Sunbrella Cantilever Patio Umbrella

For your patio shade needs, you don't just need an umbrella, you need a sunbrella. What is a sunbrella you ask? It is a cantilever shape mechanism that extends out from the base as opposed to directly above the base. These are very clever when you need shade while sitting by the pool and you don't want the base two obstruct the area. Also perfect for chaise lounges and barbecue areas. Take a look at all of our options.

Best Ideas

9' Cantilever Market Umbrella

9' Cantilever Market Umbrella
Improve your patio, backyard, garden or swimming pool area with this excellent protector against sun rays. This Large Sun Umbrella in Green & Bronze is functional and durable. Includes an adjustable feature that allows setting umbrella's angle according to your needs.

Square offset umbrella

Square offset umbrella
Beautiful combination of robust design and stylish colors in this great sunbrella cantilever patio umbrella that every terrace, garden or patio gain a unique style and cozy place. The whole is phenomenal and very practical.

10ft. California Cantilever Umbrella

10ft. California Cantilever Umbrella
Sturdy cantilever umbrella with big beige canvas. and aluminium pole It resists moisture, wind, sun and microbes. Pull lever mechanism operates smoothly and easily. Pole and frame are included in the set.

Round cantilever umbrella canopy pole set sunbrella bw stripe

Round cantilever umbrella canopy pole set sunbrella bw stripe
Patio umbrella with tilting and height adjustment function. It is covered with fabric and decorated with striped pattern. Stable base is made of metal. It folds flat for easy storage.

Round cantilever umbrella canopy pole set sunbrella solid

Round cantilever umbrella canopy pole set sunbrella solid
This is a high quality product that creates a shaded area in the garden or patio. This round umbrella is 11' wide x 10' deep x 8.5' high. It has got a pole made of aluminum that is resistant to damage.

10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella

10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella
This 10-Inch Patio Umbrella In Tan & Black Finish is waterproof and functional, allowing you to adjust angles according to your needs. The canopy is made of 180G polyester while the ribs and rest of the frame are designed of durable steel with black powder coating.

Round Cantilever Umbrella Canopy Pole Set Sunbrella Solid

Round Cantilever Umbrella Canopy Pole Set Sunbrella Solid
A very solid umbrella that is able to create a shaded outdoor spot for relaxation or entertaining. Its vertical pole is equipped with a square base and arched arm telescopes that allow for height adjustment.

Portofino umbrella

The straightforward and stylish design of this umbrella on the patio is an interesting combination of attractive form and functionality. Beautiful colors, solid base and durable materials create an ideal umbrella for the terrace or patio.

Sunbrella 10 ft cantilever umbrella

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Sunbrella cantilever patio umbrella

If you are looking for an original looking design for your patio umbrella you will love this construction. The unique cantilever of high durability in combination with original square-shaped umbrella guarantee sun protection and a great time.

Sunbrella offset umbrella

10' Round Sunbrella® Stone Free-Arm Umbrella with Base in Outdoor Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas sunbrella

Italian Garden Awning. This beautifully designed Italian awning or canopy can be tilted up or down to block the sun at almost any angle. The canopy slides horizontally to the side to open or close. It can also be easily removed for winter storage. The can

10 cantilever umbrella 1

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this sunbrella cantilever patio umbrella. It features the round shape, 360 degree rotating mechanism and many color options to choose.

Sunbrella cantilever patio umbrella 3

Blue Wave Sunbrella Acrylic 11ft Octagonal Bimini Cantilever Patio Umbrella by Splash Net Express,

STRONG CAMEL 11.5' Deluxe Cantilever Patio Hanging SOLAR LED LIGHT Umbrella With Base- COCOA

Portofino Signature Resort Umbrella 10' X 10' Sunbrella® Fabric Canopy and Swivel Base. Cover Included

The efficient patio umbrella is the perfect solution to spend your time on the terrace, patio or in the garden during rainy and sunny days. Beautiful design and interesting details combine to form a slim whole.

Portofino resort umbrella

Decorative and functional element for patio applications. This sunbrella perfectly covers outdoor dining tables. It includes a simple mechanism that allows for tilting to any angle selected by user. It also includes fillable resin base.

11-foot Round Solar Cantilever Umbrella With 360º Rotation Vented Canopy An Umbrella Cover And 24 LED Lights It Also Includes The Base (Latte)

Extra-large patio umbrella with rotating brown canopy and latte base that is included in a set. The accessory is equipped with, smooth crank, 24 LED solar lights, full rotation and adjustable tilting option.

Sunbrella cantilever umbrella

A sunbrella that decorates outdoor areas and protects them from the sun. Its square white shade matches any outdoor design. What is more this element features 360-degree rotation and it includes welded connections.

Outdoor Patio Cantilever Umbrella 11 Foot Round Canopy With Solor Powered Lights Includes Base And Storage Cover (Sunset)

Cantilever umbrella sunbrella

Traditional cantilever umbrellas usually have a round shape.However, it is known that a square large sunumbrella fills the space better. This one has a greek style, and will take us to warm Santorini. It is made of dark brown sunscreening material.

[10ft] Out Door Deck Patio Umbrella Off Set Tilt Cantilever Hanging Canopy Tan

This umbrella is a very attractive and functional product designed for an outdoor use. It has got a very durable fabric and a solid pole made of metal that assures stability and support. This product is resistant to damage and wear.

Sunbrella offset patio umbrella

An umbrella that protects people from the sunlight. Sounds simple, but in reality, that’s a real lifesaver during hot days. This one here is exceptionally well-made, hanging from a metal leg.

Blue Wave Santorini II Square Cantilever Umbrella with Valance, 10-Feet, Stone Sunbrella Acrylic