Shower Curtain Rod Holders

Shower curtain rods are traditionally easy to install but every once in a while if your wall is too slick because of the tile or it will not properly secure your shower curtain rod because of the texture of the paint then having a shower curtain rod Holder is your only recourse and we have plenty of them in this extensive collection .

Best Ideas

Shower Curtain Rod and Mounting Bracket

Shower Curtain Rod and Mounting Bracket
If you decide to choose this bathroom accessory, you are bound to be satisfied for a long time. This shower curtain rod and mounting bracket is created of metal (solid brass) and is available in a plethora of finishes.

Steel Shower Curtain Tension Rod

Steel Shower Curtain Tension Rod
This rugged steel shower curtain tension rod is the perfect solution for your shower. Robust continue every curtain, allowing for a comfortable bath. Practical and very versatile check on a daily basis.

Bcl Drapery Hardware Sophia Steel Double Curtain Rod And Hardware Set

Bcl Drapery Hardware Sophia Steel Double Curtain Rod And Hardware Set
Double curtain rod made of metal with antique finish. Designed for mounting on the wall. It's finished with sophisticated pattern. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Bcl drapery hardware verona double curtain rod in pewter

Bcl drapery hardware verona double curtain rod in pewter
Durable, decorative and useful curtain rods. These elements provide support for different types and sizes of curtains. They are finished in neutral gray color, so they look very attractive in any home design.

Anna Steel Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod and Hardware Set

Anna Steel Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod and Hardware Set
This type of equipment is a curtain rod made of durable materials. It is designed for ceiling mounting and it includes decorative hardware. The product is resistant to damage and wear. It looks very stylish in any decor.

Sophia Steel Curtain Rod and Hardware Set

Sophia Steel Curtain Rod and Hardware Set
This curtain rod is a product that has got a functional character. It is an element made of solid steel. The product includes solid and decorative hardware. The whole rod has got a functional and decorative role.

How to keep a shower curtain rod from falling

How to Keep a Shower Curtain Rod from Falling

Shower curtain rod holders 24

Inspiration Pic for master bathroom. Like how shower curtain is attached to the ceiling so there's no rod. Also, clean and modern looking.

Shower curtain rod holders 39

These modern bathroom accessories are shower curtain rod holders available with a rod. This construction provides support for shower curtains. It looks very attractive and it protected from negative effects of water.

Round shower rod

Original rod holder for shower curtains. Its round shape matches standard open shower or bathtub areas. Metal frame provides support to any curtain and it is also resistant to wear and damage caused by water.

Shower curtain rod holders 2

2 rod shower curtain - the additional rod might serve as a towel holder or the like. This solution is particularly recommended for small bathrooms, as it lets save some precious space and is practical.

Shower curtain rod holders 38

DIY race medal display

Black shower curtain rod 14

Hexagonal bluestone marble floor tiles with a classic honed marble subway tiles for walls create an elegant contrast, into which the navy blue, vintage-looking tub fits perfectly well.

Bcl curtain rods 30

Curtain rod made of high quality steel with chrome finish. Designed for mounting on the wall. Suitable for each standard curtain panel. Neutral and functional design for each room as needed.

Shower curtain rod holders 3

Shower Curtain Rod!! from 5 Ways to Get More Shower Space : Bathroom Remodeling : HGTV Remodels

Shower curtain rod holders 23

Love this for the kitchen

Shower curtain rod holders 34

DIY Pot and Pan holder chrome closet rod $19.96 (home depot) closet rod flange $5.99 (home depot) 2 pks of 4 flowerpot hooks $.97 (walmart) metal shower curtain rings $5.96 (walmart) total =$33.85 measure and cut rod with hacksaw, total tim

Curtains holders

Wrapping paper storage using an empty frame...genius!

Adhesive curtain rod holders

space-saving bathroom towel hook solution: pot hooks

Shower curtain rod holders 28

Using a shower curtain rod, shower curtain holders, and plastic baskets to create an organization station

Shower curtain holder

Dog agility jump cup alternatives at, including paper binder clips, snap clips, tee connectors/rubber bands, and shower curtain rod holders.

Shower curtain rod holders 40

DIY knobs and shower curtain holders.

Shower curtain rod holders 6

This one looks a little like the one we had at the Stanley for our honeymoon @Josh Barrow

Shower curtain rod holders 29

Interesting and clever replacement for a jewelry organizer which utilizes a towel rod with shower curtain rings to keep your jewelry organized and making sure it doesn’t tangle, and giving it a vintage, unique appearance.

Shower curtain rod holders 7

Remodelando la Casa: Bathtub Wood Panel Cover

Black shower curtain rod 24

Traditional setup for a simple bathroom with a large, ceramic bathtub and a vintage medicine stand next to it with a cupboard that holds two shelves inside, providing a handy storage for toiletries and cosmetics.

Black shower curtain rod

An interesting fashionable contemporary curved shower curtain rod manufactured of rust-resistant tubular brass and featuring a semi-gloss black finish. It has small ball finials and round backplates.

Shower pole holder

Ilea hack, utensil holders and s hooks

Black shower curtain rod 11

It's not just a piece of plastic or a functional element of a bathroom - now is expressing your individuality and ingenuity, too. These shower curtains with rods have been improved by tying and adding decorative bows by hooks.

Shower curtain rod holders 4

I have the same brass shower and what a creative way to hide it!!! Now I can finish my bathroom! (But would it get too moist??)

Shower curtain rod holders 9

To display the girls artwork :-)

Bcl curtain rods 1

Why not let your sports fan heart fill with joy thanks to those amazing curtain rods that will make for a perfect choice for any man cave or your little boy's room with their shape of various balls.

Shower curtain rod holders 13

For closet. cricketphx great ideas

Shower curtain rod holders 15

I used shower curtain rings to organize my bracelets. Each one hangs on another from my closet rod so they are easy to unsnap & choose one to wear. Keeps those bangles together & can use for travel too!

Shower curtain rod holders 30

Use ribbon to hold up shower curtain

Shower curtain rod holders 16

I really like this idea for hanging a curtain rod between two stocking hangers: room for growth! (And also don't have to worry about matching year after year!)

Shower curtain rod holders 31

Organizing with curtain rods October, 2012

Shower curtain rod holders 32

Homemade curtain rods and how to fake a pleated curtain!

Shower curtain rod holders 18

Scarf organization with clothes hanger and shower curtain rod holder

Bcl curtain rods

An innovative curtain rod featuring a beautiful casing of steel with a hand-painted brass finish. It's showing a herd of galloping horses with windblown manes. It's equipped with mounting brackets.

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