Ships Wheel Lamp

You will feel like you are manning the helm on a clipper in the Caribbean when you gaze upon this wonderful lamp collection. Each one accurately resembles the wheel of a classic wooden ship that might have sailed the high seas during the age of pirates and Royal Navies. Maybe get the wheel that looks like the one once on a Spanish galleon. Your imagination will run wild with a ships wheel lamp in your home.

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Nautical mermaid ship wheel chandelier ceiling light fixture lamp w

Nautical Mermaid Ship Wheel Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture Lamp W Glass Shades
Sophisticated design for a ceiling-mounted chandelier in a shape of a ship steering wheel, made out of old-fashioned wood with a rough finish. The chandelier is decorated with two wooden figurines resembling mermaids, providing a stylish look.

Ships wheel lamp 1

Unusual, fresh take on a gorgeous, oversized chandelier made to resemble a ship steering wheel. The whole piece is made out of light wood, giving it a nautical appearance, with lights built in the bottom of the wheel.

Ships wheel lamp 37

Vintage Ships Wheel Decorative Table Lamp Nautical Decor Brown Wooden 23" Beach

Wheel lamp

Vintage Nautical Ship's Wheel Lamp

Ships wheel lamp 3

Similar design for a ship wheel chandelier with a rustic twist in it. This one is made from an old-school steering wheel with a distressed coat of white paint, giving it a vintage detail, and a few lamps sticking out from the top.

15 lake house ships wheel indoor outdoor ceiling lamp

15" Lake House Ship's Wheel Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Lamp

Ships wheel lamp


Ships wheel chandelier

Vintage wall lamp, ship wheel design

Ships wheel lamp 3

Beautiful nautical chandelier, made on an actual ship steering wheel, made out of polished wood with a bronze tint. The lamps are placed on the bottom of the wheel with crystal shades, providing an elegant look.

Ships wheel and lanterns chandelier

Ship's wheel and lanterns chandelier

Ships wheel lamp 27


Ships wheel lamp 40

Ship Wheel Chandelier Nautical Lighting Designs Custom

Handcrafted Nautical Decor Rustic Light Blue and White Ship Wheel, 12"

Vintage nautical ships wheel lamp

Vintage Nautical Ship's Wheel Lamp

Ship wheel lamp 1

Adorable approach to a decorative table lamp, made to resemble a steering wheel of a ship. This one is made out of elegant, dark oak wood with a polished finish and a matching, nautical shade on the top of the piece.

Ships wheel lamp 32

Wooden Wheel Lamp

Vintage nautical barometer lamp with a

Vintage Nautical Barometer Lamp With A
Vintage take on a retro nautical lamp with a tiny steering wheel and an actual, functional barometer above it. The lamp even has a little oil lamp on the side and is finished by a rope placed around it, providing a beautiful detail.

Ship wheel chandelier

Another coastal cottage gem.

Etc ships wheel chandelier design from historic record swc2222

... Etc › Ships Wheel Chandelier - Design From Historic Record - SWC2222

Ships wheel lamp 33

`Captain`s Destiny` Ship`s Wheel Table Lamp

Vintage ships wheel lamp

Vintage Ship's Wheel Lamp

Vintage ships wheel nautical light ceiling by recyclebuyvintage 50 00

vintage ships wheel nautical light ceiling by RecycleBuyVintage, $50.00

Ship wood ships wheel chandelier ceiling light boat lamp wow

... SHIP Wood SHIP's Wheel Chandelier Ceiling Light Boat Lamp WOW | eBay

Ships wheel lamp 38

Nautical Chandeliers | Rare 30'S Nautical Ship Wheel Ceiling Light Fixture Chandelier | eBay

Antique ships wheel chandelier

Antique Ships Wheel Chandelier

Ship wheel ceiling fan light

Ship Wheel Ceiling Fan Light

Indifference recycled bike lighting ready to ship

Indifference... Recycled Bike Lighting ready to ship

Nautical glass ship wheel lamp ceiling light fixture chandelier


Ships wheel lamp 12

Vintage Nautical Lamp Ship's Wheel, Compass, Bell, & Belaying Pins

Ships wheel lamp 31

Kitsch 1950s ships wheel table lamp with souvenir scene

Ships wheel lamp 29

Nautical Brass Ship's Wheel Desk Lamp on

Ships wheel lamp 5

Nautical Sailing SHIP Wood SHIP's Wheel Chandelier Ceiling Light Boat Lamp WOW | eBay

Ships wheel lamp 7

Vintage Ship's Wheel Lamp with Oval Whale Shade

Ships wheel lamp 11

Lil' Red Toaster Roadster Lamp Assemblage by Recyclo by RecycloJoe

Ships wheel lamp 30

Vintage Clipper Table Lamp

Ships wheel lamp 4

3 Vintage Nautical Ships Wheel Wall Sconce Light/ Lamp w/Original Shades . Like the ones in dad's old boat.

Ships wheel lamp 28

White ship's wheel. desk lamp

Ships wheel lamp 34


Ships wheel lamp 9

Vintage Wooden Ships Wheel Table Lamp Nautical Shabby Chippy Paint Restoration

Ships-Wheel 33" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Ships-Wheel 33" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
Absolutely gorgeous table lamp for marine themed room decor or for a sea/ship/captain/pirates lover. Wood and resin body and pretty burlap shade in cream. Tall and elegant table lamp, very well made.

15" Cargo Touch Lamp

Ships wheel lamp 35

Colorful Rainbow Wheel Signal Lights LED bike wheel light LED Bike Spoke light Freeshipping - YouTube

Antique ship wheel chandelier vx0001

Antique Ship Wheel Chandelier - VX0001

Ships wheel lamp 36

Brass Nautical items from Dorset Gifts - including bosun whistle, brass compass and other maritime gifts and nautical ideas for the home, garden or boat including nautical mirrors, whistle bosun, ships lanterns, ships clocks, table lamps, brass compass, s

Ships Wheel Wall Décor

Ships Wheel Wall Décor

Nautical ship wheel lamp vintage wood rope by momsantiquesnthings 47

Nautical Ship Wheel Lamp Vintage Wood Rope by MomsantiquesNthings, $47.50

Other photos of ship wheel chandelier 1

Other photos of Ship Wheel Chandelier

Ships wheel lamp 39

diy chandelier: how about doing something like this with a ship's wheel instead of a wagon wheel...

Nautical antique ships wheel chandelier swc2001

Nautical Antique Ships Wheel Chandelier - SWC2001

Nautical antique ships wheel chandelier swc2001 2

Nautical Antique Ships Wheel Chandelier - SWC2001