Sage Green Shower Curtain


Sage is such an earthy and calming color. And if you want to feel that calm in your shower, we offer you our sage green shower curtains. They are very attractive all still being simple and functional. They're made of quality material that is rip resistant and will fit in the shower rings you want to use. See our collection for all the details.

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Our Picks

Sage green shower curtain 3

Elegant shower curtain with many positive recommendations from customers. It is made of polyester and decorated with sophisticated pattern. Great addition for any bathroom according to taste and need. It is highly rated by customers.

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Fabric Shower Curtain: Sage and Brown

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Sage green shower curtain 15

Daisy Fabric Shower Curtain

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Sage green 18 piece bathroom set fabric shower curtain 12

Sage Green 18 Piece Bathroom Set; Fabric Shower Curtain, 12 Shower Rings, Bath Mat, Contour Rug, 3 Towels by Royal Trading

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Sage green shower curtain 9

Finished in lovely light green, this sage shower curtain. Designed in the characteristic Austrian pleat, will fit into almost any bathroom decor, bringing in a cozy, cottage character.

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Sage Green Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain With Light Green Floral Pattern

Sage Green Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain With Light Green Floral Pattern

Lend a breath of elegance to your bathroom with this luxury shower curtain that offers the flat green background that matches perfectly with the green, tinted floral design that grows in the bath curtain's corners.

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Green shower curtain with a decal presenting bare trees just at the beginning of the spring when the flowers begin to blossom. A beautiful addition to any bathroom, sure to give it a fresh, invigorating detail.

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Daphne sage shower curtain the daphne shower curtain

- Daphne Sage Shower Curtain - The Daphne Shower Curtain ...

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Leaves Shower Curtain

Leaves Shower Curtain

Polyester shower curtain with modern style leaves print in various green tones on white background. Very functional accessory to prevent water splashing, that is simultaneously pretty decorative.

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Waverly leaves beige green shower curtain

Waverly Leaves Beige/Green Shower Curtain

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Sage Green Shower Curtain

Buying Guide

A sage green shower curtain harmonizes well with other calming colors, such as creamy neutrals and muted undertones. For a relaxing and refined atmosphere, consider setting your shower curtains against a beige or gray background.

If you want to go bold and create a lively vibe in your bathroom, green and muted blue are great options. Of course, bathroom furniture and decors in white pair wonderfully with a shower curtain in sage green.

The best materials for a sage green shower curtain are polyester, vinyl, and cotton:

Polyester maintains a fabric-like feel, but, being heavier than most shower curtains, it’s especially handy if your shower involves high water pressure. In most cases, it’s water-repellent; however, it’s worth checking the labels, first

Vinyl is a less glamorous but popular budget-friendly alternative. Low-maintenance and extremely easy to care for, it’s guaranteed to repel the water, too

Cotton is a more expensive but beautiful option for your sage green shower curtains. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pair them up with a liner since cotton absorbs moisture, and it’s also recommended that you wash them every month. Still, your bathroom will immediately have a more luxurious look!

Best Ideas

Sage shower curtain

Luxurious and high-end shower curtain featuring a stunning sage green finish and a slight gloss for superb style. The curtain is extra-large too, running right from the ceiling to the floor. It’s a great choice for the modern bathroom.

Sage green shower curtain 28

Hookless Sage Green Diamond Pique Mystery Polyester Shower Curtain

Moroccan shower curtain olive green and

Moroccan shower curtain olive green and

Moroccan print shower curtain in subdued sage green, olive and ivory - for muted bathroom color palettes. Long, with regular vertical stripes of contrasting colors, with subtle lighter or darker pattern.

Pale green shower curtain

Beautiful shower curtain designed for long-lasting service. It also features an excellent two-tone design with its beautiful combination of white and sage green. The curtain also comes with touches of gold accents that beautifully complete the design.

Sage green shower curtain 26

Beautiful "Vienna" sheers. These, sage green, sheers will be going in the Master Bedroom suite.

Livingston Jacquard Shower Curtain

Livingston Jacquard Shower Curtain

This simple and stylish shower curtain would be a perfect decoration for every elegant and modern bathroom! Check it out now and enjoy an incredible design and the highest functionality in your house.

Bianca Green Shower Curtain

Bianca Green Shower Curtain

This stylish and intriguing shower curtain would be a perfect decoration for every original and modern bathroom. Check it out now and enjoy an incredible design and the highest functionality in your house!

Thistle Shower Curtain

Thistle Shower Curtain

If you're a fan of simple and original look, this amazing and practical shower curtain is gonna totally amaze you! Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary functionality and an awesome design in your bathroom.

Sage green shower curtain

Amazing fabric-based shower curtain featuring stunning floral embroidery all over. The curtains also come in a neat sage green for that impeccable modern appeal. They are super large, making sure you get enough privacy anytime in your bathroom.

Hookless shiny texture herringbone shower curtain with snap in peva

Hookless Shiny Texture Herringbone Shower Curtain with Snap-In PEVA Liner, Sage Green Hookless

Curtains sage green

Classic shower curtain made of waterproof fabric and fitted with hook holes. It is decorated with floral theme. Elegant design for each home.

Sage green shower curtain 35

Chevron Matelasse Shower Curtain, Sage Green

100 organic cotton shower curtain in sage green product shower

100% Organic cotton shower curtain in sage green. Product: Shower curtainConstruction Material: 100% Organic cottonColor: Sage greenDimensions: 72 x 72Cleaning and Care: Machine wash cold, fluff dry

Sage green shower curtains

Ancient Sage Shower Curtain on