Sofa With Two Chaise

What is better than one chaise? Two chaise lounges on the same sofa. Now two lucky people can relax on the most comfortable furniture addition of the era of comfort decor. So fetching, so relaxing, and they are perfectly symmetrical. For your perfect sofa, how about a sofa with two chairs, and call your living space complete. See collection for more.

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Carlisle upholstered chaise sofa sectional

Carlisle upholstered chaise sofa sectional
A high quality sectional sofa that is available in a white colour. It is neutral so it matches any decor. The size of this furniture (99.5" w x 68" d x 34" h) is good for many adult people who want to take a rest on it.

Jameson Sectional Sofa with Chaise

Jameson Sectional Sofa with Chaise
This is a beautiful, traditional styled sofa with a chaise, which will complement any living room and is available in few cover colors. This sofa has an L-shape, has a wooden frame and a cover can be remove.

Bobkona Reversible Chaise Sectional

Bobkona Reversible Chaise Sectional
This reversible chaise is the perfect solution for many types of interiors. A beautiful combination of microfiber and leatherette upholstery, perfect as impressive design element.

Baxton studio cream leather sectional sofa

Baxton studio cream leather sectional sofa
A comfortable, sectional sofa with black plastic legs that do not leave marks on a floor is a product that meets high quality standards. It provides a comfortable and large sitting space for many people.

Newman sectional

Newman sectional
This element is a connection of sofa and bed. It provides large and comfortable sitting space during the day and a sleeping space in the night. It is equipped with showcase for bedclothes and other items.

Sofa with two chaise

Traditional sofa with two chaises that provide more comfort to large families or groups of people. Sitting space of this sofa offers soft backrest and seat cushions supported by long-lasting frame. Neutral black color matches any living room or TV room.

Sofa with two chaise

This sectional sofa features a casual, attractive style. Its frame is made of hardwood and its sitting space is filled with extra soft and durable dacron-wrapped foam. The set also includes a solid and comfortable storage ottoman.

Our advice Buying Guide

How do I style my living room with a sofa with two chaises?

A sofa with two chaise loungers attached creates the ultimate entertaining space, taking the classic L-couch and turning it into a U-shape that provides twice the comfort and space for relaxation.

Since a sofa with two chaises is such a large furniture piece, you’ll need to style your living room around it. The ideal setup is to point the sofa toward the room’s main feature, whether that’s your television or a fireplace.

Invest in an area rug that is slightly larger than the space between the two loungers so that the center area of the U-shape is now carpeted. On this carpet, place a coffee table that is no more than roughly 40” wide (depending on the size of your couch). You’ll want to make sure the coffee table is small enough that it’s easy to walk around it to sit anywhere on the couch.

This cozy arrangement caters to the unique sofa and chaise setup, creating ample seating where everyone can chat, rest their beverage on the coffee table and see the TV.

Which upholstery is best for a sofa with two chaises?

Since chaises are designed for lounging around, a sofa with two chaises should have upholstery that is durable and easy to clean, like microfiber. Microfiber is known for its anti-abrasive properties, fade-resistance, and comfort.

Polyester is also a good option because it resists stains and fading. Leather is a fantastic overall option, but it is uncommon for sofas with two chaises, primarily because of the more extensive maintenance required to keep leather supple and in good condition.

Avoid cotton unless it is blended with other materials, as plain cotton may start to show wrinkling and soiling easier than other materials. Even though it looks beautiful, linen can also be a problem for sofas designed for lounging around because it shows stains, wrinkles and wears out easily.


Sofa and cuddle chair set

A very comfortable chaise lounge, excellent for bringing stylish and relaxing benefits to contemporary rooms. Its large seat allows you to kick back in style, using soft filling, nice-to-touch beige upholstery, 3 back pillows and a pair of throw pillows.

Sofa with 2 chaises

A charming corner arrangement that features two comfortable chaise longues with smooth upholstery in a grey color and extra cushions for better comfort. There is also a small table in between and a round carpet in a soft, beige color.

Sofa with two chaise 5

Verellen's Oliver XL sofa, slipcovered in Belgian linen. Oliver Two-Arm Chaise shown tailored. The frames are SOLID MAPLE with doweled joinery. The seat springs are 8-way hand-tied in the USA. The cushions are filled with natural DOWN, FEATHERS AND ORGANI

Sofa with 2 chaise

If your sectional is equally long on both sides, you could balance it with two fairly minimal chairs or one bulky one. Place the chair on a diagonal close to the plane of the sectional’s back to keep the layout feeling open.

Chaise sofa we offer two types of chaise sofas with

chaise sofa we offer two types of chaise sofas with our corner sofas ...

Sofa with two chaise 12

KIVIK Loveseat and chaise lounge IKEA Generous seating series with a soft, deep seat and comfortable support for your back.

Sofa with two chaise 14

KARLSTAD Sofa and chaise lounge IKEA A range of coordinated covers makes it easy for you to give your furniture a new look.

Sofa with two chaise 9

OK this is IN my budget and then what if I paired it with one of the other more pricey couches as we were chatting about two couches facing each other?

Small chaise sectional with caramel guanaco top grain leather covers

Small Chaise Sectional with Caramel Guanaco Top Grain Leather Covers ...

Holl 2 seat chaise sofa small chaise sofa 1

Holl 2 Seat Chaise Sofa, small chaise sofa

Oversized comfy chair

Original in many ways - this comfy chair is actually hard to classify, being something between a loveseat sofa and an oversized chaise lounge. One is obvious - you won't find another patchwork upholstery like this.

Sofa with two chaise

Tips for using color successfully If you're using lots of colour for an eclectic look then stick with either bold primary colours or pastels but never combine the two. I anchor all of my coloured rooms with black and or white. I always have a black and w

Sofa with two chaise

Use a daybed as a room divider. In a really large living room, you may wish to create two full seating areas. Mark the separation while keeping the flow between the two zones with furniture you can easily see over: a daybed, bench, or chaise is a good opt

Sofa with two chaise

... Sectional Sofas >> Zen Collection Right Facing Chaise Sectional

Sectional with two chaises

Everything, the whole house movement takes place within a previously naturally spaced area. Separat space for relaxation too, thanks to this folded - gray sofa with two chaise, with very simple Scandinavian design.

Kaspar slate grey fabric modern sectional sofa 2

Kaspar Slate Grey Fabric Modern Sectional Sofa

Sofa with two chaise 1

I love an open floor plan however, after having one, I've adjusted my concept a bit and prefer a glass wall between the two shown here. It reduces noise but you still fill in touch with both spaces.

Sofa with two chaise

A clever choice for small spaces, our exclusive sofa features a reclining back that folds flat, instantly converting to a daybed, chaise or guest bed. In a clean, modern silhouette with dark gray woven upholstery, this versatile piece includes two pillows

One arm chaise lounge

If you have a chair or two at one end of a couch, balance them with a chaise on the other side. It can be a nice place to take a nap while doubling as seating for multiple people when entertaining.

Sofa with two chaise 4

I like that the side that would be facing the hall is only two cushions wide and is open at the end. This also comes in dark gray, orange, and white. $999

Sofa with two chaise 6

$699 EKTORP Loveseat and chaise lounge IKEA- Risane natural- come with a 10 year warranty and are cheaper than a love seat and chaise separate

Sofa with two chaise 21

The classic sectional with a comfortable chaise. It could be a great solution for a big family to have a rest together. The toned dark colour take off mess up vision from your head, even if you have a kid.

Sofa with two chaise 18

Just thinking........KIVIK Loveseat and chaise lounge IKEA Generous seating series with a soft, deep seat and comfortable support for your back.

Sofa with two chaise

There’s plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably thanks to the NOCKEBY sofa’s spacious design.

Sectional sofa with two chaise

Set the Mood. The smooth graphite shade and velvety soft texture of the Catalina II Gray sectional sofa creates an intimate, cozy atmosphere that will have you dimming the lights and putting on some music. A perfect starting point for a more dramatic look

Sofa with two chaise 2

NOCKEBY Causeuse et méridienne droite IKEA Housse nettoyable à sec. Housse en tissu épais, très résistant, légèrement brillant et doux.

Sofa with two chaise 8

pallet outdoor bench with an up-cycled crib mattress. I am going to make two of these when our littles grow out of their toddler beds! Won't those look great with my pallet sofa!

Sofa with two chaise 13

Would be fab for family room. EKTORP Two-seat sofa and chaise longue - Vellinge dark blue - IKEA $AU1,099

Sofa with two chaise 1

Karlstad loveseat and chaise lounge in isunda gray. To be honest I'm kind of tired of ikea but this is a really reasonable and nice looking couch. I'm tempted to go red for some reason but think it would have to be limited to a chair or just a cushion.

Sofa with two chaise 15

Special edition of the iconic Ercol studio couch w/a special mixture of two Timorous Beasties fabrics, “Blotch” and “Damask” done especially for Ercol. - See more at:

Sofa with two chaise 16

I have a thing for fainting couches/daybeds et al. Such lovely lines!

Sofa with two chaise 17

Vintage Louis XV Grand Canape: The sheer elegance of the Louis XV style has been captured in this graceful canape, hand-carved with fine fluting, floral and foliate embellishments directly onto the undulating contours of the framing members. Crafted on a

Sofa with two chaise 19

KIVIK Loveseat and chaise lounge IKEA KIVIK is a generous seating series with a soft, deep seat and comfortable support for your back.

Sofa with two chaise

Armrest Choose an option… Armrest 400 Armrest 420 Armrest 450 ...

Sofa with two chaise 20

Lounge NOCKEBY Two-seat sofa w chaise longue right - Tenö light grey/chrome-plated - IKEA

Sofa with two chaise 22

maybe dividing the room into 2 seating area with one sofa that has two sides (we also thought of a chaise long or something like that) Extrasoft | Sofas | Products | Living Divani

Sofa with two chaise 23

PK 26 Sofa by Poul Kjaerholm | PK 26 two-seat suspended sofa in black leather with steel frame and canvas webbing. Designed by Poul Kjaerholm for Fritz Hansen, Denmark, circa 1988.

Benchcraft maier charcoal 2 piece sectional with left chaise sams

Benchcraft Maier - Charcoal 2-Piece Sectional with Left Chaise - Sam's Appliance & Furniture - Sofa Sectional

Sofa with two chaise 24

Francis Sultana Updates a Historic London House with Contemporary Art : Architectural Digest

Loveseat with cup holders

Designers utilized rich chocolate brown hues to tie this updated interior together. Extra large sofa sports gentle curves, so it appears homey in spite of high end contemporary design. Each section transform into a flat chaise lounge.

Sofa chaise 2 lugares havana siqueira moveis

Sofá Chaise 2 Lugares Havana - Siqueira Móveis

Two person chaise lounge

This multifunctional, convertible set, available in 2 colors, allows different arrangements, depending on your current needs. It can be a bed, a two person chaise lounge or a couch. It is handcrafted, thanks to which it gains additional value.