Small Kitchen Cart With Drawers


A kitchen cart is always a functional thing to have if you need additional storage or something to transport items from one part of the kitchen to the other if it is too heavy. They are also very useful for catering needs. If you are having trouble with not enough storage in your kitchen, then considering a small kitchen cart with drawers might be just the solution you have been looking for.

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Small kitchen cart with drawers 15

Store utensils, pots and pans, small appliances and more in this kitchen cart, featuring two shelves to maximize your storage potential. Finished in white, this stylish laminate cart is topped with a natural finish and accented with chrome hardware.

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Kitchen island with garbage bin

A very functional idea for kitchen use. This portable kitchen island feautres solid black legs and a durable wooden frame finished in white color. It features three shelves for accessories, one compartment for trash, one drawer and a quite spacious top.

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Kitchen Cart

Kitchen Cart

Cool country style cart of natural-finished bamboo. It has a sleek rectilineal open frame, a rectangular top, 2 smaller drawers up, a larger bottom one. They have C-like metal grips. It has a towel rack, 2 slatted shelves, 3 wire pull-out baskets.

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Powell furniture color story butcher block kitchen island in black

Powell furniture color story butcher block kitchen island in black

A very simple, small, but useful table created for use in the kitchen. This table has got a solid wooden construction that includes black legs, a very thick top and lower shelf made of solid slats. This set includes wooden spoon, spatula and tongs.

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Sherman Kitchen Cart

Sherman Kitchen Cart

Functional kitchen cart mounted on wheels for easy movement. It contains cabinet with sliding double doors and 2 drawer arranged horizontally. Extra towel holders and others. Rectangular top offers large usable.

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Alexandria Kitchen Cart

Alexandria Kitchen Cart

This beautiful and efficient Kitchen Cart in White Finish is a great helper around the kitchen and dining room. The cart has two panel doors that conceal a spacious storage compartment, 1 storage drawer that operates on metal gliders, and 2 towel bars.

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Small kitchen cart with drawers 1

Organize your life better with a mobile small kitchen cart with drawers - which has 3 drawers, for a variety of documents or kitchen items. Made of wood composite and veneer. Classic style, unpretentious design in natural color.

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Tms Kitchen Cart

Tms Kitchen Cart

This kind of element is a mobile kitchen cart that can also play the role of a kitchen island. It features a solid construction and a space-saving design. The size of this product is 36.5" H x 48" W x 18" D.

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Laurence Mid-Century Bar Cart

Laurence Mid-Century Bar Cart

This incredibly stylish midcentury bar cart comes with a beautiful eye-catching appeal that should help you fully transform your furniture ensemble. Made from sturdy metal, the unit features an elegant brushed gold finish that seamlessly blends into any color scheme in your home. The cart sits atop four caster wheels for easy mobility and offers two large shelves at the top and the bottom. The piece should be perfect for mixing cocktails and serving drinks during a small gathering or party.

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Ermont Bar Cart

Ermont Bar Cart

Give your guests a royal experience as you serve drinks in this beautiful bar cart. Designed with a classic look to it, this unit would be ideal in serving classic cocktails but would also work for any other types of drinks. The cart is made using a sturdy metal frame and two strong wooden shelves. Its two-tone finish also brings that unique midcentury flair that will give your home that classic appealing vibe you’ve been looking for.

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Small Kitchen Cart With Drawers

Buying Guide

Despite their compact and space-saving size, small kitchen carts are spacious enough to hold a variety of kitchen items such as recipe books, canisters, pots, pans, plates, and bowls. Plus, the drawers can be used to store your napkins, coasters, table mats, and utensils. You may even want to keep small appliances and gadgets, such as your microwave, blender, and food processor in the cart for a seamless cooking session. If your kitchen cart with drawers also comes with open shelves, you can use them to display your fruit bowls, wine collection, and kitchen jar sets. Some designs even include a compartment for kitchen bins.

The exact weight limit for a small kitchen cart with drawers will depend on several variables, but they can usually hold at least 100 lbs. This total weight limit includes the items stored in the drawers and any objects on top. Sometimes individual drawers or shelves will have separate weight limits.

Keep in mind that there is usually a correlation between the size of the cart and its weight limit. The smallest carts, which are less than 24” wide and 24” deep, often have weight limits of less than 100 lbs. You must read the manufacturer’s specifications closely to get the most out of your product.

Depending on the size and shape of your home, there should be many places to put a small kitchen cart with drawers. You could place it in the middle of your kitchen for a makeshift island; you could place it in the corner of your dining room as a sideboard; or you could even use it outside as a quick outdoor bar. The possibilities are endless!

A bar cart is guaranteed to elevate the style of your entertaining area and add a sophisticated touch to your next dinner party. The bar cart should coordinate with your home décor and match your stemware and glassware for a cohesive look.

There are a few things to consider in order to find the right cart for your home. Here is our guide full of tips and tricks to choosing the perfect bar cart for your space.

The material you choose for your bar cart determines the durability and longevity of the piece and has a significant impact on how well the cart blends into your design aesthetic. The type of material also decides whether you can use the cart indoors or outdoors. Find the perfect balance of strength and style by selecting a cart built from a combination of materials such as:

  • Wood

Wood can be used for both indoor and outdoor carts and adds fantastic texture to country, industrial, and modern homes. Avoid unfinished, raw wood designs as they are prone to staining from spilled drinks.

Choose a wood finish that coordinates with your other furniture. This does not mean that your bar cart must match your other décor exactly. You will create more depth and dimension in your room if your cart does not match.

  • MDF

Manufactured wood (MDF) is an affordable alternative to solid wood. It is low-maintenance, stain and scratch resistant; however, it does not have the same durability as solid wood or the same aesthetic appeal.

  • Metal

Many bar carts use a metal frame for stability and toughness. However, the metal can be an important design element that contributes to the overall style of the piece.

Choose easy to clean stainless steel for outdoor areas and the kitchen. Or wrought iron or heavy-gauge steel for a more industrial look. Metal carts in glossy gold or brass finishes are the perfect addition to vintage or traditionally styled rooms.

No matter which metal finish you choose, ensure the cart is coated in a sealant to protect against corrosion.

  • Glass

Bar carts with tempered glass or mirrored shelves are ideal for creating the illusion of space in your living area. They make a chic addition to retro, mid-century modern rooms and reflect the facets of glasses and bottles to show off your collection in its best light.

  • Plastic

While plastic may not sound like the most stylish option for a bar cart, high-density thermoplastics such as Lucite offer the durability of plastic with the clarity and visual appeal of glass.

Got a mod loft sprinkled with graphic prints? Consider a Lucite cart in a novel Pop Art design. Or use the clear plastic cart to keep a cramped entertaining space feeling open and airy.

  • Stone

A popular choice for outdoor entertaining areas due to its weather-resistance, stone bar carts are often constructed with a combination of materials such as wood or metal for the frame and a smooth marble or granite top and shelves.

Stone bar and metal bar carts make the perfect addition to an Art Deco style home or romantic French country living area. If you are planning to use the cart indoors and outside, look for polished marble or granite that is scratch resistant and shows off the depth of the stone to its full effect.

When it comes to choosing the right material for your bar cart, the main thing to check for is stability. No matter how chic the cart may look, if it can't hold the weight of your glassware and bottles, it won't be able to serve its purpose.

Look for bar carts with reinforced struts in the frame and underneath the surfaces. For wooden and MDF, examine the quality of the joinery and make sure that all pieces fit flush and secure.

Finding the right-sized bar cart is about striking a harmonious balance between storage and style in the space you have available. To find the perfect size bar cart for your home follow these three simple steps.

  • Consider Its Function

Are you planning to use your bar cart for preparing and serving snacks as well as drinks? If so, you will need added countertop space for easy access to food and beverages. If most of the preparation is going to occur in the kitchen, and your bar cart will be used primarily for decorative purposes, you have a wider selection of sizes to choose from.

Is it going to be a focal piece in your living area? In which case, you may need a larger bar cart, so it is not overwhelmed by the rest of your furniture. Features such as large handles and wheels contribute to the overall size of the bar cart, so to take this into account when measuring your piece.

  • Assess Your Collection

Before selecting a size for your bar cart, determine the size of your glassware and liquor collection and how much storage space you need to accommodate it. You do not need to store every single item in your collection on your cart. Overstuffing can give the cart a cluttered, unappealing look.

Choose your best stem and glassware and a selection of your favorite bottles for display and base your size assessment on the dimensions of these items.

  • Measure Your Space

While bar carts are mobile and can be moved around a room, decide on a dedicated place to store your bar cart when not in use. The amount of space you have available determines the size of the bar cart you choose. Measure the height, width, and depth of your space, ensuring you leave approximately 2-3 inches clearance around the cart for access.

A standard bar cart measures around 3-4 feet tall and 28-48 inches wide. If you are tight on space, look for carts that extend vertically, not horizontally. For smaller homes and apartments, look for circular styles with multiple tiers - to take advantage of no-fuss vertical shelving space.

  • Shelves

Storage is an essential feature to consider. Look for ample shelf space that can be adjusted to suit the height of your bottles and glassware. The bottom shelf should have a rail or barrier to prevent items from falling off.

  • Handles

To easily maneuver your bar cart around the room, you need handles for a better grip. Long, wide handles offer better control while smaller handles give your cart a more compact design suitable for small spaces.

  •  Locking Wheels

Bar carts are designed for mobility as well as storage and display. Choose a cart with wheels that can glide easily over your floor surface. If you have plush carpets or rugs, you may need a cart with larger wheels, and for homes with hardwood floors consider soft or rubber wheels to prevent scratches. Regardless of the wheel style, make sure your wheels are lockable to prevent the cart from moving while you are mixing drinks.

  •  Stemware Racks

Top-heavy stemware can easily topple and break if not stored securely on a bar cart. Choose a bar cart with built-in stemware racks that stores your glasses upside down to maximize the storage space.

  • Drawers

Drawers are ideal for organizing small bar accessories such as mixing tools and napkins. Look for smooth gliding drawers that sit underneath the main counter space on your cart for fast, easy access to the essentials.

  • Cabinets

Cabinets are ideally suited for bar carts that are primarily used for storage rather than display purposes. Cabinets allow you to store a wider variety of beverages, mixers, and glassware regardless of their visual appeal. However, this doesn't mean that your bar cart cabinets can't be stylish. Choose a cart with cabinet doors that feature stylish hardware or have a luxe wood grain finish to add a touch of sophisticated style to your space.

  • Countertop

If you prefer cocktails, make sure your bar cart has some kind of countertop or flat surface for mixing. Also, ensure there is enough storage space for the tools you need (mixing glass, bar spoon, jigger, peeler, bottle opener, and a julep strainer). Look for a countertop with a high vertical lip to prevent bottles from slipping off when moving the cart.

If you have multiple bottles of wine to store, look for a cart with a built-in wine rack. This enables you to store your bottles horizontally, which keeps the cork moist, keeping your wine fresher and tasting better for longer.

Wine bottles with screw-top caps don't necessarily need to be stored horizontally, but this storage method takes advantage of open space and offers better access to your favorite wines. Horizontal storage also prevents your bottles from clinking together and stop them from falling off the cart.

  • Choose a material that finds the right balance between style and functionality. Combinations of materials that work well together include metal and tempered glass, wood and stainless steel, and marble with a gold-finished frame.

  • Measure your space and determine precisely what you what to store and display in your cart to find the right size.

  • Choose a cart that features ample and varied types of storage from lipped shelves and cabinets to drawers and built-in stemware racks.

  • To store wine correctly in your bar cart, look for horizontal wine racks that store wines on a slight angle to keep corks moist and prevent sediment build-up.

Best Ideas

Livingston Bar Cart

Livingston Bar Cart

Looking to create a vintage vibe into your home? Well, this high-quality bar cart will achieve exactly that. The piece features a breathtaking industrial look thanks to its thick metal frame and large wheels. The cart also comes with two shelves and a tabletop, all made from sturdy wood. The piece has a lot of textured detailing that adds to its beauty. Its compact design makes it a great pick for small spaces or apartments.

Hull Bar Cart

Hull Bar Cart

This versatile bar cart comes with a classic metallic design with a neutral black finish as well. The cart offers excellent storage for both drinks and glassware. It has two large shelves, each with the capacity to hold up to 75 pounds of product. The four caster wheels on this unit are also very versatile and strong enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. No assembly is needed for this unit. Simply buy and start using right away.

Creola Bar Cart

Creola Bar Cart

Bring a dose of modern and contemporary styling into your home with this high-quality bar cart. Made from a sturdy steel frame, the cart comes with two large shelves each with the ability to hold up to 40 pounds in weight. Its black metallic finish will lend an industrial-inspired look into your kitchen, den, or anywhere else you decide to put the piece. The cart can also be repurposed and used as a nightstand or kitchen accessory.

Kahnah Bar Cart

Kahnah Bar Cart

This vintage bar cart is designed to deliver outstanding functionality. First of all, it comes with two shelves, one at the top and the other at the bottom. The middle of the cart is then fitted with two wine racks that can be used to hold up to ten bottles with ease. The cart has a two-tone finish, featuring a back metallic frame and a natural wood grain finish on the shelves. It looks spectacular!

Kiven Bar Cart

Kiven Bar Cart

Give your home bar a stylish new look thanks to this beautiful bar cart. The piece comes with a circular metal frame and two rectangular shelves for all your drinks. The metal design is finished with a beautiful light gold palette that delivers visible opulence for everyone to see. You will also get four caster wheels at the bottom for easy mobility. You may want to place a small vase at the top of the cart for the best decor value.

Calvin Wooden Bar Cart

Calvin Wooden Bar Cart

Featuring a beautiful and modern design, this quality bar cart is constructed from a sturdy iron frame for longevity and long-lasting service. The piece also comes with two solid wood shelves, each finished up with a breathtaking espresso finish that combines perfectly with the metal industrial black on the frame. There are two handles on either side of the cart and four caster wheels to make mobility easier both indoors and outdoors.

Chicago Bar Cart

Chicago Bar Cart

Featuring an amazing gold-tone finish and an incredibly functional minimalist design, this state-of-the-art bar cart offers excellent height and enough shelves for drinks and glassware. The cart will not only be a great way to serve your guests but it can also be used as a display platform for all your vintage wines and other specialized drinks. The mirrored glass shelves also go a long way in adding to the elegant class already showcased by this piece.

Trevia Folding Bar Cart

Trevia Folding Bar Cart

This clean-lined bar cart is the ideal glamorous blend of function and design. The unit is also very durable thanks to its steel frame and steel shelves. You will love the fact that it’s an easy to clean low maintenance piece that will last for a very long time. The cart can be used both indoors and outdoors to great effect. Each shelf can support up to 75 pounds in weight too.

Lipper Lipper Bamboo 3-Bottle Wine Serving Cart

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Small kitchen cart with drawers 12

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Small kitchen cart with drawers

Kitchen cart fitted with open shelves and drawers for storing needed stuff. It is made of wood and reinforced with crossed supports. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Have to have it. Home Styles Design Your Own Small Kitchen Cart - $223

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