Tin Wall Clocks

By their very nature, tin wall clocks can make wonderful statement timepieces in vintage arrangements. Their aged metal dials are perfect recreations of the iconic designs born in the first half of the 20th century. Check out the selection of tin wall clocks for sale, get one for your kitchen, and always feel as if you were having coffee in a busy French bistro of the 1930s.

Best Ideas

Barn wood clock with rusted roof metal

Barn wood clock with rusted roof metal
Tin wall clock made of barn wood with rusty roof metal is a unique and very attractive way to impressive interiors in the industrial or rustic atmosphere. Beautiful Roman numerals and glittery clock hands create a single whole.

Tetley tea time tin advertising wall clock

Tetley tea time tin advertising wall clock
Wall clock in vintage style. Shield is made of metal and finished with tea theme. Great addition for kitchen, dining room, living room and others interiors as needed.

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock
Add style, beauty and elegance to your home with this beautiful sculptural wall clock. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall. It is a very good choice. You need to have it.

Swinger Girl Full Moon Pendulum Wall

Swinger Girl Full Moon Pendulum Wall
The moon more than you think affects our lives as we pass through our phases and counts downtime. Though time is a relative term - the moon's shield has taken the form of a non ticking wall clock with black tips on which a little dreamer is swinging.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

Sardine Wall Clock - Handmade Artistry

It is a sardine wall clock that is handmade and has got a can shape. It is made from recycled material and decorated with beautiful colors. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks on your wall.

Image of lillie tin wall clock

Image of Lillie Tin Wall Clock

Rustic rectangular tin wall clock alarm bell design 1

Rustic Rectangular Tin Wall Clock - Alarm Bell Design

Tin wall clocks 3

Retro Style Shabby Cottage Chic Tin Wall Clock

Tin wall

Newgate Clocks Chelsea Convex Tin Wall Clock Antique Cream £64

LARGE MAN CAVE Metal Bottle Cap CLOCK Distressed Vintage Style Tin Sign Wall Mount Christmas Gift

This is a very original wall clock that looks interesting. It was arranged in the shape of a large cap from the bottle. And it works both as decoration, but also will be a perfect gift for a loved one.

Classic large metal wrought iron wall clock provincial roman numerals

Classic LARGE Metal Wrought Iron WALL CLOCK Provincial Roman Numerals ...

Bordeaux tin wall clock 20

Bordeaux Tin Wall Clock 20"

Timeless Settings Retro Vintage Style Shabby Cottage Chic Tin Wall Clock

A fun retro-style tin wall clock will bring some vintage appeal to your house or restaurant. It is battery operated and features solid and reliable mechanism. It has 14.75" in diameter. Will look good with other retro elements in your kitchen.

Large Stop Watch Clock Hang Large Big Huge Metal Pocket Watch Oversized

The design of this wall clock is both smart and stylish: it looks like an oversized classic pocket watch, like these that were worn by gentlemen in the beginning of 20th century. Its case is made of metal.

Vintage Antique Wall Clock Distressed Tin - Also Magnetic for Metal Surfaces 5.75" x 5.75" (Distressed Green Accents)

Are interesting, art clocks your thing? Look at this little gem here – antique wall clock made from distressed tin. If you’d rather have it in a more modern style, then you could always repaint it.

Butterfly wall clock contemporary metal wall art with clock

Butterfly Wall Clock - Contemporary Metal Wall Art with Clock

Tin wall clocks 3

Rusty Tin Bath Wall Clock 3

Blue neon wall clock pontiac authorized service car retro tin

... Blue-Neon-Wall-Clock-PONTIAC-Authorized-Service-car-retro-tin-sign-NEW

15" Wall Clock Hang Large Big Huge Tin Home

Stylish, vast and unique decorative wall clock is a great addition to create an enjoyable atmosphere inside. This attractive model with a large bright dial, Roman numerals in readable fonts and beautiful ornaments admirable.

River's Edge 15in. Diameter Metal Clock, Nut House 1026

I don't think that you have to go nuts to buy this clock, but it's indeed nut house themed! The sign on it says that a nuthouse is open. And it has some squirrels on it. Each hour is painted on acorn. Cool!

Tin wall clocks 2

Antique Ceiling Tile #salvaged Tin Wall Clock #Industrial

16" "Antique" Looking Wall Clock

Splash your home with a drop of old-fashioned charm by choosing this beautiful 16'' wall clock. It comes with a tin round case with a clear glass front, and a weathered dial with Roman digits and black metal hands.

Soundless wall clock

Contemporary design for a modern wall clock, made in a futuristic fashion. The wall clock not only provides a classy look to any room, it also is silent and non-ticking which is perfect for people easily annoyed by sounds.

Silent wall clock 2

This 12-inch round non-ticking ultra silent analog modern wall clock will be a perfect proposition for those, who cherish peace and quiet. Ideal for contemporary offices or bedrooms.

Mini Matchbox Luncheonette Wall Retro Clock

Sinceda Modern Non Ticking Silent Quartz Analog Digital Square Wall Clock

Simple design of this wall clock perfectly matches any type of interior design. It features a square shape with rounded edges. White face includes black hands and black Arabic numbers. Non ticking mechanism is very convenient.

Old Town Table Clock Tabletop Clocks Vintage Looking

Vintage tabletop clock in dark brown case. If your decor calls for a rustic accent or slight antique vibe, this clock is right up your alley with its Old Town Clocks logo, subtle lace hands and irregularly sized numerals.

Homeware furniture home accessories clocks wall clocks 58

homeware furniture home accessories clocks wall clocks

Cooper Classics 4819 Henley Clock

Classic round wall clock in copper coloured frame. With black Roman numerals marking the hours, and stylishly distressed finish, it is definitely characterized by chic appearance that gives a nostalgic feel to a setting.

Tin wall clocks

Clocks > Metal Gear Wall Clock

Running Horses 15" Rusted Tin Framed Wall Clock Weathered Finish

Rustical wall clock with elaborate, highly detailed picture of galloping horses. The clock is enclosed in fluted weathered tin frame and it has many vintage details that please the eye. It's just lovable!

Park Designs Pearwood Wall Clock Vintage Tin Tile Face

Vintage wall clock with tile accent bedecking the dial. Lack of hourmarks create the effect of a non-distracted. enjoyable design. The centre is colored dark brown, and the case is painted gold. Spade hands are gold too.

Would love to know the orgin of this pic i

.would love to know the orgin of this pic. i bet our resto clock is copied from it.

Flip Flop / Beach Sandal Wall Clock - Handmade Artistry

Well, ok, the design of this wall clock really stands out. The artist who created it was inspired by... beach sandal. The clock has a cute flower shaped pendulum and it's colored ocean blue! It is made by hand.

Quiet wall clocks

I always wanted to have a large wall clock in my flat, but it must be the non-ticking one. I finally found it - the clock face reminds me the Big Ben, so I fallen in love with this for the second time!

iCasso 12" Retro Vintage Starfish Sea Life Pot Culture French Country Tuscan Style Non-Ticking Silent Wooden Wall Clock Wooden Wall Art Decor

Once the time was measured using the phenomena of nature: sunrises and sunsets and changing seasons - today with the help of a decorative, wooden wall nonticking clock with a painting of dead sea nature. Surrounded by a beautiful blue frame.

Quiet ticking clock

A modern take on a simple and minimalistic wall clock with a wall-mounted hook on the back. The clock is made out of plastic and has a classic background, and, moreover, a non-ticking mechanism which makes it silent.

Non ticking wall clock 2

A noteworthy large modern wall clock featuring a frame composed of numerous openwork black metal 5-petal flowers adorned with crystal glass beads. It has a round dial of milk glass, black Roman numerals, black metal hands. It requires 1 AA battery.

Non ticking wall clock

Wall clock with round shield. It is fitted with Arabic numeral and quartz movement. Modern and functional accent for each place according to taste and need.

JustNile Modern Creative Round 10-inch Non Ticking Silent Wall Clock - Gift of Love Black

If you looking for a lovely and adorable wall clock, you have to choose this one. It has got a round shape, modern design and pink tree motif. it is a perfect gift and addition for your home.

Beach Crab Wall Clock - Handmade Artistry

Lovable & fun handmade wall clock shaped as a beach crab. What's more, the piece is made in part from recycled materials, so it's eco-friendly! The crab's claws swing and they serve as pendulum. The clock is colored sand beige and aqua blue.

JustNile Silent Creative Wall Clock - Black Scale 13" Black Frame/Blue Hands

it is a creative wall clock that has got a contemporary design, black frame and blue hands. It fits perfectly to modern style and decor in your living room, bedroom, family room and other.

DecoMates Non-Ticking 24-Hour Silent Wall and Desk Clock, Black

This wall clock features silent non-ticking mechanism and attractive retro inspired design. The time is very easy to read, as the Arabic numerals are black on white face, and the black hands are very thick.

Bass Neon Clock by LaSelva Designs

Rectangular wall decor with fishing theme and round clock accented with green neon ring on its edge. The clock is AA battery operated. It shows time, but it's the bold black and green graphic that draws the attention.

Tin Coffee House Sign / Clock

Vintage style wall clock with black dial and white numerals. What's special about this clock is the oversized frame that was crafted to look exactly as an old style coffee house sign. For retro decors, it is perfect.

12 elk metal wall clock

12" Elk Metal Wall Clock

Ganz Utensils Wall Clock

It is the perfect wall clock in the kitchen. The clock is very simple and quite ordinary. In contrast, combined with the decoration which is really interesting and pretty. It is the image of a variety of buckets and blades of kitchen, which suggests the target destination clock.

Professor Owl Hanging Wall Decoration By Collections Etc

Decorative owl-themed wall decoration, artistic and beautiful: it depicts professor Owl (he wears a black top hat, a burgundy dicky bow, and he reads a book) sitting on a crescent moon colored dark gold, with stars on it.

Merlot French Vintner Wine Clock

Wine-themed clock with distressed round face (black stylized Arabic numerals, black spade hour and minute hands - no second hand) enclosed in a decorative wall art with wine motifs. Quite vintage, in general.