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Are you a fan of birds? Perhaps the look of a bluejay makes you smile. You make a wish when you see a Wren? Do you love pigeons? No matter what type of bird you can't get enough of especially when watching them in your bird feeder, we have them in our collection of shower curtains covered in birds. Take a look at this collection for more.

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Mainstays Birds In Nature Fabric Shower Curtain

Mainstays Birds In Nature Fabric Shower Curtain
The floral pattern combined with decals of colorful birds give this shower curtain a traditional, colorful look. Sure to give your bathroom a vibrant, fresh detail. In this setup, the curtain perfectly complements the similar furniture.

York Shower Curtain

York Shower Curtain
If you need a new shower curtain, we suggest you to choose this one. It has a nice texture and its metal hook grommets are rust-resistant, so you can easily avoid changing your curtain too often. Use your washing machine for cleaning if needed.

Thistle Shower Curtain

Thistle Shower Curtain
If you're a fan of simple and original look, this amazing and practical shower curtain is gonna totally amaze you! Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary functionality and an awesome design in your bathroom.

Peacock Shower Curtain

Peacock Shower Curtain
If you're looking for some stylish and practical decorations for your bathroom, check out this amazing and original shower curtain! It's gonna bring you a huge dose of unique design and an unusual functionality.

Peacock Shower Curtain

Peacock Shower Curtain
Are you a fan of stylish and original solutions? Then, this amazing and charming shower curtain is gonna perfectly decorate your bathroom! Check it out and enjoy a unique design and an unusual functionality.

Darla Shower Curtain

Darla Shower Curtain
Shower curtain featuring solid white finish and beautiful embroidery . Additionally, it's made of high quality polyester, which makes it easy to maintain and durable. The curtain perfectly fits any bathroom.

Shower curtains birds 1

With the charming little birds and the adorable finish packed with colors this shower curtain will work like a charm in your household, creating a one-of-a-kind look and providing you with the needed privacy.

Our advice Buying Guide

What are the best fabrics for a shower curtain?

If you're shopping for the best fabrics for shower curtains, there are a couple of options to choose from. Ultimately, the shower curtains birds should be durable, easy to clean, and of course, mildew resistant. 

A more affordable option would be PVC or PEVA shower curtains since they are durable and water-repellent. They are also easy to replace once they've developed too much build-up.

A pricier option would be cotton shower curtains that have a nicer look and feel and are also machine washable, making care and maintaining a breeze.

What décor to pair with birds shower curtains?

When choosing shower curtains, birds are a common theme and with good reason. Birds represent a peaceful and serene atmosphere which is everything you want your bathroom to be. So why not grab a few bird-themed accessories and decor to go with your bird's shower curtain.

Consider a magnolia and bird-themed bathroom set to hold your bathroom essentials and compliment that with a bird toilet paper holder to add a rustic touch to your bathroom decor. Bar soaps shaped like birds are also a great idea and grab a bird farmhouse crate while you're at it to hold toilet paper, extra tissues, and hand towels for your guests.

While bird mirrors are not something you see every day, if you can get your hands on one, it will make the entire nature theme come together. Don't forget the towel racks and bathroom hooks which you can get in some vibrant colors to add that much-needed color splash to your bathroom.


Lenox chirp shower curtain bird shower curtain

- Lenox Chirp Shower Curtain - Bird Shower Curtain

Bird shower curtain

This is a true art piece that can now grace your bathroom as well - a shower curtain with the stunning birds sitting on a blossoming tree. Not only is it incredibly eye-catching, it will also serve its purpose splendidly.

Shower curtains birds 4

Caged Birds Fabric Shower Curtain

Birds and blooms floral shower curtain 1

Birds and Blooms Floral Shower Curtain

Bird shower curtains

ohdeardrea/ perhaps i'll be a bird one day if i'm good enough, and i'll get up and fly away and give up all this stuff

Shower curtains with birds on them

Finches Curtain Fabric Glazed cotton fabric printed with green birds on branches with a aqua background

Spring sparrow shower curtain this shower curtain has a nice

Spring Sparrow Shower Curtain - This shower curtain has a nice vintage vibe about it. I love the colorful birds and the organic brown and green branches. A farmhouse or country-style bathroom would be perfect for this curtain.

Vintage bird shower curtain

Vintage Bird Shower Curtain

Mainstays Birds in Nature Decorative Bath Collection - Shower Curtain

Gifts bathroom decor vintage birds and nests shower curtain

Gifts > Bathroom Décor > Vintage Birds and Nests Shower Curtain

Shower curtains birds

Shower curtain for each bathroom according to taste. It is made of fabric and decorated with sophisticated pattern. It is fitted with hook holes for easy mounting.

Tree and bird shower curtain

$57.99 Three Trees with Birds Shower Curtain. I would rather paint this on a canvas than have it as a shower curtain.

Shower curtains birds

Birds on Branches Cotton Shower Curtain

This craftsman style fireplace wall caught my eye as soon

This craftsman style fireplace wall caught my eye as soon as I walked ...

Onyx alphabet bookends river rocks inspired throw rug in out

Onyx alphabet bookends, river rocks-inspired throw rug: In & Out

Shower curtains birds 3

... of the The Aggreeable Kids, Mommy and Dady’s Bird Shower Curtain

Curtains with trees on them

Avanti Bath Accessories, Gilded Birds Shower Curtain

Mainstays birds in nature fabric shower curtain

Mainstays Birds In Nature Fabric Shower Curtain

Shower curtains birds 16

Birds on Burnt Orange Shower Curtain on

Peacock shower curtain 44

This piece is a true art form with its stained glass structure and the sublime peacock theme. It will make any bathroom just feel packed with class and unique appeal thanks to the vibrant colors of the finish and the immaculate look of the design itself.

Avanti Gilded Birds Shower Curtain

Blue bird shower curtain tree bathroom decor kids bath branch

Blue Bird Shower Curtain Tree Bathroom Decor Kids Bath Branch ...

Regal Home Collections Botanical Bird Print Fabric Shower Curtain, 70 by 72-Inch, Neutral

Shower curtains birds 12

What a great idea! Use a curved shower curtain rod and whimsical curtain to create a stage or "hideaway" in the playroom! @melaniestraight

Bird shower curtain rings

Blue Birds Shower Curtains Tree Branch Bathroom Decor Kids Bath Nature Lovebirds Bird Bluebird tree vine Birds Can Be Any Color on Etsy, $48.00

Bluebirds shower curtain tree blue birds bathroom kids branch bath

BlueBirds Shower Curtain Tree Blue Birds Bathroom kids branch bath ...

Peacock shower curtain 49 99

Peacock Shower Curtain $49.99

34 bird shower curtain

$34 Bird Shower Curtain

Shower curtain with birds

This shower curtain is very simple, so it will be fit to every bathroom. It is beige and has minimalistic over-print with flowers and little bird. It is made of water-proof cloth, which prevent slushing water in your bathroom.

Birds on a wire shower curtain

brown bathroom and tree curtain

Peacock shower curtain 22

Shower curtain decorated with peacock theme. It is made of waterproof polyester and fitted with hook holes. Received many positive recommendations from clients for high quality and contemporary design.

Curtains with birds on them

A bunch of ideas for water proof and mildew free shower curtains with birds motifs - a bit Asian style oriented, but not only. In white, with subtle intertwining branches pattern and colorful birds sitting among the branches.

Designs geronimo studio gray birds shower curtain eclectic showers

... Designs Geronimo Studio Gray Birds Shower Curtain eclectic-showers

Teal bird curtains

Peeking Birds Shower Curtain Hooks #Bird, #Curtain, #Cute, #Decorative, #Shower

Shower curtains birds 10

Fabric Shower Curtain - Bird Feather - Bird Wing - Blue Feather - Decorative Shower Curtain - 71x74 inches

Peacock shower curtain 24

A stunning shower curtain that sports the peacock theme and is just a perfect choice for when you want to go for fun and creative addition to your interior decor. It will shield your bathroom from the water and still provide you with the needed privacy.

Peacock shower curtain 28

Bold pattern of this shower curtain dazzles with colors - no wonder, it's a peacock print. The peacock boasts its widespreaded magnificent tail. Dominating colors here are sapphire blue, emerald green and splendid turquoise.

Shower curtains birds 8

DIY Cage Cover - hung with shower curtain hooks

Peacock shower curtains

Take a look at this amazing and unique shower curtain! Shower curtains don’t have to plain and unoriginal, this one is a perfect example of that. Colorful and pretty with an exotic touch, perfect for any bathroom.

Shower curtains birds 2


Shower curtains birds 1

Sophia Buddenhagen 'Color Owl' Shower Curtain... omggggg this is perfect for my bathroom! im obsessed with owls!

Chirp your enthusiasm shower curtain how can you stop yourself

Chirp Your Enthusiasm Shower Curtain. How can you stop yourself from singing in the shower with glee when you have this adorable curtain lining your tub? #multi #modcloth

Funny Novelty Hummingbird Shower Curtain, Shower Rings Included 100% Polyester Waterproof 60" x 72"