Toddler Fitness Equipment

Get that toddler in shape, while they have fun, with toddler fitness equipment. Let them workout the same as you, setting a good fitness example for their lives going forward. They will feel the burn while enjoying spending time with you, and you will love watching them explore what they can do. Everybody wins with toddler fitness equipment. See collection for more.

Best Ideas

Fun and Fitness Kids' Weight Bench

Fun and Fitness Kids' Weight Bench
Cool functional workout bench with a weight. Its frame is made of steel tubes covered in colourful plastic. A bench is padded with foam. It's compact and portable, suitable especially for boys' rooms.

Kids Treadmill

Kids Treadmill
Ensure your kids are keeping fit with this children-friendly treadmill. The treadmill stands on a sturdy metal base and comes with metal side handles for safety. It’s finished in several bold colors, including yellow, blue, and pink.

Kids Exercise Jump Ball

Kids Exercise Jump Ball
Pretty contemporary jump ball for kids. It's made of durable orange elastic vinyl and has 2 heavy-duty grip handles. It can be inflated thanks to an ordinary hand pump and can hold a person up to 300 pounds.

3.5' Portable Exercise Trampoline

3.5' Portable Exercise Trampoline
Cool modern portable trampoline for 1 child. Its compact round frame and 5 detachable legs are made of black-coated steel tubes. An elastic jumping surface of black woven fabric is secured by 32 springs with a durable red synthetic material.

Kids gym equipment 1

If you want to open new gym or gymnastic space, especially for children - you should take look of this full of colors toddler fitness equipment. Everything made in safe forms and materials. Trampoline, channel bar, tumble trak - whatever you need.

Home kids gym

Creative and interesting approach to a DIY project for a children’s playroom – a large indoor jungle gym, made out of birch wood with an unpainted, rough finish with a couple of mat puzzles on the bottom to make the floor soft.

Spider wall indoor playground set 1

Spider-Wall Indoor Playground Set

Toddler fitness equipment

A treadmill for kids which will be a great fun and will also promote healthy and active living. It comes in bright, positive colors and it's equipped in protecive railings for safety measures. Special rolls make it easy to move around the room.

Toddler fitness equipment 6

These are colorful foam tubes that can be used to create obstacle courses for children aged 0-5 years old. The colorful tubes as well as the different geometric shapes will be found quite attractive by the kids. These tubes will serve as a source of exercise for the kids as they are having fun.

Baby fitness equipment creative wooden toy emulational colorful dumbbell disassembly combination toys

Colorful children dumbbells that combine different bright colors to attract the children and keep them occupied. Each dumbbell consists of polished hardwood that doesn’t decay. The wood is very light and holds blue, green, red, and yellow discs. This will help to keep your children fit while having fun.

Toddler fitness equipment

Toddlers love to climb. With this indoor toddler fitness climber, your little mountaineer can enjoy the heights. You will enjoy the confidence engendered by chunky gym mats on the floor below. Set includes ladder, rope ladder, rope, trapeze, and rings.

Toddler gym equipment

Exercise equipment for kids. This toy is a stationary bike for the youngest users. It features a durable construction finished in red, yellow and blue colors, so it looks attractive to children. It also assures safe exercises.

Kids exercise equipment pictures

Kids Exercise Equipment pictures

Qaba kids fun play fitness workout equipment childrens exercise 5

Qaba Kids Fun Play Fitness Workout Equipment Childrens Exercise ...

Offering the most up to date equipment and gymnastic devices

Offering the most up-to-date equipment and gymnastic devices available ...

Childrens weight bench set

Tree Climb and large spiral slide- large themed indoor playground we designed, manufactured and installed for the City of Edina - Adventure Peak - contact us at for a design for your business. #weBUILDfun

Kids Treadmill

Kids Treadmill

Kids Exercise Bike

Kids Exercise Bike

Preschool gym equipment

Fitness center installation. Make you club family friendly.

Toddler exercise equipment

Are you kidding me?! An exercise bike for TODDLERS? Redmon fun and fitness exercise equipment for kids where they can do ab-workout. It sound impossible but it's true! This cool thing look super kids friendly!

Baby gym equipment

Make the fitness fun for your child with this great mat and funny mattresses in different shapes. It's great to encourage little children for everyday activity. You can use it in kindergarden or any other playgrounds.

Family workout of the day wod need a workout that

Family Workout of the DAY (WOD). Need a workout that takes 20 minutes and uses no equipment. This is the workout for you. Kids can do it too!

Make your own gymnastics equipment

Every young athlete will be delighted by this colorful weight bench. Kids gym equipment will bring a lot of fun and will help to take care of the form, and also it is reliable, safe and very versatile.

Kids play weight bench

Black Friday 2014 Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids - Weight Bench Set from Redmon Cyber Monday

Toddler workout bench

A pint size rowing machine! Lol! Children can exercise like mom and dad. This is so cute! Home baby / toddler / little kid gym equipment just like grown up stuff (like a diy version of Gymboree!)

Child workout bench

Fun & Fitness Weight Bench for Kids: Adult-quality exercise equipment, sized for kids! Weight training builds strength, stamina, and focus…and kids love it! This children's weight training bench provides just the right amount of resistance for kids.

Toddler fitness equipment 3

Toddler soft play area. Great for an addition to a FEC, or a Church Ministry, Fitness Center, anywhere that young children play. This one is jungle themed. By #Iplayco

Kids weight bench set

Climbing area at the Jordan YMCA - love it! 45 minutes of easy entertainment for the kids

Small fitness equipment kids fitness gym equipment material imported

small fitness equipment kids fitness gym equipment material imported ...

Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids

Toddler fitness equipment 1

The Bean Bag Toss Game Bundle is an excellent option for teachers, therapists and parents. Alphabet - The innovative set of 26 alphabet bean bags is colorful, durable and filled with non-toxic plast pellets.Colors - Combine exercise and learning into one

Baby gymnastics equipment

Fun & Fitness Health Systems for Kids Happy Bike | If I had a hundred bucks!

Skywalker Trampolines 48 In. Round Zoo Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure

Kids Gymnic Hop Ball 25.98"

Kids Gymnic Hop Ball 25.98"

Baby exercise equipment

The secret to staying fit as a mother is not frequent gym trips. It’s not Bosu balls, treadmills, or any other piece of fitness equipment. The real secret is: Keep it simple.

Toddler fitness equipment

Cool lefunland indoor playground equipment, cool idea for kids playground. It has a slide made from solid red plastic to make it more visible in there. Cool toddler's fitness equipment with colorful soft ball pool!

Weight bench for kids

Elliptical Machine by Redmon #zulilyfinds Lol! Children can exercise like mom and dad. This is so cute! Home baby gym equipment just like grown up stuff! Think Gymboree for toddlers and preschoolers!

Little tikes weight bench

How cute is this!?..Fun & Fitness Weight Bench for Kids - FAO Schwarz®

658 659 cardio kids spin bike

658/659 Cardio Kids Spin Bike

Toddler workout equipment

Fitness equipment and outfit from

Baby weight bench

Rendering of a layout for a fitness club. Toddler and larger play area. Make your club family friendly.

Kids workout bench

Cool contemporary gymnastic rings made of durable metal with an anti-slip coating of a kind of rubber in beige. They're hanging on robust green ropes with brownish and yellow accents. It's excellent for pulling-up and somersaulting.

Toddler fitness equipment

Contemporary exercise equipment for kids. It has s main frame of red metal tubes equipped with ceiling-mounted climbing ropes, a ladder, rope ladders, gymnastic circles. Rectangular mattresses are foam padded and covered in durable colourful vinyl.

Weight lifting equipment for kids

My toddle LOVES having all her books on this spinning carousel, bonus is that it fits so many, we have room left over

Kids Aerobic Spring Ball

Kids Aerobic Spring Ball

Jump Ropes for Kids (2-pack): 8-foot Green, Adjustable Jumping Rope for Boys and Girls

Let us help you with your club design for a

Let us help you with your club design for a family friendly fitness center. Great benefit for families.

Little Tikes Adjustable Mountain Climber

Kids Deluxe Boxing Punch Stand Set

Kids Deluxe Boxing Punch Stand Set

Kids treadmill exercise toddler fitness equipment manual

Kids Treadmill Exercise Toddler Fitness Equipment Manual ...