Resin Benches

Do you think that you can seat on anything? After checking this collection, you might end up with such conclusion. The benches presented here differ in terms of material, as well as shape, size. The designs are also different and thanks to that everyone can get inspired and find their favourite one.

Best Ideas

Reclaimed Teak And Resin Bench On Steel Hairpin Legs Custom Industrial Indoor Benches Boise

Reclaimed Teak And Resin Bench On Steel Hairpin Legs Custom Industrial Indoor Benches Boise
Standing on characteristic steel hairpin legs, this resin bench is a custom made item, designed to add your interiors a bit of the raw, industrial character. Made from reclaimed old growth teak and clear resin, measures 36" wide x 14" deep x 18".

Souvenir last century 02

Souvenir last century 02
Constructed of durable resin, this simple bench is very sturdy and is going to last you for years to come. It's a great combination of antique and modern appearance, giving you a splendid choice for your vintage entryway or hallway.

Custom Teak And Resin Dining Bench With Steel Legs Contemporary Dining Benches Boise

Custom Teak And Resin Dining Bench With Steel Legs Contemporary Dining Benches Boise
Rustic backless bench crafted out of heavy duty resin and teak. Draws attention with the unusual pattern applied on the top of the seat. Classic bracket base provides appropriate balance, the bench doesn't wobble.

Resin wood table

Tasteful coffee table with rectangular top. It is made of steel, wood and glass. Stylish accent for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Clear nesting tables

A great mix of durability and modern appearance, those nesting tables are made of intricate wood panels embedded in a transparent acrylic frame. Especially suitable for living rooms, sun rooms, and offices.

Resin benches

The effective combination of resin and acrylic in this extremely useful bench makes the interior becomes magical. Beautiful design is stylish and reliable despite the brittle appearance. An ideal piece of furniture for any contemporary interior design.

Wooden table bench 1

This handmade "Riverstone tables" will be a cool addition to any garden or patio. Simple and inexpensive, can be crafted by anyone who has some stones and local claro black walnut and black acacia slabs.

Resin benches 26

Preserve the look of naturally distressed wood by encasing it in clear resin. The wide seat and block-formed legs give the impression of museum conservation. This particular piece has patterns made by the Teredo Navalis shipworm, a unique art form.

Resin and wood furniture

Resin bench that imitates concrete. A perfect addition for any modern or contemporary house. Resin is even more resilent to mechanical damage than concrete itself, so as long as you don’t apply fire, it will serve you for years to come.

Resin benches 7

No splinters with this bench. Pink tinted resin molded around wood to create a cute, comfy bench that can be placed just about anywhere. Perfect for patio, porch or sunroom, it gives a look of spring or summer to any space.

Resin benches 1

With this narrow bench you can easily save space and equipped your home with a striking piece of furniture. It stands on two massive solid wood blocks with distinctive cracks and holds a transparent seat made of durable resin.

Resin benches

If you want to spice up your home with an abstrat piece of furniture, this is the way to do it. The bench is crafted of durable resin, with black-finished legs and a thick top decorated with intricate pattern that makes it really standing out from the rest.

Resin benches 3

This handcrafted, acrylic glass cube comes with the large embedded driftwood branch cut and is hand polished perfectly for beautiful transparency, allowing you to add a refined and truly unique look to your interior.

Resin bench 2

An awesome choice for accentuating homes with a touch of unique style and unconventional design. The resin bench is made by using sawdust waste, featuring tapered wood legs in shape of spreading roots, and a striking seat, crafted of dark wood.

Resin benches 5

Unique glow-in-the-dark resin stools / end tables. At daylight, they look just like fine tree stomps self-made stools. But when it's dark, the light show begins: each piece gives a beautiful illumination in different colors.

Resin benches 18

You won't tell me this resin bench seems to you simple and boring. And before this stained glass panel - maybe it was like this. A very minimalist form of resin bench was decorated with colorful a strip of colored glass squares.

Resin benches 2

Wow! It's the one of the most beautiful benches ever! It features the wood encased in the clear resin. I need to have it in my modern living zone. For me, it looks like a masterpiece of design.

Resin benches 8

Hilla Shamia designed a stunning set of furniture combining aluminum and wood. The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value. The general, squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and in the same time keeps th

Resin benches 4

Bent Bench by Alcarol

Resin benches

Designer's end table taking its inspiration straight from nature. Solid wood base draws eyes due to its material and form, which is an irregular solid block. Clear acrylic top is a surprising, but high end matching here.

Wood and resin table

A cool vintage coffee table serving also as a 2-person bench. It has a simple wooden base with a bit worn natural finish. It has splayed quite tall angular legs. It features a rectangular wooden top covered with a layer of glossy resin in purples.

Beech coffee table with storage

Simple looking, but elegant coffee table with a rectangular gray top that includes two "raw wood" stripes. The lower part features four wooden legs with horizontal supports made of the same strong materials.

Resin bright woods stool table design pictures

Resin Bright Woods Stool & Table Design Pictures

Resin benches 17

Ben Forgey - Contemporary Organic Bench, Chinois Lucite + Driftwood Bench

Resin benches 2

Made of resin bench is a beautiful combination of solid construction and captivating appearance. The whole looks great in any co-decor of the decor, and the interesting decorative elements on the countertop delight the details.

Resin benches 2

A unique idea to bring a little soothing light to your decor with those lovely lamps. Each of those creative pieces is made from sawmill waste and tree branches, embedded with durable resin and bright LED lighting.

Polyester furniture 3

Make a grand impression with this broken wood table, which is designed by the Jack Craig. It is made of pine and polyester resin with nicely finished details. Everyone will tell you how cool this table is.

Interlude home machans teak and cracked resin bench

Interlude Home - Machans Teak and Cracked Resin Bench

Muebles modernos rusticos banco de madera de cedro con acero

Muebles modernos rústicos, Banco de madera de cedro con acero

Wood and resin furniture

The resin is the new big thing on the interior design market, and for a good reason – it's eco-friendly, durable and fashionable. Take a look at these benches – you can't go more minimalistic than that. Plus, the patterns keep them interesting!

Resin benches 13

The awesomeness of this project lays in its designer appeal, being of the effect of a smooth combination of steel and wood, gently funnelling into metal's surface. An interesting solution for cafes, restaurants or trendy lofts.

Old and modern neon and natural colors untreated wood and

Old and modern, neon and natural colors, untreated wood and resins. original dining tables

Case goods michael dawkins home

Case Goods | Michael Dawkins Home

Resin benches 11

Machans Teak and Cracked Resin Bench design by Interlude Home

Resin benches 12

Fabric-Covered Resin Table Redo {plus 23 other resin project ideas}

Resin benches 15

I want a copper counter top, was just thinking of doing it in pennies!

Resin benches 1

Hand-crafted of hadrwood ply and fill with durable resin, this "Like a River" bench boasts of a unique silhouette with distinctive ripple carvings. It's very long and curvy, resting on wood panel legs for proper balance.

Best of milan design week 2012 swallow a project with

BEST OF MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2012 SWALLOW, a project with endless combinations by Francesco Citterio

Intersecting benches designed for more public interactions brilliant js

"Intersecting Benches" ~ Designed for more public interactions. Brilliant! -js

2013 resin bench made from rethane resin various materials and

2013 | Resin Bench made from Rethane Resin, Various Materials, and Powder Coated Steel by Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Resin benches 9

Rooted Bench #anthropologie. Just beautiful!!!!! I would love this in a hallway painted a deep green or Hermes orange. Just beautiful!

Resin benches 27

Who would have thought that once on seemingly "uncomfortable" seats from tractors - they would sit on the whole family near the kitchen island? These industrial resin stools used these profiled iron seats.

Resin benches 1

Fashionably distressed and beautifully hand-crafted, those resin twins will make your home to shine with sparkling glitter. Their compact size allows you to save space and easily move them all over your house.

Resin benches 20

Jo Nagasaka of Sschemata Architecture Office wooden tables with fluorescent resin encasing their gouged-out tops

Resin benches 6

So simple, yet so cool!

Resin benches 25

The Apartment / Kaare Klint / Michael Anastassiades /

Resin benches 14

Wiktoria Szawiel fossilises natural fibres in resin furniture collection

Resin benches 23

The Serac Bench, designed by Zaha Hadid for street furniture brand Lab23, is made from a resin and quartz composite that gives it a sparkling white colour...this is as much sculpture as it is furniture

Resin benches 3

pair of cast resin benches designed and built for an art gallery ...

Happy Hour Resin Wicker Dining Bench

Happy Hour Resin Wicker Dining Bench