Rustic Teak Outdoor Furniture


Just in case you are looking for rustic teak outdoor furniture, be it dining sets, benches, or pool chairs, here’s quite a large selection of offers and inspirations. It’s true that the prices of teak furniture can be astronomical, but at least you can be sure you’re paying not only for the looks, but also for durability.

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Our Picks

Outdoor Arm Chair

Outdoor Arm Chair

An excellent piece for enhancing country outdoor areas. This rustic arm chair is crafted of durable teak and covered in a distressed finish, including a tilted back, a firm wood plank seat, arched armrests, and stylishly hewed legs.

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Rustic outdoor furniture

Unique coffee table for indoor and outdoor use. Construction is made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Natural accent for each place.

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Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture

Outdoor bench with openwork pattern on the back. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. It is made of wood with rustic finish. Traditional form and functional design for the garden, patio and more.

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Recycled teak outdoor table

Unique trash can in shape of wine barrel will be stylish replacement of usual bin. Make from teak wood with metal handle bar fits in rustic design. Perfect as an outdoor furniture or element of game room design.

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Rustic teak outdoor furniture

teak garden benche

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Rustic teak outdoor furniture

A long-lasting and easy to maintain set for outdoor areas, perfect for having picnics with your family and friends. This furniture set consists of 1 table and 2 matching benches - all crafted of natural wood, and resting on flat feet for balance.

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Reclaimed teak garden table

This outdoor leisure set comprises the best quality and style. Teak finishing guarantees sustainability, while rustic design provides a unique style to your outdoors. What is noteworthy, it has also a timeless, prestigious combination of brown and white colors.

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Rustic teak outdoor furniture 2

Ideal for one's garden or patio, this rustic wooden bench is made from solid teak wood. Its bright color provides a charming, warm ambience. With its loveseat size, it is ideal for a couple.

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Rustic outdoor chairs

The simple teak outdoor garden collection. This pieces of furniture unite monolitic and modern style with the combination of robust wood. Even if it grows older it will look better and better - with some patina it still look so stylish and gorgeous.

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Rustic teak outdoor furniture 7

Artisan fire bowl in glass fiber–reinforced concrete with gas burner and lava rock in aged teak honed - clean design and safer for families than most

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Rustic Teak Outdoor Furniture

Buying Guide

If you are considering swapping your mundane wicker furniture for rustic teak, then here are some of the factors that you must consider.

Teak has for long been the chosen hardwood for outdoor furniture. Be it the rich oil content, the intensely packed grains or the lovely golden hue, the hard-wearing wood is tailor-made for the most extreme conditions.

And when it’s reclaimed, it brings with it a rich history that can be much older than the house itself. How about a patio bench that’s made from century old olive oil barrels? Or a chaise lounge made of wood sourced from an ancient barn that was recently demolished?

Therein lies the appeal of rustic teak outdoor furniture. There’s always a mystery associated with it. A story that lies untold, which gives it a very distinct character comparable to none. Not to mention that each piece looks different from the other. Colors, shades, scuffs, dents, all bought about naturally with age.

You can either buy premade rustic teak furniture off the shelf or you can go the DIY route and source the wood yourself for your next woodworking project.

While buying off the shelf, ask for details. Has it been salvaged from an old decommissioned ship? Or from a vineyard? Anything about the origin of the wood will give you a good idea about its age and history.

Some people are lucky enough to live in a tropical setting, close to the ocean where beautiful pieces of aged drift wood wash ashore every now and then. If that’s the case, then look for pieces that can be salvaged and saved for later use.

Some driftwood collectors sanitize and clean the wood. But it should suffice even if you treat it and kiln dry it to remove all the moisture that it has absorbed.

And then there are the mere mortals who have to hunt it down from salvage yards and vendors who specialize in selling reclaimed wood.

Ask for guarantees. Check the paperwork. If its shoddy, then the supposedly 150-year old wood might not even be a decade old. A reputed vendor will offer kiln-dried reclaimed wood that won’t rot or warp with exposure to the elements.

Always remember that you are buying something that has lived-in. So, there will be imperfections and inconsistencies. Be it knots, remnants of paint, mineral deposits or patches, it all adds to the dichotomy that makes it so appealing.

Having said that, the wood must be decently preserved to ensure that it lasts for the next few years with minimum upkeep.

Check the quality of the wood. Has it been de-nailed, dried and treated? Ask the exact variety of teak. A lot of old growing teak were sourced from southeast Asia. Top quality teak is sourced from the heart wood.

Many a time, you don’t need conventional furniture pieces to deck up the patio. Think out of the box.

  • An old whiskey barrel, for example, makes for an excellent trash can. Cut it in halves and you have an unconventional ottoman with storage.
  • A few logs can be joined to create a rustic looking chair.
  • Planks from different reclaimed wood pieces can be used for making tables, seating options and the likes.

Best Ideas

Bali reclaimed teak paint side accent

Bali reclaimed teak paint side accent

Made out of recycled boats and piers from Bali, this rustic set of patio furniture embodies an inimitable spirit, enchanting all who like upcycling or down-home design.

Jamison Teak Garden Bench

Jamison Teak Garden Bench

Convenient bench dedicated to outdoor use. Construction is made of wood and provided with a metal gliding mechanism. Great option as an extra seat or place for relaxation as needed.

Teak root garden set indonesia indonesian teak furniture

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Teak rustic bar stools 5

Rustic Root Furniture Bar table and Stools Ref: RRBAR

Tree trunk garden furniture

recycled wood furniture | Reclaimed Teak Furniture || Bench Recycled boat wood || Finishing ...

Garden furniture made from tree trunks

This unforgettable bench constitutes a great example of rustic design. Close alignment with nature is visible in every inch of this project. Made from a solid teak wood, it will delight its owner for many years.

Carved wooden bench

A wonderful rustic vintage bench crafted of brownish teak wood with greyish undertones. Its curved paw legs, a curved apron, rolled out arms and a showy curved and arched backrest feature rich intricate Oriental floral and geometric carvings.

Rustic teak dining table

This chair will not only provide you with the seating, but also with the sense of individuality. It will be an interesting decoration of your garden. It was hand made out of teak. It will give your outdoor space a rustic touch.

Rustic teak outdoor furniture

Rustic Outdoor Wood Benches

Rustic furniture wholesale furniture custom furniture designer teak mahogany pine

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Furniture code tgf 2 teak garden furniture from indonesia java

furniture code tgf 2 teak garden furniture from indonesia java

Rustic wooden benches

This reclaimed teak rustic bench sportts a solid and strong structure and is made of beams of reclaimed teak wood, ensuring a beautiful and truly fitting choice for your garden or patio to shine through with style.

Rustic patio furniture texas

I will take 2 for our garden come next year, please. Teak Root Bench on

Railway sleeper garden bench

Railway Sleeper Garden bench