in our lives, and when you host this holiday season, you want to make the kids' table a fun and exciting place to be.

Inflatable chairs are perfect for creating a kids' seating area that is easy to move around or rearrange depending on your home or yard's layout. You can opt for an inflatable bean bag style chair that is comfy and appealing to youngsters.

There are also transparent plastic inflatables that act as a backrest for leaning against outside on the lawn. These can be a great way to section off an area for the kids, so they have a designated space to play and hang out without moving your permanent furniture.

There are plenty of designs that kids will love, including stool style inflatables decorated like a cupcake or a hamburger. Create a themed set, and they'll fall in love with those portable seats this season.

Fruit Inflatable Chair

Fruit Inflatable Chair

Inflatables are an Affordable Seating Option

Hosting for the holidays can be expensive. Inflatable chairs are a smart option for adding to your seating arrangement without breaking the bank. However, it's important to seek a high quality, durable material for your chair so that it lasts through many uses.

PVC material is the most durable material for an inflatable chair, but it is often more expensive than nylon. However, it can be worth paying more for an item that will last longer, giving your better value for your money.

Look for models that feature reinforced seams and a double-thick base for added durability.

Inflatable Christmas Decoration

Inflatable Christmas Decoration

Consider Inflatable Chairs For the Holidays

When planning your holiday get together in 2020, consider blow up chairs as an affordable, flexible option for hosting your guests. There are many benefits from quickly rearranging the seating to allow social distancing to fast cleanup when everyone heads home for the night.

Blow up chairs can typically hold up to 400-450 lbs. of weight, especially if you purchase a larger style designed to hold multiple people. Weighing no more than 3 lbs. once deflated and placed in a storage bag, they are an easy way to create a portable, hassle-free seating area for guests or get-togethers on the road.

Be sure to determine what features are important to you in a blow up chair before purchasing. If you're seeking comfort for guests or family camping trips, headrests and footrests can enhance the experience of using the chair. If a low budget is a priority, you can still shop for a bold, fun style that kids or grown-ups will love.

Inflatable Sofas

Inflatable Sofas