Tiffany Stained Glass Window Panels

These solutions are artistic, don’t you agree? You now have a unique chance to pick from among a lot of stained glass window panels so take all the time you need to do that. There are a lot of people who have done that already and what will you decide on after seeing them?

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Embraced by color stained glass window panel signed and dated

Embraced By Color Stained Glass Window Panel Signed And Dated
The enchanting decorative panel for doors and windows with stained glass makes the whole thing unique. Beautiful shades of glass and geometric shapes blend beautifully into a single image. The perfect solution for any interior.

Warm waves stained glass window panel signed and dated

Warm Waves Stained Glass Window Panel Signed And Dated
Window can looks very attractive thanks to this stained glass window panel. It is made of glass pieces finished in many different colors that create a very aesthetic effect. Durable frame in black color perfectly matches this stylization.

Tiffany stained glass window panels 11

A Whirlpool of Color Stained Glass Window Panel

Stained glass window 10

Stained Glass Window
Amazingly pretty Tiffany stained glass window panel. Don’t like your boring, ordinary window anymore? Enhance it with such a piece of art. The combination of blue, yellow and green colours will keep your interior cheerful and light.

Finch bird stained glass window corner

Finch Bird Stained Glass Window Corner
Inspired by Tiffany design, this beautiful decoration for indoors can really add to the entire decor. It features a powder-coated metal frame, shaped like two small birds that sit on a branch - made of several pieces of stained glass.

Custom stained glass tree windows stained glass windows mosaics stained

Custom Stained Glass tree windows | Stained Glass Windows, Mosaics & Stained Glass Pet Portraits

Stained glass pieces 21

You do not have a piano and do you love Chopin concerts and music? No loss - a dignified stained glass piece of the roundtable, has a piano keyboard pattern that wraps around the round frame. The center is made of granite. The whole has a dark gray color.

Our advice Buying Guide

To add an artistic touch to your home, Tiffany stained glass window panels are a great solution. They are easy to install, available in many different styles and designs, and can be placed somewhere suitable in almost every home. Whether you're decorating your entire home and want something different when it comes to the windows, or you're wondering how you could add more color and bright your property to life, there are many reasons to consider Tiffany stained glass panels.

What designs of circular Tiffany stained glass window panels are there?

Circular panels are some of the most beautiful window panels, particularly when the colors used are quite bright and bold. One of the designs used for circular window panels is the tree of life pattern. Trees are common features on Tiffany window panels, and if there is no color on the tree itself, the background colors of green, pink, blue and yellow are enough to brighten up your home. Since these window panels are normally quite dark, it's a good idea to have such a panel at the side of the house or in the bathroom. However, depending on how your home is positioned, you might want it to be more visible, so consider the layout too.

Where to place a single rose Tiffany stained glass window panel?

A single rose Tiffany stained glass window panel looks beautiful when included in the front door or a small window of your home. A white frame with several white stained glass window panels forms the outline of a simple yet stylistic piece. A dark green stem with silver or gold borders is the base for the extravagant red petals, giving your home as much color as you need.

How to decorate with nature-themed Tiffany stained glass window panels?

For something with plenty of color that will brighten up your entire home in seconds, a nature-themed stained glass window panel is a good option to consider. This could be a colorful woodland scene with trees, flowers and other symbols of nature all around it. Alternatively, it could include deer and other woodland creatures, adding more life to the glass window panels. The lively and bright colors used on this style of glass window panel often means that you can add a huge amount of life to your property, even if you don't have a garden or other external features. The border for the glass panel may be a solid hardwood frame or a metal outline which gives a more defined appearance.

Are birds a popular motif on Tiffany stained glass window panels?

Birds are another popular feature which you will often see when looking at Tiffany stained glass panels. These creatures are a great choice when looking at items which can be seen from outside. There may be several birds on the panels, and all of different colors. A simpler design may contain just one single blue bird, or a group of the same color and breed of bird. On some panels, the birds are the only feature, while others may have flowers, branches and other nature around them.


Stained glass seahorse

Stained Glass Seahorse
Mesmerising stained glass seahorse. If you love nautical themes and would like to enhance your interior with a bit of modern, extravagant art, then this seahorse will be perfect. The blue colour is cheerful and lively.

Stained glass cardinal suncatcher

Stained Glass Cardinal Suncatcher
Such a delightful window accent! A red stained glass cardinal bird sitting on a copper wire branch graced with tiny glass leaves, painted red and green. This 8.5 inches long suncatcher is handmade to order.

Glass window panel

Elegant stained glass window covered with colorful glass. It is decorated with tree theme. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Sky blue heaven stained glass window

Sky Blue Heaven Stained Glass Window
Dominated by beautiful dark blue, this heaven stained glass window panel embodies dynamism and energy. It will be a designer decoration for one's living or dining room.

Tree of life stained glass

Stained glass window panel that includes a flower pattern finished in black and red color. White metal frame provides good stability of the whole construction, so it will serve for many years without damage or excessive wear.

2 long stained glass windows with a red flower

2 Long Stained Glass Windows With A Red Flower
Opt for a bit of refined class and beauty by choosing these stunning glass windows that come with the red flower inlay for a more stylish appeal and would make for a nice choice for any traditionally styled household.

Tiffany stained glass window panels

An eye-catching decoration for indoors. This gorgeous window panel is made of green pieces of stained glass that are embedded in a powder-coated metal frame. The panel is suspeneded from a strong chain. Easy to hang.

Glass window panel 2

A panel made of stained glass is a wonderful decoration of every patio or garden. It's made of transparent and matte white glass with a black frame. It will catch the sunlight and beautifully sparkle.

Tiffany stained glass window panels

Mottled Blue Floral Antique Stained Glass Window

Stained glass pieces 5

Now you can beautifully adorn your living room window by using this fancy window panel made of repurposed glassware lids and plates. Together they form a lovely mosaic of crystal pieces, beautifully spreading the sunlight across the whole room.

Tree of life stained glass panel

antique stained glass windows - Bing Images

Tree stained glass patterns

Vintage stained glass work panel, which can be used as a hanging decoration of your wall or just windshield in window. This unique adornment is made of colorful glass and has natural, floral pattern.

Zephyr stained glass windows panel

Zephyr Stained Glass Windows Panel
Zephyr stained windows panel built from dozen of colorful glass elements. Red, yellow, green, blue, honey mustard, turqouise... and more. Try to imagine how cool it would look as part of your entrance door.

Stained glass pieces 1

Made of stained glass elements for windows or doors is a spectacular way to truly original interior design. Beautiful elements in different colors bring out the decor and bring a cozy character. Ideal for creating interesting compositions.

Stained glass patterns trees

All modern hummingbirds are found in the New World. However, everyone can have them in the form of a Tiffany stained glass window panel. Fuchsia and raspberry color make the frame, we see also a gray hummingbird pollinating flowers.

Ooak stained glass seagullstransom suncatcher panel window nuggets

OOAK Stained Glass SeagullsTransom Suncatcher Panel Window Nuggets

Tiffany stained glass window panels 3

Tiffany's Tulips by M Stained Glass

Six california poppies blooming large

Six California Poppies Blooming Large
There is no better decoration of your garden than a panel made of stained glass. The one in the picture features a beautiful image of a flower on a white glass background with vibrant blue accents. It will catch the sunlight and nicely sparkle.

Tiffany stained glass window panels 20

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

Tiffany sty stained glass peacock window panel 23x36 5 1

Tiffany Sty stained glass peacock window panel,23x36.5

Birds animal cats and dogs stained glass etched glass windows

Birds, animal, cats and dogs stained glass, etched glass windows

Joan Baker Designs AP720R Birds on a Wire Art Panel, 9.25 by 12.75-Inch

Clematis by anne ryan miller glas studio

clematis by anne ryan miller glas studio

Stained glass corner patterns

Stained glass is not only the medieval period,the decoration of the temple.Even in the modern interior can be a fantastic addition.This presents in quite dark,tarnished colors sailing by the sea. In the way like Tiffany did. It would be a perfect window panel.

Tiffany stained glass window panel deer drinking water

Tiffany Stained Glass Window Panel Deer Drinking Water
Nature themed stained glass window panel depicting a dreamy forest landscape with blooming flowers and blue river. Stained glass mosaic incorporated into rectangular frame crafted of beveled glass, covered with lead.

Victorian Tiffany Poppy Stained Glass Window

Victorian Tiffany Poppy Stained Glass Window

Tree stained glass pattern

The pink flowers on your window? Why not? This Tiffany window panel is made of stained glass with pink and green colors. I like these decorations in living zone and porch.

Large glass window panels

A beautiful example of DIY project. Frosted glass window panel distinguishes itself with lovely leafs motive. It gives the room coziness and unusual character. Fits well into almost every room in the house, from the bathroom to the living room.

Ocean tides abstract stained glass

Ocean Tides Abstract Stained Glass
Sometimes the whole story can be included in the glass-the story of the green, blue, emerald and cobalt, which creates streaks on the stained glass of the hill and the river. A beautiful, delicate ornament in the form of a Tiffany stained glass window panel.

Tiffany stained glass window panels 22

Large Spider Web Stained Glass Window Panel by Lindaleeglass, $50.00

Iris Tiffany Magnolia Stained Glass Window

Iris Tiffany Magnolia Stained Glass Window

Abstract wind water beveled stained

Abstract Wind Water Beveled Stained
A stunning panel made of beveled stained glass that will be a beautiful accent of your patio or garden. It features an artistic image of wind and water in beautiful shades of green and blue with a transparent frame.

Glass window panel 5

Circular stained glass window panel with spiral medal - is made of conical glass with dark brown cylindrical glass. It connects positively with dark amber and cathedral glass. In the middle, the floristic decoration has a chick silver color.

Tree stained glass window

Stained glass window panel mounted on metal frame and covered with colorful glass. It is fitted with adjustable chain. Stylish decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste. Classic form and elegant design.

Tiffany stained glass window panels 19

stained glass window panel- love it!

Beautiful glass framing the rose

Beautiful glass framing the rose.

Lodge Tiffany Stained Glass Window

Lodge Tiffany Stained Glass Window

Tiffany Swans Stained Glass Window

Tiffany Swans Stained Glass Window

Beveled star textured clear stained

Beveled Star Textured Clear Stained
Beveled star and textured window panel constructed from clear stained glass. We love the clearence of its class, that looks pretty much like dimond. Ideal to be used as a new part of old door, to change its overall look.

Tiffany window panel

Decorative element that can be used in windows and doors. This stained glass window panel with diamond patterns is finished in different colors. This durable rectangular frame features simple lines that match any decor.

Stained glass tree of life

Simple and not so motley like stained glass window panels tend to be, this Edwardian windows inspired Tiffany panel oozes pure elegance. The composition is mostly pale green, with red and purple accents.

Trellis Window Panel (Set of 2)

Trellis Window Panel (Set of 2)
Add a touch of modern sensibility to your interior decor with an accent of these brushed microfiber curtains (sold in a set of two panels) in ashy gray with white geometric pattern. Soft and light weight.

Original knot quilt pattern stained glass window

Original Knot Quilt Pattern Stained Glass Window
This phenomenal stained-glass window panel is a stylish element that makes the decor delight. The whole is beautifully composed of elegant designs and colors, making the interior unique. The perfect solution for any interior.