Red Wall Clock

Time is money? Even if you do not agree with such statements, you can still use this site well. There are hardly any other sites that would feature as many nice looking and functional wall clocks as the one that you are at, so why don’t you try to pick one of them?

Infinity Instruments Cirrus Wall Clock, Red

A very simple functional and decorative element that looks attractive in any decor. This type of wall clock has got a round shape and an attractive red frame. Its white face includes black arabic numbers.

Red and black clock

An aesthetic though rather simple modern wall clock featuring a round glazed red analogue dial in a thin black frame. Three-dimensional Arabic numerals and simple, tapered towards ends, hands are of metal with a satin black finish.

JustNile 3D Modern Contemporary Quiet Wall Clock - 12-inch Round Black

If you long for simplicity in your decor, this modern wall clock with quiet operating mechanism is right up your alley. It's just big white numerals on black matte background, and straight white hands - and nothing else.

eHealthSource Big Digital LED Wall Clock with Circling LED second indicator - Round Shape / 10" Red LED

This LED wall clock features a fabulous seconds indicator that displays passing seconds with the help of circling LED lights. The clock is easy to read, includes a durable round frame, and should be reseted in case of power loss. Powered by AC adapter.

eHealthSource Big Digital LED Wall Clock with Circling LED second indicator - Square Shape / 10" Red LED

Digital LED wall clock with circling LED second indicator, bright display, modern design and easy control. The clock is powered by AC adapter, which is included in the set. Thanks to the simple style the clock fits any interior.


A very attractive and simple construction. This is a wall clock that features a round shape. It has got a white face hidden behind solid glass. The clock has got large, black, simple and easy to read arabic numbers.

23" Antique Looking Red Wine Wall Clock

Wall clock having 23 inch in diameter and featuring wooden construction, wine themed dial, large Arabic numerals and quartz movement. It's a great addition to kitchen, bar area or restaurant, thanks to it's theme.

Red wall clock 11

Presented here red wall clock looks great as an office clock or living room clock. Classy looking - features black details on a really red face. It has a very mysterious finish, with Roman numbers and it was made in wood, with metal black frame.

Creative Co-op Wooden Wall Clock, Red

A high quality, reliable and attractive wall clock that has got a decorative red color. This oversized product measures 23" in diameter. It features a hand painted finish with classic style. It is designed to hang on the wall.

23" Large Grand Central Station New York Wall Clock ~ Burnt Red Beige Finish

Beautiful vintage-like large wall clock with New York Grand Central Station design. It is made from solid wood with distressed burnt red and beige finish. It's very quiet and reliable. Measuree 24 in. W x 1.5 in. D x 23 in. H.

Coavas® Personalized DIY 3D Fashion Circles Polka Dot Decorative Wall Clock Modern Mirror Wall Clock Wall Deor House Wall Decal Silver&Red

Combining circular design, multiple of free-arrangement elements and a trendy combination of finishes (red and mirror), this wall clock with big black hands is a great idea to make a dull wall more visually appealing.

Coavas® Removable DIY 3D Fashion Lotus Flower Decorative Wall Clock Modern Mirror Wall Clock Home Wall Decal Red&Black

Modern wall clock, white numerals on glossy black dial, with removable stick-them-on-a-wall decorative elements in red and black. This wall clock can be a work of art, too, and it's great for you if you like to change your decor often.

Red wall clock 14

Butterfly Red Clock. Time flies. No, it flutters...

Ivation Big Time Digital LED Clock - Table or Wall Clock - Dimmable LED Display - Great for Elderly People, Offices, Conference Rooms, Lobbies and School Classrooms - Huge 12 Inch - Blue

Hip AC adapter-powered clock with a large dimmable bright blue LED digital display ideal for elderly people. A rectangular casing is of durable silvery, black and clear plastic. It can stand thanks to a flip-out kickstand or be mounted on walls.

Red wall clock 17

Mondrian 2 Red Wall Clock by Gorgeous Graphic Design - $30.00

Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock, Red. By Lily's Home

This wall clock can be a lovely and functional addition to any kitchen. Characterized by durable plastic construction, the clock includes Arabic numerals, a built-in 1-hour timer, and white dials with black numbers. Requires 1 AA battery.

5.5" Coffee Break Decorative Magnetic Coffee Cup Wall Clock

From now on you can enjoy the beautiful and stylish addition to your household that comes with this magnetic coffee cup wall clock. It sports the charming decorative finish and will give you the needed practicality.

Geneva 9-1/2-Inch Plastic Diner Wall Clock, Red

Large dining room clock with circular taupe face and ruby red frame. The bezel has chrome finish. The face is protected with shatter resistance lens. The hands are made of metal with black finish. Very simple, yet attractive design.

Infinity Instruments Retro Redux Wall Clock

This classic yet very effective wall clock is a beautiful detail that will revive your whole interior.It fits beautifully with contemporary and more traditional interiors. Beautiful red metal frame and matching details harmonize perfectly.

Allen Designs Red Vintage Kitchen Mixer Wall Clock with Cupcake Pendulum

By injecting a dash of fun color, this vintage kitchen mixer wall clock with cupcake pendulum makes it easy to bring any space to life. Made of cast resin and handpainted, it features a quartz clock movement and runs on 1 AA battery.

Red wall clock

Red wall clock

Silk 17.64" Wall Clock

Silk 17.64" Wall Clock
Designed of high quality recyclable solid plastic materials, this 17.64-Inch Wall Clock in Red & White Finish offers a beautiful, innovative design. The clock is equipped in white hands that go in perfect contrast with the red face.

1" 9 Digits LED Countdown/up Clock with Days HRS MINTS SECS Clock Max Up to 1000 Days Countdown/up IR Remote Control

This super practical electronic alarm clock and other functions is the perfect solution for everyone. It has a charger and the accompanying wireless remote control, which definitely makes it easier to use. The LED display is clear.

Red wall clocks

A very nice composition of a living room. It includes a loveseat with cushioned back and seats. The wall area is decorated with some pictures and with an original wall clock that represents a sun stylization.

Red wall clock 12

Fun red wall clock for the kitchen

Infinity Instruments Purity-9" Resin Wall Clock

Retro Resin Wall Clock is characterized by quite simple design but without the lack of elegance. With convex glass lens, quartz movement, and Arabic numbering, this clock will never let you down, when it comes to displaying precise time.

Rubbermaid 7R07 Hydration Beverage Bottle, 30-Ounce, Chug

Hydration beverage bottle with contoured, ridged shape that is easy to hold. Made of tritan material that is BPA-free, durable, dishwasher- and freezer-safe and resists stains and odors. Flip-cap opens easily for one-handed use.

JustNile Silent Creative Wall Clock - Black Scale 13" Black Frame/Blue Hands

it is a creative wall clock that has got a contemporary design, black frame and blue hands. It fits perfectly to modern style and decor in your living room, bedroom, family room and other.

Red wall clock 195

Red Wall #Clock ($195)

LGI Modern Contemporary 3D Wall Clock - Choose Your Color

This #D wall clock perfectly accentuates both modern and contemporary interiors. The clock is crafted from wood, available in various colors, features large Arabic numerals, and requires 1 AA battery (not included).

6" Cherry Tide Clock by West and Company

Tide clock in wooden case, finished dark cherry, with gold detailing, covered with glass lens. This high-quality tide clock blends homogenously into a nautical themed decor, or provides a nice maritime inspired accent.

Westclox Simplicity Burgundy

Sporting a traditional and simple design and being beautifully accentuated by the burgundy case, this wall clock will prove utmost useful in your household, making sure you get an easy read of the time with the white face and contrasting black hands and numerals.

Metal Frying Pan Kitchen Clock (Red)

Colorful and current frying pan kitchen clock that will surely brighten your space. It features a fork hour hand and knife minute hand and real feel soft handle. Dimensions: 14" high x 7.75" dia. Uses one AA battery (not included).

Toprate(TM) Red and Silver Rounds Wall Clock Mirror Wall Clock Modern Design Removable DIY Acrylic 3D Mirror Wall Decal Wall Sticker Decoration

If you like to rearrange your room decor often, you'll probably appreciate this freedom-styled Polka dot wall decal in red, with mirror elements. There is a round mirrored clock with big black hands, too.

Diastar Big Oversized Digital LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date - Shelf or Wall Mount (16Inch, Red)

Cool modern clock and calendar in one. It has a large easy to read bright red LED digital display so it's good for the elderly. Its rectangular casing is of black and clear plastic. It's AC adapter-powered, can stand upright or be hung on walls.

Seiko QXA522BLH Classic Wall Clock

This beautiful wall clock can be a good choice for improving contemporary interiors with functionality and style. The round white face sits tightly inside of durable frame, while being covered by a glass lens. Also includes Arabic numerals and a second hand.

JustNile Silent Non Ticking Modern Wall Clock - 13" Black Frame/Black Hands

A simple stylization that looks very attractive in different modern decors. It is a round wall clock that has got large, black arabic numbers and a solid black frame. The clock measures 12.7 x 12.7 x 1.8 inches.

Infinity Instruments Le Jardin Red Poppy 24-Inch Wall Clock

This 24-inch diameter wall clock features a weathered look embellished with a lovely, bright red poppies picture. Also includes Roman numerals, black metal hands, and an accurate quartz movement. Requires 1 AA battery.

Sterling & Noble 8.75" Wall Clock- (Red)

A wall clock in a traditional design that comes with a fabulous red frame, made from durable plastic. The quartz movement offers better accuracy, while the glass lens makes it look more classy and elegant.

Westclox 32042R Retro 1950 Kitchen Wall Clock, 9.5-Inch

With big black Arabic numerals and tapered black hands on white background, this wall clock will let you know what time it is even from a larger distance. Besides, it has a thick vivid red case that gives it a feel of a retro charm.

Trademark Budweiser A & Eagle 14 Inch Neon Wall Clock, Red

Richly decorated wall clock in modern style. It is equipped with quartz movement and Arabic numeral. It is powered by battery. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received many great reviews from customers.

Regency villa tesio distressed red wall clock

Regency Villa Tesio Distressed Red Wall Clock
An original, classic style in the house. This is a wall clock created of MDF, brass and aluminum. It has got a stylish weathered red finish and it measures 23 inches wide x 23 inches tall x 2.5 inches deep.

Red wall clock 3

This kind of product is a wall clock created for people who like functional and decorative pieces of equipment. It is a clock that has got a red colour and very untypical shape. It looks interesting in modern rooms.

Retro red wall clock 32

Retro Red Wall Clock $32

Brookwood Apple Shaped Wall Clock

This apple-shaped wall clock can be a lovely enhancement for your kitchen. Characterized by polypropylene construction, the clock features an aged white face with black numerals, black second hand, and checkered border. Requires 1 AA battery.

Mid century vitra sunburst clock by george nelson

Mid-Century Vitra Sunburst clock by George Nelson

Red wall clock from

Red Wall Clock from

Red wall clock very original and beautiful

Red wall clock, very original and beautiful!

Infinity Instruments Retro Round Metal Wall Clock, Red

Retro inspired wall clock can be a nice accent in any decor, not only fully vintage styled. This clock has a round white face closed in a thick red case. Red hands point the time and are visible from a distance thanks to their vivid colour.

Astaire red wall clock

Astaire Red Wall Clock