Table Lamp Hand Blown Glass

These are very elegant and quite functional, don’t you think? Take a closer look at these table lamps and see if any of them is suitable for your house. You don’t have to rush with making the choice as there are really a lot of interesting designs, shapes and colours available. What will you choose?

Best Products

Harrie art glass beautiful side table lamp hand blown glass

Harrie Art Glass - beautiful side table lamp, hand blown glass by California glass artist Paul Harrie

Vintage hand blown glass lamp royal blue

Vintage Hand Blown Glass Lamp Royal Blue
Large size and impressive,unique shape of table lamp-it could be your new main character in the living room.Beautiful,royal blue shade-combined with nickel and gold plated brass. The cover is minimalist,white to expose the depth of the hand blown glass base.

Hand blown glass table lamps

Add a touch of contemporary look and mysticism to your living room with the addition of the table lamp with hand blown glass base. A handmade in this case it is the basis for the lampshade.The blue shade of the glass cover the drops-as if the rain had fallen.

Pair of hand blown mid century murano glass lamps

Pair Of Hand Blown Mid Century Murano Glass Lamps
This beautiful pair of hand blown Murano glass table lamps catches the attention with the magnificent shades, mixing teal with navy blue and emerald green. Designed in Italy in the 1960s, measure 34.5 x 87.6 inches.

Table lamp hand blown glass 17

This unique, hand-made lamp is dedicated only for someone, who has very sophisticated and original sense of style. A blown glass lamp decorated with the design of delicate peacock feathers. Signed on bottom of the base and inside shade.

French reproduction art deco wrought iron table lamp hand blown

French Reproduction Art Deco Wrought Iron Table Lamp Hand Blown Glass Shades
A fabulous accessory for illuminating indoor areas, designed in a detailed French style. This fantastic table lamp is shaped like a blooming flower plant - with a wrought iron-made, stem-like base that supports 10 hand-blown red glass tulip shades.

Hand blown glass lamp

Stylish table lamp fitted with glass lampshade. Great addition to the living room, bedroom and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Our advice Buying Guide

You could go to many stores and find yourself a standard table lamp, but why do that when there are so many different types available to purchase? A table lamp made from hand blown glass is a style of lamp which has a unique effect and can add a lot of charm to your home. Whether you are looking for something completely modern, or a lamp which has a rustic or vintage look, there are various hand blown glass table lamps to consider. Here are some tips and tricks to help you decide on the best table lamp.

How to choose the right style of hand blown glass table lamp?

We'll consider some of the most popular styles of hand blown glass table lamps. Knowing what's out there is key to deciding which is the best option for you.

  • Simple and modern circular table lamp: This lamp has either a wooden or ceramic stand, but the main lamp feature consists of a plain and simple circular piece of glass. The bulb is situated inside, so you can see everything going on inside the glass.
  • Bell-shaped table lamp: The hand blown glass is shaped into a bell shape for some extra interest and style. This is normally situated upside down, although you may see a bell shape facing upwards too.
  • Plain glass and lampshade: While many of the lamps for sale will be made exclusively from glass and another material such as wood, there are some table lamps which allow you to attach your own lampshade. Most of the time, the lampstand is made from plain glass and has no color, although this doesn't mean you won't come across glass which is slightly tinted. This allows you to customize the lamp easily by adding a lampshade of your choice.

What's the best place to put hand blown glass lamp?

Almost as important as deciding which lamp to buy, you'll need to think beforehand about where your lamp is going to be positioned in the home. You may want to buy a lamp which can be fixed to the ceiling and hang down above the table. If this is the case, you will need to select a hanging style or a lampshade which is made from hand blown glass.

How to decide what size table lamp to buy?

You should measure the entire table and then decide how much you would be happy for the lamp to occupy. With these measurements, you can then decide on the maximum and minimum size of a lamp that you would like.

The taller the table, the shorter the lamp should be. If you keep increasing the size of the lamp to be proportionate to the height of the table, you will ensure up with furniture that doesn't quite look right. The top of your lamp should stand at around 4-5 feet and you should avoid anything taller than this.


These are most fabulous pair of vintage mid century hand

These are most fabulous! ~ Pair of Vintage Mid Century Hand Blown Green Art Glass Table Lamps | eBay

Table lamp hand blown glass

Uniquely designed table lamp with a superb glass base, stained with a dash of brown for incredible accent value. The lamp also looks super compact too and comes fitted with a nice white finished fabric-based lampshade at the top for impeccable elegance.

Blown Meena 29" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Blown Meena 29" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Attractive piece for improving living rooms, bedroom, and offices. This 29-Inch Height Table Lamp with Drum Shade is designed in transitional style, featuring a stylish and durable hardback shade. The lamp provides a cord that comes out of the base, and accommodates 3-way 150W bulb.

Hand blown lamps

Beautiful table lamps with a colored glass base and a large rounded lampshade. The glass bases are available in different styles, sizes, and colors as well. Each of the lamps is supported by a sturdy base for stability and safety as well.

Mercury Hand-blown Lily 7.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Mercury Hand-blown Lily 7.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
This 7.5-inch height table lamp stands on a sturdy base, finished in antique bronze. The bell shade is made of premium glass in a green/amber finish. The lamp includes an in-line switch, and accommodates 15W compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

Pair hand blown smoke bubble glass table lamps image 4

Pair Hand Blown Smoke Bubble Glass Table Lamps image 4

Dale Tiffany Lava Vase

Morgan Favrile Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Morgan Favrile Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Stun your guests with this magnificent table lamp with a circular base made of crystal, and a novelty shade designed of hand blown art glass. The lamp also includes an in-line switch, and accommodates 60W incandescent bulbs. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Table lamp hand blown glass 1

Global Views Lighting C Table Lamp

Hand blown glass lamp shade

Iris: Caryn Kinzig and Susan Kinzig: Mixed-Media Table Lamp - Artful Home

Vintage hand blown murano blue glass table lamp italy 1950s

Vintage Hand Blown Murano Blue Glass Table Lamp Italy 1950s
This hand blown glass lamp constitutes a beautiful example of the vintage Italian design. Coming from the 1950's, it will add an inimitable retro vibe to the space. It enchants with characteristic Murano Blue finish.

French reproduction art deco wrought iron table lamp hand blown

French Reproduction Art Deco Wrought Iron Table Lamp Hand Blown Glass Shade
The beautiful French style brass table lamp with hand blown glass lampshade is a unique and very practical light ideal for stylish interiors. The beautiful color of the blown glass combined with the leafy motifs of the leaves delight.

Table lamp hand blown glass 12

Magnificent Kinzig Creation Table Lamp with Silk Shade & Hand Blown Glass Base

French reproduction hand blown glass acid etched cameo table lamp

French Reproduction Hand Blown Glass Acid Etched Cameo Table Lamp Winter Scenery | eBay

Store lighting table top mercer hand blown glass table lamp

... Store lighting table top Mercer Hand-Blown Glass Table Lamp in Green

Hand Blown 26" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Hand Blown 26" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Beautiful decoration for living rooms and bedrooms, this stylish 26-Inch Height Table Lamp with Drum Shade & Orange Finish is hand-blown and hand-crafted. Includes rotary on/off switch, and provides your home with soothing, warm light.

Breakers sea foam glass table lamp gorgeous hand blown glass

Breakers Sea Foam Glass Table Lamp - gorgeous hand blown glass!

Hand blown glass lamp base

With such a snazzy table lamp, your living room or bedroom will become much more appealing. The whole lamp is made of hand-blown glass, hand-painted in brown, white and yellow, and beautifully adorned with a leaf pattern and a black ball finial on top.

Table lamp hand blown glass 22

Stray Dog Designs "Shelly" lamp, hand-embroidered Otomi shade, hand blown Mexican glass base, $735.00

Hand Blown Glass Lily 9.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Hand Blown Glass Lily 9.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
It is a beautiful and extremely decorative lamp on the table. Perfectly presented in the living room and bedroom. In its styling refers to the plant motifs. Lampshade is a beautiful, delicate flower, and the remaining part of the lamp is its twig.

1970s table lamps

The beautifully decorated and light table lamp with hand blown glass. The whole of the pink shade beautifully connects to the brass base. Ideal solution for living rooms, bedrooms or other interiors, which will bring a unique atmosphere.

Large glass table or floor lamp by doria 1970s germany

Large glass table or floor lamp by Doria, 1970s Germany. Hand blown glass lamp with bubbles and organic details

Venetian glass lamps green room decor with clear hand blown

Venetian glass lamps | green room decor with clear hand-blown Venetian glass table lamp

Table lamp hand blown glass 20

Found it at - Leopard Hand Blown Glass Accent Table Lamp

Hand blown blue glass table lamp with white shade

Hand Blown Blue Glass Table Lamp with White Shade

Table lamp hand blown glass 19

Hand-Blown Teal Bubble Glass Table Lamp | bedroom? a bit tall maybe? (26") $99

Logico Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Logico Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Suitable for modern interiors, this breathtaking table lamp in a white finish is characterized by aluminum/steel construction. The lamp features a dimmer switch, and a circular base. Accommodates 40W incandescent bulbs.

Lamp works glass hand blown table lamp with blue coils

Lamp Works Glass Hand Blown Table Lamp With Blue Coils
Hand blown glass is the best kind of glass you can use for your standing lamp – just look at this one if you don’t believe us. The light blue colour keeps it cheerful, light and airy. A great idea for a blow of fresh air in your bedroom!

Table lamp hand blown glass 3 piece mexican papaya by

Table Lamp Hand blown Glass 3 piece Mexican Papaya by Artist Rick ...

Pair of hand blown glass table lamps with controlled bubbles

Pair of Hand-Blown Glass Table Lamps with Controlled Bubbles by ...

Hand blown glass lamp 2

Boasting of its imeccable design and fashionable silhouette, this table lamp comes with a lovely drum shade designed of a quality black material and topped with a ball finial. The body is made of red stained glass, holding a metal rod inside and resting on a walnut-finished wood round base.

Hand blown glass lamps

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this Wimberley table lamp for their home. It is made of hand blown glass and gas the beautiful red shade, which create the strong color accent.

Blown glass lamps

With such a fine table lamp, your contemporary home or office will be oozing with elegance and snazzy looks. The lamp offers a clear blue mouth blown glass body, a circular satin nickel metal base, and a silken silver gray hardback drum shade with a ball finial on top.

Table lamp hand blown glass 9

Hobnail Hand-Blown Pink Glass Table Lamp

Table lamps 318

Table Lamps

Organic hand blown table lamp category table lamps

Organic Hand-Blown Table Lamp category Table Lamps

Table lamp hand blown glass 6

The Talisman hand blown glass sculptural leaf by Gartner & Blade so amazing! I wanna learn how to do this!!!

Waterlily lamp by loy allen art glass table lamp available

Waterlily Lamp by Loy Allen: Art Glass Table Lamp available at

Dale Tiffany Seapointe Favrile Vase

Blown glass lamps for sale

Hand Blown Glass Lamp. I want that!

Hand blown glass table lamp turkish blue ruby curiousa curiousa

Hand Blown Glass Table Lamp - Turkish Blue & Ruby - Curiousa&Curiousa

Table lamp hand blown glass 21

coffee sack lampshade

The bright way table floor lamps jade and amber hand

The Bright Way Table Floor Lamps Jade And Amber Hand Blown Glass Table Lamp
An elegant stylish electric table lamps featuring a sleek vase-like stem (on around tapered metallic foot) crafted of hand blown opaline glass in pale greenish and coppery shades. A classic lampshade is of quality white fabric.