Tea Caddy Lamp


There is definitely no need to tell anyone about how important lamps are. Thanks to this collection of caddy lamps, all those who have been searching for nice looking and practical opportunities, will feel themselves at home here. Of course, you don’t need to rush with anything while checking out these offers.

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Tea caddy lamp 40

wisteriaRed Tole Number Seven Tea Caddy Lamp

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Tea caddy lamp 43

Red Tea Caddie Lamp #AVL11822B

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Amber 27" H Table Lamp

Amber 27" H Table Lamp

The beauty lies in the simplicity and so it is in the case of this lamp. It has a delicate, simple lampshade in powder pink color. The leg is made of stained glass, also in delicate shades. Without the frills and extras.

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Tea caddy lamp 33

This Madagascar tea caddy lamp combines smoothly white base with red intricate adornments. If you like original forms, this large lamp will constitute a perfect addition to one's bedroom.

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14" Tea Pot Lamp

14" Tea Pot Lamp

This table lamp is truly lovely - it looks like a tea pot, measuring 14 inches in height! The base is made of porcelain-like material, and then there is the shade with its beige color and fabric structure.

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Tea caddy lamp bases dont like the site these came

Tea Caddy lamp bases. Don't like the site these came from, but do like the chinoiserie / tole.

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Tea caddy lamp 2

Tea Caddy Lamp

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Tea caddy lamp 7

Tea Caddy Lamp

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Stacked Tea Cups 12.75" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Stacked Tea Cups 12.75" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

If you're looking for some original and intriguing solutions, this awesome and stylish table lamp might be an interesting option for you! Check it out now and enjoy an amazing design in your living room.

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Tea caddy lamp 19

Tea Caddie Lamp 28" 11631

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Tea Caddy Lamp

Buying Guide

Tea caddy lamps are made from tea caddies; transportable receptacles used to store tea. The word caddy supposedly derives from the word for Chinese pound, which is Kati. These receptacles are traditionally porcelain, pewter, ceramic, among other materials, and were displayed in drawing rooms, parlors, and other places where people would take their tea.

Though traditional tea caddies went out of style, many people now use the receptacles as trendy bases for lamps. A tea caddy can usually hold 7 to 12 ounces of dried tea leaves and has dimensions of 6” x 6” x 6” or slightly larger. With a lamp extension, your tea caddy lamp’s height will probably be double the height of the caddy. Make sure the lamp part isn’t larger than the tea caddy base, as this will make it top-heavy and unstable.

A tea caddy isn’t as big as a tea chest, which holds much more tea. You can easily place a tea caddy lamp on side tables or use a pair of them on a buffet table.

These charming vintage lamps will be perfectly at home among other vintage, aged, or brightly-colored objects.

Think old leather-bound books with gilded spines, or interesting little statuettes that you’ve picked up over the course of your travels. Throw a tapestry up on the walls, purchase some embroidered couch cushions, and enjoy making your living room look like it’s ready to tell you a story.

Best Ideas

Tea caddy lamp 6

A pretty DIY-made table lamp featuring a stem from a vintage tea canister of enameled metal. It's hand painted in floral and geometric motifs in blues and white with golden accent bands. A conical lampshade of plain white fabric has golden rims.

Chinoiserie tole tea caddy lamp 1

Chinoiserie tole tea caddy lamp

Tea caddy lamp 44

Emperor Tea Caddy Lamp by Dana Gibson

Tea caddy lamp 18

Blue Tea Caddy Lamp

Tea caddy lamp 24

This amazing and truly beautiful table lamp sports the white and pink finish with charming details and will make for a truly fitting choice for when you want to add some color to the interior and keep it fashionable.

Tea caddy lamp 17

19th c. Tinware Chinese Tea Caddy Lamp from savannahgalleries on Ruby Lane

Tea caddy lamp 37

Table lamp with a tea caddy base. It includes a multi-color floral pattern that plays decorative role in any home design. Upper area is finished in neutral white color that provides good illumination and looks very nice on any table.

Tea caddy lamp 14

needs a different shade // Ikat Tea Caddy Lamp

Vintage asian tea tin lamp with neutral linen shade chinese

Vintage Asian Tea Tin Lamp with Neutral Linen Shade - Chinese Tea Caddy Lamp #teacanistertablelamp

Canister lamps

Octagonal Tea Caddy Lamp Black with Gold

Tea caddy lamp 5

Poppy Floral Tea Caddy Lamp | Furbish Studio

Tea caddy lamp 1

| Tea Caddy Lamp

Tea caddy lamp 16

If you don't like sumptuous things, but you dream about original and elegant furniture, you should buy this stylish lamp. It has simple, classis lampshade and original kickstand made of blue and white porcelain vase.