Owl Doorstop

Owl doorstop is a funny alternative for a doorstop in a children's room. Substitute the typical plastic or metal piece with a colourful owl. Patterned fabrics, funny design and a lot of handmade charm! Go through the products below and choose an owl for your kid's room.

Best Ideas

3 Piece Wise Owl Figurine Set

3 Piece Wise Owl Figurine Set
This set of three funny owls figures can be unique decorative addition. One owl covers its ears, second one covers its eyes and last one covers its mouth. All figures are made of durable ceramic, easy to clean.

Owl doorstop

How to make a door stop. Friendly Owl Door Stop - Step 1

How to make an owl doorstop

Charming door stop in the shape of owl. It is covered with neatly braided yarn. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed. Handy gadget for each home.

Owl doorstop 42

If you are looking for a cute door stop that will successfully replace your old, boring one; you don't have to look anymore. This lovely door stop is shaped like an owl, with a pair of wings and large eyes, with a generous filling and quality fabric patchwork.

Owl doorstop 41

Charming door stop in the shape of owl. It is covered with fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Country Owl Door Stop

Dora designs little owl door stop

Dora Designs Little Owl Door Stop

Patchwork door stop pattern

The adorable owl motif in this owl doorstop makes the whole look exquisitely stylish. Beautiful workmanship and beautiful color composition will make it not only functional but very decorative element.

Sewing pattern owl doorstop cushion toys applique key fob card

Sewing Pattern - Owl - Doorstop, Cushion, Toys, Applique, Key Fob, Card

Owl doorstop 3

Small element that is functional and decorative in any decoor. This doorstop features a very interesting owl design in neutral colors. It protects doors and walls from impact damage. It is also resistant to frequent use.

Owl doorstop 4

Owl doorstop

Owl doorstop pdf

owl doorstop.pdf

Owl doorstop 43

Owl doorstop

Owl doorstop 2

A decorative door stop that will hold your door in place and, at the same time, improve your home decor. Gorgeously designed of durable fabric with lovely patchwork, the door stop is shaped like an owl, and quite heavy thanks to its generous filling.

Owl doorstop 48

Ditzy Owl Doorstop £11.95

Owl doorstop 3

Ulster Weavers Owl Doorstop

Owl doorstop 43

Are you searching for a doorstop that would spruce up your ambiance? We found something special for you. This one is a very cute owl doorstop with pink and beige colors, and solid structure.

Owl doorstop 44

You would never believe that a doorstop can be as wonderful as this one. It's in shape of a cute owl with big, black eyes. Warm colors and the precision of craftwork are truly captivating. For sure it will be a nice decoration to your room.

Owl doorstop 54

Ollie Owl Doorstop. great for a nursery or kids room :)

Owl doorstop 1

A lovely traditional doorstop in the form of an amusing large owl. It's crafted of colourful fabrics with a patchwork design. It has 2 big feet and a handle to easy carrying. It's stuffed with quite heavy bulk materials.

Pattern for doorstop owl

pattern for doorstop owl

Owl door stops

The captivating and very colorful owl doorstop is a perfect combination of functionality and impressive looks. The adorable owl admires the details and makes the room a cozy and very practical accent.

Owl doorstop 59

Owl Doorstop - Barn Owl

Owl doorstop 13

Owl doorstop

Saw this owl doorstopper and since the colors don 39

Saw this owl doorstopper, and since the colors don't go with my decor, I thought it'd be cute to make one.

Owl doorstop 57

Owl Doorstop #anthropologie andrealynn27

Blossom owl doorstop

Blossom Owl Doorstop

Owl bookends home decor owl amy butler designer by karensagez

owl bookends Home Decor owl amy butler designer by karensagez, $24.00

Owl doorstop 1

... you are here animal doorstops animal doorstops brown owl doorstop

Owl doorstop 52

Owl Doorstop/Bookend

Owl doorstop 61

Handmade Owl Doorstop

Owl doorstop 27

Owl doorstop

Owl doorstop 46

Owl Doorstop? Picture only.

Owl doorstop 48

Owl Doorstop

Owl doorstop 14

Owl Doorstop

Cute little doorstop

Cute Little Doorstop

Owl doorstop 35

Owl Doorstop

Owl doorstop

A beautiful door stop for any type of home decor, shaped like a cute owl with a triangle beak, large eyes, a checkered pink heart, a red dot body, and floral-patterned wings. The door stop is well-filled and quite heavy to firmly hold any door.

Pink Cute Shabby Chic Vintage Floral Owl Door Stop Fabric Doorstop

Owl doorstop 45

Olwen Owl Doorstop. 50% off! Was £22 now just £11!

Owl doorstop 28

Owl doorstop

Owl doorstop pattern

The beautiful finish and stylish details of this owl doorstop make the whole presentation pleasantly pleasing. The whole looks great in any interior bringing to it the style and coziness. Perfect for any interiors.

Pfm little owl door stop

PFM Little Owl Door Stop

Owl doorstop 47

Crochet owl doorstop ♡

Owl doorstop 26

Owl doorstop

Owl door stop

Quite heavy thanks to its generous filling, this lovely owl can be used as a reliable door stop that will keep you door firmly in place. The whole sparkles with gorgeous patchwork, adorable floral patterns, and 2 brown button eyes.

Owl doorstop 9

Door stop with owl theme. Cover is made of nice touch fabric. Functional design for each room according to need.

Owl doorstop 56

Alice the Owl...Want to make - so cute!

Owl doorstop 15

Owl doorstop

Owl doorstop 51

Owl Doorstop #owl #doorstop #vintage