Portable Patio Bar

If you only need to have a patio bar part of the time for the random neighborhood barbeque or family gathering, then a portable patio bar is definitely the way to go. These are fully functional and capable of holding whatever alcohol or drinks you want to put in them, and when you are done, they can roll away and you can have full access to your patio again. See collection for more.

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The charmed garden montego bay bar

The charmed garden montego bay bar
The adorable composition of this portable patio bar makes the family meeting on the terrace or patio are exceptional. Finished in an attractive design, it captivates the details and brings to the decor a comfortable and enjoyable style.

Spa / Patio Home Bar

Spa / Patio Home Bar
This is a high quality spa or patio home bar. It is a lightweight item made of plastic that is attractive and resistant to wear and damage. This straight bar measures 36" H x 36" W x 12" D. It is a maintenance free product.

Rustic portable bar

Portable solution for outdoor and indoor bars. It features an open shelf and a storage compartment with doors. Upper area includes a sink and small working space. The highest area is a top for serving drinks.

Portable patio bar

Wine storage is the main function of this portable patio wooden wine refrigerator. Its solid construction is suitable for outdoor applications. This cabinet includes three drawers, a refrigerator, one shelf and one rack for wine bottles.

Portable patio bar

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Portable patio bar 5

Portable Bar

Outdoor deck bar ideas

Portable patio bar which is perfect for all kinds of garden parties. Every inch of space put to good use, which is what we always appreciate. Metal construction makes it durable and reliable at the same time.

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If you enjoy relaxing in your garden when the weather is good, a portable patio bar could be a useful addition to your home. Aside from impressing your guests, it will make any outdoor social gathering much more fun and convenient. You can keep all the drinks outside within easy reach, so you don't have to keep going in and out of the home. The varying styles can make your choice a difficult one, so let's consider some of the designs you can choose.

What are the most popular designs of portable patio bars?

Metal patio bars

Patio bars made from metal are an ideal choice if you're looking for something easy and low maintenance. Metal is durable and hard-wearing, even if the worst of weather conditions. You can leave your metal patio bar outside all year round without it suffering. With strong sturdy chrome legs and wheels to make it portable, a metal patio bar is a shiny, solid and practical addition to the garden.

Corner patio bars

This design is the ultimate space-saving solution, and is a good option for smaller gardens where you might find that space is limited. Just because you don't have a large garden doesn't mean you have to miss out on a cool patio bar. Standing at around four feet in height, corner patio bars are usually sturdy and wooden with a glossy or marble top. They may have shelving behind them to allow for maximum storage space – you can store bottles, glasses and cutlery on these.

Patio bar with fridge

These come at a higher cost, but they can be very useful in the summer time when you want to keep all the drinks cool. These are normally around two feet longer to allow for the extra space which is being taken by the refrigerator. These designs vary, and the fridge could be positioned at the front of the bar or behind the bar. They will most commonly be behind the bar to allow the option of serving your guests if you wish. A convenient option to keep drinks and snacks cool when you're sitting outside.

Hawaiian style patio bar

If you want to create something different and summery for your friends, why not install a Hawaiian style patio bar in your garden? You can have this with or without a refrigerator as mentioned above. These are normally wooden with space for bar stools on either side. A small canopy area in a Hawaiian theme can often be found covering the bar in true authentic fashion.

Barrel patio bar

While some barrel patio bars are not portable, you can buy some which have wheels in order to move around the garden. These are in the form of large wooden barrels which have been modified to allow for shelves, storage and even a sink with a tap. If you want to have larger parties, you should consider buying two or three barrel patio bars. Since each barrel is around 24 inches in diameter, one may not provide enough space.


Outdoor portable bar

Portable patio bar made of plastic. Includes compartment for cooling drinks, umbrella hole and 2 open shelves. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. It folds flat for easy storage.

Portable patio bar 4


Portable patio bar

Let's have a drink! Also outside, without any problem - because we have a outside portable bar. Perfect for garden party. White, notched plate is connected with teak wood. The deck is solid. It can be overflowing with good champagne glasses!

Portable patio

Now you can illuminate your evening gatherings with this phenomenal Tiki Bar for outdoor areas. The entire bar is made of weather-resistant wood, and equipped with a neon lighting system, creating a fantabulous, purple and blue effect.

Portable patio bar 1

16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century ...

Outdoor patio bar ideas

The stylish portable patio bar is the perfect choice for parties and meetings with friends. Beautiful design with numerous functional details makes meetings more enjoyable. The whole made of solid materials is impressive.

Unbelievable transformer portable bar 1

Unbelievable Transformer Portable Bar 1

Portable patio bar

A breath of elegance and natural appearance in your patio can be successfully achieved with this fine outdoor bar. It's lightweight, easy to move, and crafted of sturdy Teak wood for durability. And it comes with matching barstools.

Portable patio bar

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Carlisle maximizer portable bar 7550

Carlisle Maximizer Portable Bar 7550

Mini bar wood

Reminiscent of an old rustic table that impresses with its reliable wood block construction, this piece is in fact an outdoor beverage cooler with mini bar. It also offers a horizontal rack for wine bottles.

Portable patio bar 6

portable tiki bar

Bar patio ideas

Your garden can be inviting and attractive too! You just need the portable patio bar with BBQ built in. All bar is made of stones with a long top for preparing a food, drinking and conversations.

Outdoor portable bars

simple bar 31 Hassle Free Home Bar Ideas

5 Piece Patio Bar Set

5 Piece Patio Bar Set

Portable patio bar

Portable patio bar in dark wood, mahogany like. Quite noble in looks, isn't it. Surprisingly, this heavy looking home bar is fully portable to extend your at-home opportunities to chat and drink with friends.

Portable patio bar

Portable patio bar