Peacock Stained Glass Table Lamp

For a lovely stained-glass lamp you will never get sick of looking at, we give you our collection of Peacock stained-glass table lamps. Beautiful from head to toe, these Peacock stained-glass table lamps will accent your home with an elegance in style you will never stop appreciating. And they can light the room in a rainbow of colors. See collection for all the options.

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Tiffany style peacocks hallow double lit stained glass table lamp

Tiffany Style Peacock's Hallow Double Lit Stained Glass Table Lamp New ...

Peacock stained glass lamp

Distinguishing itself with a stained glass construction, covering both the base, as well as the shade of the lamp, this Tiffany style peacock will embellish any kind of eclectic interiors.

551 tiffany style 29 5 peacock stained glass double lit

... 551 - Tiffany-Style 29.5'' Peacock Stained Glass Double Lit Table Lamp

Tiffany stained glass peacock figurine accent electric table lamp home

Tiffany Stained Glass Peacock Figurine Accent Electric Table Lamp Home Decor
This beautiful table lamp constitutes an intricately-designed peacock figurine. It is made from high-quality stained glass, representing the so-called Tiffany lamps. Hand-crafted it shall appeal to all who love this type of charming decorations.

Peacock stained glass table lamp

A magnificent table lamp with a lamp shade made of stained glass. The leg features a wonderful figurine of a peacock, which was also crafted from stained glass. The vibrant colors of the lamp emit wonderful, dancing light.

Dale tiffany stained glass peacock figure accent electric table lamp

Dale Tiffany Stained Glass Peacock Figure Accent Electric Table Lamp Home Decor
This great peacock figure will be not only a stunning decoration on your table. It is also a wonderful table lamp, which will give you a delicate light. Made of large number of stained glass is very solid.

Peacock lamps

Made by hand, in copper foil - by Tiffany craftsmen. Peacock table lamp has a crest of blue and green scallops that is exceptionally flashing with its stained glass and metallic filigree skirt, reminiscent of the heart. And it is decorated with ruby jewels.

Our advice Buying Guide

The astounding hues in a peacock’s feathers have for long inspired artists and craftsmen to infuse them in their works.

Tiffany Studios, who are considered as one of the pioneers of the arts and crafts movement in their time period, were besotted with natural motifs and the peacock was one of their primary muses. With handpicked sections of colored leaded glass, the skilled craftsman at Tiffany recreated the peacock’s foliage in their lampshades. And it was stunning, to say the least.

Other prominent lamp makers of the time also followed suit. Today, peacock stained glass table lamps and floor lamps are much sought after as accent pieces in a variety of décor themes. There’s a serenity to the soft mosaicked glow that these lamps emanate. And they look marvelous even when they are not illuminated.

If you are looking to buy an antique or a replica peacock stained glass table lamp, then here are some of the boxes that you’d like to tick off before you shop.

What are the bases available for a peacock stained glass table lamp?

Peacock stained glass table lamps are not just about the beautiful lampshades. The bases are an equally important part of the design and there are some amazing ones to pick from.

At the lower end of the price range, you can find simple brass and bronze bases with stained glass lampshades. However, at the higher end, the bases are as opulent as the shades.

Enameled peacock figurines made of stained glass and brass adorn the bases. These are often decorated with lights or slag glass themselves which amplifies the grandeur of the whole thing. Some of the bases also feature other nature-inspired motifs, like the dragonfly.

One of the best parts about Tiffany’s lamp bases is that they can be interchanged. So, even if you source a good quality peacock lampshade or a good quality base, you can swap it with another one that matches it.

What design of a peacock stained glass table lamp should I choose?

All peacock styled table lamps are incredibly ornate. The question is, how ornate do you want it to be? The minimalistic ones feature a pedestal-styled metal base with a women’s hat-shaped lampshade. Nothing fancy. These are perfect to be placed on a bedside table and can double up as a reading lamp.

However, if the lamp is to be used as an accent piece or a focal point, you can pick from other creative designs. Like the brass peacock figurine base with the lampshade hanging from the beak or the bronze peacock figurine base with the lampshade perched on the crest.

There’s also another one which does not have a base at all. The whole lamp is one piece and it’s shaped like a sitting peacock. The compact footprint makes it perfect for small spaces.

How to tell if a peacock stained glass table lamp is authentic?

A lot of manufacturers these days make Tiffany peacock lamp reproductions. These don’t cost more than a hundred dollars. But there are a few who try to pass off a reproduction or a replica as an authentic Tiffany peacock lamp. Everything from the stained glass to the patina on the base is recreated to perfection.

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake is to gently tap on the glass of the lampshade. It should rattle, like its loosely fitted. Reproductions usually have a firm lampshade that seems rigid to the touch.

You can even observe the glass closely for tiny speckles of color, which are called Confetti glass, a sign of an original. If you are still unsure, pay an appraiser to authenticate the lamp.


Stained glass accent lamp 2

The stained glass pig lamp. Even if the form suggests the high level art, this specimen kills this expectancy. I don't know who would like to have such one in his apartment, but he definetely have to like pigs.

About tiffany peacock base stained glass 27 table lamp last

... about Tiffany Peacock Base Stained Glass 27" Table Lamp-LAST ONE

26 5 peacocks hallow double lit stained glass table lamp

... 26.5" Peacock's Hallow Double Lit Stained Glass Table Lamp - 437-727

Style stained glass jeweled harlequin peacock table lamp blue new

... -Style Stained Glass Jeweled Harlequin Peacock Table Lamp Blue NEW

Peacock stained glass table lamp 20

Peacock lamp by Ladybumblebee

The peacock genuine stained glass table lamp

The Peacock Genuine Stained Glass Table Lamp
Who doesn't love peacocks? This lamp it totally different from the rest of lamps. This genuine stained glass peackock table lamp looks fantastic in every space and interior. Made from colored glass and stained iron, colored with small cheerful bottoms.

Tiffany style stained glass shade with peacock styled base table

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Shade with Peacock Styled Base Table Light - Reading/ Accent Light - it's approx 22" Tall (base to top) & 15" (from the back to front of shade) while the shade itself is 10" from side to side, eBay♥❦♥

Small stained glass lamp

Small table lamp with a stained glass shade that shows an interesting pattern based on white, blue and black colors. Its solid metal base includes an attractive, stylish carving for more aesthetic appearance.

Peacock stained glass table lamp 12

Collection: Paul Sahlin Tiffanys Table Lamps

Peacock stained glass table lamp 6

Stained glass peacock lamp; this is one of my favorite patterns ever!

Home lamps tiffany peacock lights tiffany stained glass

home lamps tiffany peacock lights tiffany stained glass

Stained glass accent lamp 13

A charming accent lamp made of stained glass with great precision and attention to details. This marvelous piece presents a miniature of a country church. When the light is on, it will emit subtle, but warm light.

Home lighting table lamps 23 peacock s duet stained glass

home lighting table lamps 23 peacock s duet stained glass table lamp ...

Peacock stained glass table lamp 3

An extraordinary table lamp in shape of a peacock made of stained glass. It features vibrant, magnetic colors that will look mesmerizing when switched on. The accessory will be the highlight of every room.

Peacock stained glass table lamp 19

Tiffany Style Peacock Stained Glass Shade Birds Decorative Table Lamp

34" H Stained Glass Hampstead Table Lamp

34" H Stained Glass Hampstead Table Lamp
Sumptuous table lamp with artisan shade made of stained glass that comprises an intricate pattern being loaded with colors. This unique design has been inspired by classical pieces with Tiffany's lamps in the lead.

Peacock stained glass table lamp 27

MEYDA TIFFANY Stained Glass Table Lamp 18

Peacock stained glass table lamp 25

New Small Jeweled Peacock Color Tiffany Style Stained Glass Table Lamp 12" Tall

Peacock 19" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Peacock 19" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Peacock stained glass table lamp 5

Art Nouveau Stained Glass Tiffany | Art Glass Peacock MSRP $69.95 Art Glass, glass, Peacock, [CK 38982

Tensor Swing Arm 37.4" Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Tensor Swing Arm 37.4" Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
It is very practical and very useful lamp. It is designed essentially for lighting desk. It has a bowl shade. It is extremely curious and interesting in its project. It has the ability to set and adapt to different positions.

Small stained glass table lamp 15

Old-fashioned table lamp inspired of Tiffany style and Chinese lanterns. It has stylish, carved kickstand made of brass and very unique lampshade. This element is made of stained glass work with floral theme.

Dale tiffany peacock table lamp

Antique Stained Glass Table Lamp Peacock

Bowling pin lamp 42

Bowling Pin Lamp
Adorable design for a little table lamp with a funky, retro design. The lamp is made to resemble a bowling pin with a spot for a light bulb on the top, sure to bring a unique and unusual detail to any bedroom.

I pavoni 32cm di diametro piatto in vetro inciso con

"I Pavoni" - 32cm di diametro piatto in vetro inciso con un disegno ispirato alle penne di pavone delle lampade in vetro piombato di Louis Comfort Tiffany. "Peacocks" - 32cm incised glass plate with a design inspired by the stained glass lamps of Louis

Stained glass peacock lamp 1

Richly decorated table lamp as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors. It is covered with carefully made stained glass. Sophisticated decoration for each room according to taste.

Stained glass accent lamp 9

This amazing stained glass owl lamp sports a charming design packed with elegance and style and with its warm hue of the finish it makes the light disperse in the most charming and unique way possible.

Standard Specialty 1474 Pretty Tiffany Peacock Table Lamp

18 w peacock stained glass tiffany style jeweled table desk

18 W Peacock Stained Glass Tiffany Style Jeweled Table Desk Lamp Zinc Base
This wonderful, handcrafted peacock lamp is made of hand cut stained glasses, representing the glamorous Tiffany style. Its ornamental base shall enchant all shabby chic enthusiasts. Its vivid stunning colors will add bright and warmth to every room in your house.

Peacock stained glass table lamp 21

Meyda Tiffany Tiffany Jeweled Peacock Oblong Desk Lamp

Diy bowling pins

An interesting retro table lamp featuring a double-stem in the form of 2 bowling pins in grey shades with round bases and bands in red. A conical lampshade is of fabric in pinks and reds with an exotic traditional Asian style embroidery.

Diamonds and Pearl Stained Glass 27" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Diamonds and Pearl Stained Glass 27" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Bowling pin lamp 1

Pin hanging lamp made of arcade shuffle game from 1950s. This attractive lamp features an interesting bowling stylization. Attractive appearance and good level of light are the most important features of this design.

Stained glass accent lamp 42

Fashionable stained glass lamp in the form of multi-color butterfly. This original and unique lamp not only provides small amount of light on the table, but it also decorates indoors at night and day.

Vintage bowling pin lamp 5

Vintage Bowling Pin Lamp
Table lamp for the living room, bedroom, teenager's room and more. Base in the shape of bowling is made of wood. Fabric lampshade gives warm tone of light.

Black silver bowling pin lamps set of 2

Black Silver Bowling Pin Lamps Set Of 2
Add an amazing set of two lamps to your living room decor or master suite and enjoy the new boost of functionality and convenience that it entails. It offers the black and silver finish and will make for a one-of-a-kind accent to any space.

Tiffany leadlight stained glass peacock bird accent table lamp night

Tiffany Leadlight Stained Glass Peacock Bird Accent Table Lamp Night Light NEW | eBay

22 Inch H Tiffany Peacock Feather Table Lamp Table Lamps

Tiffany peacock vase

Tiffany: Peacock vase

Stained glass peacock lamp

Stained Glass Peacock Lamp...

Peacock stained glass table lamp

... Glass Table Lamp And Stained Glass Dragonfly Dale Tiffany Lamp Shade

Peacock feather stained glass pattern

Nice, a bit old fashioned, but created with designers eye. Stain glass peacock lamp made of many glass elements, in matching shades of blue and purple. The base of the lamp is made from cool brass. Ideal to have it in your bedroom.

Tiffany Peacock 16.5" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Tiffany Peacock 16.5" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
This 16.5-inch Tiffany table lamp in a faux bronze finish features a stylishly crafted resin base that holds a multi-colored, hand cut stained glass, bowl shade. The lamp includes an on/off switch, and accommodates one 40W bulb.