Rustic Bath Vanity


This collection will be a treat for fans of nice bathroom designs. If you are one of them, you will surely enjoy this collection which includes a wide range of choice of bath vanities, all in varying sizes, colours and designs. Check all of them and pick the on you really like.

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Our Picks

White Oak Wood Single Vanity Set

White Oak Wood Single Vanity Set

If you’re looking for something very specific that perfectly strikes your taste but every vanity set you found has something that just does not seem right for you, you might be interested in this one instead. This classy vanity set has a very high level of customization, providing as much as five different finishes and materials for the top surface, which give you a lot of options to choose from and personalize the piece.

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Joseph Concrete Single Sink Console

Joseph Concrete Single Sink Console

An industrial style in the bathroom. This sink console is a functional piece of furniture that is made of pine wood (frame) and concrete (top). It has also got a solid steel towel bar and an open bottom shelf.

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Your custom rustic barn wood vanity or

Your custom rustic barn wood vanity or

What will the bathroom be like in the Scandinavian style? Full of wood and natural components. Who would have expected such austere and unusual rustic bath vanity cabinet with cross-boards, rough wood - which supports a maroon-red sink.

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Black Metal Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Black Metal Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Combining contemporary design with an industrial vibe and simple, minimalistic silhouette and edges, this double bathroom vanity set is fitted with numerous hardware elements made out of black-painted metal, adding to the rustic façade of the piece. Moreover, the vanity set is a great space saver with its gliding doors, placed on a matte track and providing a hefty amount of storage space, along with a couple of drawers.

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Single Sized Bathroom Vanity Sin With Built In Sink

Single Sized Bathroom Vanity Sin With Built In Sink

A traditional-looking bathroom vanity set with a single sink built-in. The old-fashioned appearance of the vanity set makes it a perfect fit in antique bathrooms, where they provide a rustic and austere touch. The vanity set is made out of solid wood with a dark cherry finish, giving it an elegant look, and is fitted with a to surface crafted out of granite stone, which has a pre-built under-mount sink made out of ceramic.

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But with my bm wickham gray walls coastal ranch farmhouse

But with my BM Wickham Gray walls. Coastal Ranch - farmhouse - Bathroom - San Diego - Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors

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Industrial bathroom cabinet

Beauty closed in the sips of wood - in a rustic,gentle style, invites you to bath in an ecological way. The marble gray table top combines a washbasin and a place for cosmetics. Clean lines of rustic bath vanity,brass knobs and interesting knob configuration.

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Baltic Brown Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Baltic Brown Single Bathroom Vanity Set

If you’re striving for a more antique, classical look in your master bathroom, take a look at this single bathroom vanity set made in an old-fashioned way, sure to be the centerpiece of the room and provide a sophisticated aura. The vanity set has a granite stone top, made with a Baltic brown finish, and raised wooden panels with decorative engravings along the edges, further improving the elegance of the piece.

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Solid WOod Single Bathroom Vanity Set With Tobacco Finish

Solid WOod Single Bathroom Vanity Set With Tobacco Finish

With a contemporary silhouette and a sophisticated style, this single-size bathroom vanity set is made out of solid wood with veneers fitted with a rich tobacco finish, which gives a rusting and traditional design. The vanity set is also fitted with a speckled granite countertop and an additional sink, which is made out of white ceramic. The modern twist of the vanity set comes with its chromed knobs on the drawers.

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Rustic bathroom vanities

Splash your bathroom with a touch of rustic accents with this gorgeous bath vanity. It's made of wood, featuring 2 open shelves for storing your towels, 1 drawer with black pull handles, and 1 built-in oval sink with a black faucet.

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Rustic Bath Vanity

Buying Guide

A rustic bath vanity in the right setting can be breathtakingly charming. If you are trying to pull off a vintage theme for your bathroom, then you will never succeed without the right rustic bath vanity. Yes, it's that critical to the overall appeal. Aside from the aesthetics, there are other factors you need to consider, and things can get really confusing. To help you with this endeavor, here’s a rustic bath vanity buying guide.

A vanity serves a purpose and that's storage. One fundamental question to ask is the number of people who will be using the rustic bath vanity. From then on, you can estimate the number of storage drawers you will need.

Another thing you need to consider is the items you will be placing on the rustic bath vanity. Keep in mind that if you are storing "hot" items (e.g., hair blower), you'd want to make sure that the rustic bath vanity can handle the heat.

When it comes to bath vanities, the most popular top materials are:

Wood. Wood vanity tops are homeowners' favorite for the natural beauty and warmth they exude. They are available in a variety of colors so you can choose between maple, bamboo, and cherry. If you want to have a reclaimed wood vanity top, you are also going for something that is eco-friendly. Its only drawback is that it may sustain damage from constant exposure to moisture and water when it is not sealed properly. Also, it may be necessary to refinish it over time.

Granite. Granite tops are graceful, sophisticated, and beautiful. A granite top that's fitted in a bathroom can instantly uplift the atmosphere of the space. Granite is fairly easy to maintain and can be customized to the preferences of the user.

There are generally two types of this type of furniture. There's the built-in and freestanding units. Each has its own pros and cons.

  • With a built-in rustic bath vanity, it's attached to a wall. Since this type will usually include mirrors, sinks, and fixtures, it will often look more aesthetically appealing. On the other hand, this type of rustic bath vanity can be costly.
  • As for the freestanding unit, it's not attached to a wall and you can move it as you please. Also, this vanity usually comes with a smaller size, which is great if your bathroom doesn't have a lot of space available. On the downside, the unit will fall short on storage space, non-customizability, and overall appeal when compared to the built-in counterpart.

If the budget is tight, then a freestanding rustic bath vanity is the better option for you as it's generally cheaper. If you have more budget to work with, then a built-in unit is the better choice.

Purchasing a rustic bath vanity can be an expensive investment. Hence, it's best that you take your time and don't rush things. Also, don't forget about the points we mentioned above. By keeping them in mind, you'll find the perfect piece of furniture that you can incorporate into your space.

Best Ideas

Wood wall cabinet bathroom

A perfect option for the master suite bathroom - this setting makes for the stunning example of modern and clean style that will still make your household just ooze comfort and practical use thanks to plenty of cupboards and drawers.

Reclaimed barn wood bathroom vanity

This rustic bath vanity will be a great vintage accent in any bathroom. It features 4 shelves, creating a considerable space for your linens and stuff. Off-white, marble countertop embodies elegance and style.

Industrial vanity

Most people have similar, boring bathrooms, and that's why designers beauties like this here make such big impression on guests. This here was made mostly from wood and has an irresistible rustic vibe. White towels make it similar to a SPA!

Reclaimed wood bathroom vanity

An interesting bathroom set combining rustic and modern styles. A vanity table of stark unfinished reclaimed wood has thick square legs and top aprons, a shelf, 3 cabinets with flip down doors. A tabletop is of contrasting thick white material.

Rustic vessel sinks

You won't believe this makeover! Click through for more of our favorites:

Rustic modern bathroom vanities

Creating a smooth, classic bathroom appeal, this vanity table combines a solid base, made from natural, bright wood and a granite countertop. Altogether, it brings in a refined character to the space.

Bathroom vanity chairs or stools 1

This rustic bath vanity is made of the beautifully textured wood, and is handcrafted by American artisans. For me, it's a masterpiece, and I want to have it in my bathroom. It has two doors with enough spaces for towels and bathroom accessories.

Modern rustic bathroom vanity

When I was a child I always wanted to have a wooden house on the village. Now I see that my dream came true in this beautiful picture. Wooden walls, wooden furniture, wooden decoration - what's a beautiful place!

Rustic bathroom vanity plans

A rustic barrel vanity is just one of the surprises you'll find in this amazing bathroom makeover.

White wall mount shelves 2

Powder sink on wood. Shows some exposed pipe. Would not do inset sink but a square sink sitting on top with waterfall faucet coming out of sink not wall.

Industrial style sink

Rustic bath vanities

Reclaimed wood bath vanity

Nature is in full swing - an unlikely example of using wood as a countertop in a bathroom. The old, tarnished tree was formed into a rectangular rustic bath vanity top with a sink, suspended on heavy brass chains.

Rustic bathroom vanity ideas

Perfect for enhancing bathrooms with rustic flavor, the bath vanity is functional, attractive and able to withstand years of usage. Its wood construction offers 5 drawers with metal pulls, 4 open compartments and X-shaped sides for extra appearance.

Rustic white bathroom

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