Pet Tent Bed

It might sound peculiar, but even your pet can get overwhelmed at times and need somewhere to be safe and alone. And usually, it is their sleeping area. Pet beds are safe havens for your fur baby when they are scared or anxious. And we want to help them calm down and feel at ease. That is why we have released our collection of pet tent beds. Now your dog or cat can resign themselves to a fun and clever sleep area to relax.

Best Ideas

Dog pet bed tent dome covered house ventilation window foldable

Dog pet bed tent dome covered house ventilation window foldable
Dog Pet Bed Tent Dome Covered House Ventilation Window Foldable Camping Backyard
You go camping and you do not know what to do with your pet? After all, your sweet spoiled pet can not sleep outside! Here is a dog bed tent, with its own dock. It looks like a thumbnail of a normal tent in a dark brown color.

Large dog teepee pet tent 36 base

Large dog teepee pet tent 36 base
Your cats need to have it! The pet tent bed is a funny, adorable and comfortable home for your pets. This product is available in three different sizes with beige cover. They satisfy any taste.

Catdog tent pet teepee small 24 base

Catdog tent pet teepee small 24 base
This 24'' dog tent gives you a chance to surprise your pup with an indoor home just for him. The whole bed is beautifully designed, resting on four wood poles wrapped in forest green canvas, and accommodating 1 zigzag-patterned medium-firm cushion.

Pet tee pee tent sewing pattern dog cat

Pet tee pee tent sewing pattern dog cat
Your puppy will feel like on indian adventure when he can fall asleep under a typical indian tipi. Pet Tent is decorated in various vintage shapes and colors. Triangular layout, does not take up much room.Lined with a large, fluffy cushion.

Sale vintage kandy tenthouse suites a

Sale vintage kandy tenthouse suites a
Teepee looking dog or cat tent bed with a neat floral pattern. It is an affordable item that would look great bringing a bunch of compliments and attention. Perfect for your pet when the weather is hot and sunny.

Comfy Pet Bed Bench

Comfy Pet Bed Bench
It is the perfect solution for all pets lovers. Bench combined with the lair. The bench is upholstered in leather and its upper part is soft and comfortable. In the lower part there is the hole through which the animal can go inside.

BioMedic Modern Pet Sofa Bed

BioMedic Modern Pet Sofa Bed
These sensationally made bed for your dog is the perfect solution for your home. Beautiful interior and solid wood construction makes the even bigger pets safely's sleep on it. The soft foam adds comfort.

Teepee for dogs

A comfortable cat tent made of cardboard and soft fabric with floral pattern. It includes a round entrance opening for cats. This tent provides safety and comfort of sleep for home pets like cats or small dogs.

Papasan dog bed

Pure Goldstick - Blog - Posh Pooch Retreats- Dog beds get Susan Goldstick finials for the finishing touch.

Pet tents

DIY cat hut from hangers and a tee shirt.

Diy dog tent

Retro Airstream - 10 Luxurious Doghouses for Your Pampered Pet -

Coat hanger cat house

OMG! Molly needs this! Dog Teepee / Cat Teepee - Modern Pet Bed - Natural Canvas with Medallion Pillow - Red,Yellow,Green,Blue- Vintage Kandy Tenthouse Suites

Best pet supplies pet tent bed in beige corduroy

Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent Bed in Beige Corduroy

Pet tent bed 1

The fun and pet-friendly tipi bed is an exciting way to decorate the interior. Soft cushion and impressive construction made of wooden sticks and material are perfect. The whole raises an interesting atmosphere to the decor, and the dog will be delighted with a lair.

Teepee dog house

This adorable kid-size dome tent was made from hula hoops and bed sheets. The whole project cost less than $10!

Pet tent bed 2

Large Purple Kitty Pup Tent Pet Bed for cats/ dogs/ferrets/piggies /A ...

Details about dog house tent cushion bed pet supplies luxury

Details about Dog House Tent Cushion Bed Pet Supplies Luxury Hutandbay ...

White and Brown Paw Print Pet Teepee Bed 26 X 24 In.

Dog teepee house

$95 Dog Tenthouse Suite. If I could sew, I'm pretty sure I could make this...could be delusional though!

Dog cat pet tent bed pillow mccalls pattern 5412 new

Dog Cat Pet Tent BED PILLOW McCalls Pattern 5412 NEW PVC Pipe

Im going to put this in must haves because really

I'm going to put this in must haves because really, it's a must have....for my cat or future dog.

Diy cat bed pattern

Looking for an original bed for your pet? Check out this dog teepee. We can’t think of anything cooler than this. Just imagine your little dog sleeping there. Too sweet to be true!

Pet teepee bed

Original cat bed made of an old T-Shirt. This element features a round shape that provides comfort and safety to animals. Its red color is very attractive, so this bed is able to complement any interior stylization.

Teepee cat bed

kvadrat reinvented

Pet tent bed 6

How cute is this!!

Pet tent bed 1

DIY Pet Tent From Old Shirt ! How to-->

Lakeside Collection YPL Brown Pet Bed And Tent

Diy dress up dog bed my mom is going to

DIY - dress up dog bed! My mom is going to want to make one of these!

Dog teepee tent

dog bed house teepee tent

Camelot pet bed all 6 of our luxury tent beds

Camelot Pet Bed. All 6 of our luxury tent beds are $20 OFF for a limited time! Available at

Pet tent bed 5


Dog teepee bed

A creative way of surprise your little ones with an indoor playhouse that is easy to fold, lightweight, convenient to store, and portable. The house is made of a cardboard box and decorated with pink duct tape - also a good choice for an indoor doghouse.

Cat teepee bed

A comfortable and durable tent bed for dogs, excellent for surprising your beloved pup with its own place to nap. The frame is made of black-painted tubular metal, supporting a mesh tent for ventilation, covered with a canvas top.

Cat tent pattern

DIY toddler bed - turn a table upside down! Precious! The heck with the toddler I don't have any more small babies but this would be great for my dog!

Mini pink tent for dog pet house teepee tent indian

Mini pink tent for dog pet house teepee tent indian by goodhapy, $70.00

Pet tent bed 4

Juicy couture doggie bed!!! My baby needs one for sure!!!! Juicy fairy please surprise me with tons of doggie juicy fun for my baby.

Diy dog teepee

You can't be sure if your cat likes this (cats are unpredictable, picky creatures) but this cute cat tent is worth a try as an alternative to standard pet bed. It's shaped as a pyramid, lined with felt and padded with patterned fabric.

Large designer dog beds

For those fishing for unique dog beds, this original pink pet tent bed can work a treat. Fun design was constructed with longevity in mind. Due to size this designer dog bed is appropriate for small pets.

Dog bed teepee

Traveling Teepee | under the blanket

35cm 14"x 14" Grey Pet Bed Condo Tent House for Small Dog or Cat

Pet Tent Small Dog Bed - Vive La Chocolate

Pet tent bed 2

OMG! The pet tent bed is the most adorable sleeping zone for any cat. The fabric is colorful, strong and has many pattern options to choose. Your cats will be delighted how comfy and great this product is.

The best of shut up and take my money 28

The Best Of, “Shut Up And Take My Money” – 28 Pics

Teepee dog bed

An interesting idea to create this pet tent bed makes every dog happy. The use of old clothes in lovely colors and soft pillows allows you to create a comfortable angle for your pet. Ideal for smaller pets.

Cat teepee pattern

Your pet is like a member of your family, and you want to treat them that way. Unfortunately, with the prices of pet beds it can be hard to give your best. Try the No-Sew DIY Cat Bed to create something completely adorable for your pet. An unbelievable ho

Best Pet Supplies Tent Bed, Medium, Beige Swirl

Wooden dog bed frame

A lovely set of pillows for your little pup, with different designs and patterns, which allow you to easily match them to your home decor. They are soft and cozy, made of quality materials, and you can be sure, they will put a big smile on your dog's face.

ScientistPet Summer Foldable Waterproof Durable Pet Tent Dog Bed House

Best Pet Supplies Home Sweet Home for Pet, House

Pinning this for the dog beds but lots of other

Pinning this for the dog beds but lots of other neat ideas too! 50 No-Sew Projects! » Little Inspiration