Redwood Benches

Actually, these redwood benches can be quite a good thing to have. If you want to browse through these designs and other details, go ahead. We can assure you that you are not the first person who got interested in this site so why not try to check out all these models?

Best Ideas

Solid Wood Patio Bench

Solid Wood Patio Bench
This garden bench is available in few sizes, wood types and finishes. This bench is fully made of wood, is armless and backless, can be use as end table if necessary. It is resistant for weather conditions, won'r fade or rust.

SOL Outdoor Dining Bench

SOL Outdoor Dining Bench
This sturdy bench was design to be use outdoor as a dining bench. It was fully made by hand, has a solid, stainless steel frame in black and wooden top, made of durable Brazilian redwood. It require low maintenance.

Plastic Picnic Bench

Plastic Picnic Bench
A gorgeous picnic bench crafted of plastic that can be installed in a garden or patio. It has a sturdy construction that makes it extremely durable. As mentioned before, it is made of plastic so it's very light.

Ariel Modern Recycled Plastic Park Bench

Ariel Modern Recycled Plastic Park Bench
If you want to decorate your outdoor area with a stylish and functional piece of furniture, try this Modern Park Bench in Zinc Finish. Designed of Jayhawks premium grade recycled plastic, the bench is eco-friendly and resistant to weather conditions.

Redwood benches

Redwood Outdoor Backless Lighthouse Bench

Redwood shower bench

High level of comfort in sauna and other indoors is provided by this portable redwood bench. Its durable wooden construction includes moisture-resistant materials, so it will not be harmed by water under the shower, etc.

Redwood benches 5

Recycled redwood bench

Big mac slab price list

Big Mac Slab Price list

Redwood bench 17

Redwood Bench

Diy patio benches redwood outdoor curved bench benches wooden benches

DIY Patio Benches | Redwood Outdoor Curved Bench | Benches, Wooden Benches

Redwood picnic table bench 3

Redwood Picnic Table Bench

Redwood angels bench 1

Redwood Angel's Bench

Redwood bench 5

redwood bench

Redwood bench redwood furniture

redwood bench, redwood furniture

Red wood bench

Woodland style sustainable wooden garden bench - extremely robust and solid manufactured from Swedish Redwood and tanilised with an enviromentally friendly treatment. No need for any maintenance at all and can be left outside all Winter. This wooden gar

Rustic bohemian redwood forest ceremony

Rustic-bohemian Redwood forest ceremony

Outdoor Cedar 4 Ft Traditional English Garden Bench - Amish Made USA -Stained -Mushroom

Nature brings the best materials to create a lifetime sturdy piece of outdoor furnishing. This traditional English garden bench has its own aura of timeless style and exquisite sturdiness. The piece is stained with warm brown finish.

Steel pub table

The Hoover coffee table or bench is a reclaimed live edge slab of redwood that is 60.5"L x 17"W x 18.5"H and just 33 lbs. It stands on 3" steel bent steel bars. The wood was salvaged from a downed piece of Californian Redwood in the Los Angeles urban for

Cross Leg Cedar 2 Foot Picnic BENCH ONLY!!! - Amish Made USA -Stained - Bees Wax

Simple with the sleek lines and extremely durable - this 2 foot picnic bench is the perfect option for anyone, who wants their guests or family seated really comfortably, while still taking good care of the outdoor style.

Redwood benches 7

Love this redwood bench

Engineered Plastic Systems DB8 8 ft Designer Bench in Redwood

This outdoor bench features unique box design and sturdy base molded of a single plastic piece. No joints ensure that the base is satisfyingly durable and it would not split anywhere. The seat and backrest have redwood finish.

Redwood bench shaker bench

Redwood bench. Shaker bench.

5ft pressure treated redwood bench

5FT Pressure Treated Redwood Bench

Salt vinegar redwood bench


Cedar 2 Foot Traditional BACKED BENCH ONLY!!! - Amish Made USA -Stained - Bees Wax

For traditional garden furnishing, you don't have to seek any longer - you won't find a better piece. This backed bench is Amish made in USA of sturdy cedar wood, stained for unique look and finished with bees wax.

Chelsea Teak Garden Bench Fabric: Weaves - Linen Antique Beige

If your garden aches for a beautifully made and comfy seat, then, this outdoor bench is a great choice for you. The bench is crafted of durable teakwood, offering resistance to weather conditions, and an eye-catching, slatted design of its seat and back.

Redwood picnic table bench 1

Redwood Picnic Table Bench

Promise Flag Prayer Bench

This kind of product is a prayer bench that has got an attractive top with an American flag stylization. The top is soft and it reducrs stress on knees and back, so the product allows for comfortable prayers.

Redwood alans storage bench 1

Redwood Alan's Storage Bench

Casual Living Backless Benches - Classic And Quest Style 48 Inch Backless Bench - Redwood

Casual style backless bench in redwood finish. It was designed to offer long lasting appearance and durability above all. The seat is slighlty saddled so it is rather comfy. The front has simple molded detailing.

Redwood bench 8

Redwood Bench

Redwood bench 6

Redwood bench.

Redwood alans bench

Redwood Alan's Bench

83 in. Redwood Planter Bench Kit

This planter bench kit is the perfect choice if you would like to make the best outdoor furniture for your household that feature the amazing durability and strength and will work wonders for precisely your home.

Redwood benches 11

I've got the perfect piece of live edge Redwood slab for this. But some straight grain Douglas Fir or some reclaimed wood planks would be just as special.

Engineered Plastic Systems SPT8-H2 8ft Top -Duel Overhang - 6ft Bench in Redwood

If you combine redwood with metal frame, you have a high chance to obtain a construction that is very sturdy, easy to maintain and resistant to elements - and that's what this picnic table with benches is.

Promise 2 Prayer Bench

A very simple prayer bench that has got a small top equipped with soft padding. This element reduces stress on knees and back, so it is good for health. This construction is based on a very solid wood.

Prairie Leisure Aspen Garden Bench Glider

Finished with immaculate white coating, this bench with congenial glider provides all support needed and comprises a decorative element in outdoor ambiance. It has truly classical design that will match many decor types.

Classic Outdoor Cedar 4 Foot Fanback Garden Bench - Amish Made USA -Stained - Oak

Constructed of durable Cedar wood, this 4-foot bench is characterized by beautiful, Amish craftsmanship. The bench is designed for outdoors, gorgeously emphasizing patios, gardens, terraces, and arbors.

Promise PFA Prayer Bench

This kind of product is a solid and comfortable prayer bench. The whole construction is based on durable wood. The top is very soft, covered with leather and finished with a very attractive nailhead trim.

46 in. Redwood Potting Bench Table

This potting bench table offers the slatted finish of the back and sports the beautiful and natural look that brings the best in your outdoor setting, while still allowing you to get some great functionality.

Leisure Accents Patio Bench, Gray/Beige, 36 Inches Long by 20 Inches High

A sturdy piece for outdoor areas such as patios, terraces, porches, and gazebos. This bench is weatherproof and UV-resistant, designed entirely of durable plastic. Easy to clean with a soap and water.

Casual Living Backless Benches - Classic And Quest Style 60 Inch Backless Bench - Redwood

Offering wide, saddled seat, this backless bench simply serves your needs to have a moment of relax while enjoying your time outdoors. Put it in a strategical spot of your garden and enjoy its well-designed construction with redwood finish.

Del-Amo Teak Garden Bench Fabric : Weaves - Linen Antique Beige

This amazing garden bench comes with the linen antique beige finish and will look wonderful in your garden setting allowing you to sit comfortably and add a stylish addition to the décor, making sure it's the best piece to grace your outdoor setting.

Engineered Plastic Systems SPT4 4 ft Bench and Table in Redwood

Constructed of heavy duty engineered plastic and sturdy metal frame, this table with two benches on sides comprises a functional and, above all, durable piece. The frame has black powder coating. The top and bench seats have red undertones.

Engineered Plastic Systems SPT8 3 8 ft Bench and Table with Steel Legs in Redwood

Capacious outdoor table with two built-in benches - this comprises a functional and versatile set to accommodate lots of people that want to enjoy each other's company outside. Sturdy metal base is covered with black powder coating.

Engineered Plastic Systems SPT8-H1 8ft Top -Overhang with 1 6ft End Bench in Redwood

Utilitarian outdoor bench made of stainless steel comprising the base, which supports the redwood top and bench seats. Thanks to special construction with table top being wider than benches, the piece is wheelchair accessible.

Raw reclaimed redwood farmhouse table 6x3ft by monkandhoney love it

Raw Reclaimed Redwood Farmhouse Table // 6x3ft by it if it had a bench on one side

Outdoor Cedar 4' Royal English Garden Bench - Amish Made USA - Unfinished

For every fan of English traditional style, we offer to you a garden bench with cedar construction and unfinished finish. You will be impressed how cool this object is.

Unfinished wooden benches

Additional seating for the garden,who doesn't need them.Nature is best connected to nature,so you can make a bench yourself-from the old tree,its trunks on the sides and the center shaft.A good choice will be red oak,cedar.Inspire yourself with redwood bench.