Steel Nightstands


Perhaps you don't like the look of wood in your bedroom. But you still really want a nightstand and something rugged, cold, and intense. It is a steel nightstand. It will store whatever you need and hold anything on top without resistance. And they are very attractive while still being very simple.

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Hawkins industrial tool chest accent table

Hawkins industrial tool chest accent table

This kind of product is a high quality chest that represents an industrial style. It updates any decor with its unique, individual character. Of course this chest is very spacious and it is made of solid materials.

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Industrial nightstand

Everything that contains a good industrial interior. Strong shaded oak wood, simplicity of mold and metal or steel elements. These wooden-steel nightstands with drawers and cabinets, have a classical american print and are the symbol of the industrial.

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Industrial style nightstand

Finished with the characteristic French polished steel, this pair of nightstands will match smoothly any industrial or vintage decors. Each of the items features 2 closed compartment and an opened bottom shelf.

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Steel nightstands

... > Bedroom Furniture > Night Stand > 360 Drawer Nightstand w/ casters

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Steel nightstands 14

Brushed Steel Nightstands | cityFoundry

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Perforated steel dresser

Perforated Steel Dresser

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Hughes nightstand nightstands side tables restoration hardware

Hughes Nightstand | Nightstands & Side Tables | Restoration Hardware ...

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Great pair of industrial steel nightstands from a unique collection

Great Pair of Industrial Steel Nightstands | From a unique collection of antique and modern industrial furniture at

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1stdibs pair of polished steel night stands explore items from

1stdibs - Pair of Polished Steel Night Stands explore items from 1,700 ...

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Steel nightstands 25

PAIR of Vintage French Industrial Steel Nightstands

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Steel Nightstands

Buying Guide

Nightstands are considered essential pieces of bedroom furniture because they serve as functional and stylish additions to your bedside. They serve a myriad of purposes including bringing a sense of balance to your bedroom's furniture arrangement and offering convenient storage closeby to your bed. Because there are a variety of features and styles from which to choose, it's possible for anyone to find steel nightstands to suit their needs. Here are some essential things to consider when determining the best nightstand for completing your room's decor.

When choosing your steel nightstands, be sure they're as tall as your mattress's top. That way, you're achieving a look that's consistent throughout your bedroom. Also, it creates a surface that's at a level that's usable. If you have a bed with a tall base or mattress pad, it's best to find a nightstand that's taller so it'll match. If you have a shorter bed, select a low-profile steel nightstand to achieve a cohesive look. The placement should be a few inches from the edge of your bed. That way, there's enough room for sheets and blankets to hang over.

When selecting the color for your steel nightstands, be sure it coordinates with your bedroom's color palette. A point to consider is that when you choose lighter colors, they will reflect light and darker colors will absorb light. Therefore, the metal in your steel nightstand will help bring in extra light if it's not painted a darker shade.

In addition to having a beautiful appearance for those who are looking for ways to dress up their modern and contemporary bedrooms, these nightstands stand up to the test of time. Additionally, you can add features like laminates to increase the look and value of the steel nightstand. Steel is incredibly durable and, when it's no longer being utilized for its intended use, it can be recycled into another product. So, for those who are environmentally conscious, steel-nightstands are an excellent choice.

When selecting your steel nightstands, be sure to look at the way they're made to ensure they're the highest quality. For example, if you see a price tag of under $30.00 for the nightstands, chances are they're made from subpar materials. However, if you see prices ranging between $150.00 and $1,200.00 for the steel nightstands, you're coming across higher quality pieces of furniture that are made from better materials.

Bonus tip: You should have enough room on the top of your steel nightstand for an alarm clock, table lamp, and anything else you need to keep within reach. For those who tend to accumulate a lot of things on their nightstands, it's essential that you choose one with plenty of surface area. You can save room on the surface of your nightstand by placing items into drawers or onto shelves.

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