Outdoor Wooden Playhouses


Make your kids (and perhaps your own, too) dream come true and build an outdoor wooden playhouse. Long hours of fun and play as well as unforgettable memories guaranteed. Browse below to see the selection of outdoor wooden playhouses I've found on the web.

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Our Picks

Outdoor wood playhouse

Outdoor playhouse for garden, patio and more. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is fitted with railings and ladder for added safety.

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Kids outdoor wooden playhouse swing set detailed plan

Kids outdoor wooden playhouse swing set detailed plan

The combination of wood elements makes this playground a great place for children. Interesting solutions will provide hours of fun and a good time. The cottage, swings, sandpit and other little things will delight all the little ones.

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Laurens Cottage with 4 Functional Windows and Dutch Door

Laurens Cottage with 4 Functional Windows and Dutch Door

Pretty cottage style outdoor playhouse for kids up to 14. It's wooden with a weatherproof stained brown finish. Steel screws and nails are black. It has a sloped shingle roof with a loft, a floor, 4 glass windows, a full door and 4 flower pots.

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Elevated playhouse plans

Survival camps, crossing the trees, own fortress. This tree house have it all, for brave kids.. Triangular shape, made of solid wood. It also has a rope wall on which they can climb. The form resembles a tent, which will stimulate the imagination even more.

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Wood outdoor playhouse

Thanks to this outdoor playhouse, your children will be able to feel like real hobbits. The house comes with a spacious inside, 1 round window, and 1 round door hatch that moves on two powder-coated hinges.

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Wooden teepee playhouse

No Indian settlement can do without teepee! Create an exciting outdoor playground with this wooden playhouse featuring two door openings and classic teepee form. Ppressure treated FSC sourced timber construction is built to last.

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Cape Cod Large Playhouse Kit with No Floor

Cape Cod Large Playhouse Kit with No Floor

Phenomenal play house for the kid. Dedicated to the garden, patio and other outdoors places according to taste and imagination. It has a door and tasteful shutters, chimney, porch and more. An ideal place for any kid.

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Wooden teepee

A sod-covered found-wood playhouse in a woody British backyard | Offbeat Home

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Wood playhouses

This playhouse is a wooden construction suitable for outdoor applications. It features many attractive colors and many places to have a good and safe fun. All materials of this playhouse are resistant to weather.

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Wooden playhouse plans free

Wooden Playhouse On Platform With Slide - Project code: PC090464 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Outdoor Wooden Playhouses

Buying Guide

When you gift your child a playhouse, you open up a whole new world of imagination. One that introduces them to what will become, their most cherished moments in the years to come. One day it’s a secret lair. The other day, it’s a hideaway. It will be a haven for countless hours of fun, games and skill development.

And what better choice than a wooden playhouse. Wood is classy, durable and gives a real sense of a home, unlike plastic, which feels artificial. Not to mention that it will look stunning in your backyard.

If this is the first time you are going shopping for wooden playhouses, then here’s some help.

Outdoor wooden playhouses come in a plethora of sizes and shapes. It can be really petite, perfect for a kid of 6, or it can be a mini mansion, perfect for all the kids in the neighborhood.

An oversized playhouse might look great on paper. But it will be expensive to maintain and an eyesore in your backyard. Always opt for something that can be comfortably installed and maintained.

At the same time, consider that your child is growing and might outgrow the playhouse in a year or two. Plan for at least three to four years in advance.

Narrow down on a location where you plan to install the playhouse and measure the space. You need to leave some space around it to allow the kids to enter and exit the playhouse comfortably, and also for maintenance. Check for roof overhangs.

Small playhouses can be installed directly on the grass or on the ground. But if it’s a permanent fixture that will be installed for a few years at least, then it’s always recommended to install it on a stable base.

Bases can be bought off the market. Some wooden playhouses include a base in the kit. Else, you can easily make one yourself with some concrete slabs. Bases help prevent weeds and other nasty crawlies from finding their way into the playhouse.

Playhouses come with a suitable age rating. Most of them are rated as safe for children above the age of 3.

Always check this and ensure that your child is old enough to safely play in the house. At times, the age rating must be considered as a subjective number. The final decision must be made by you after analyzing whether your child is big enough to safely play in it.

Large wooden tower playhouses often have multiple levels that are interconnected via wooden stairs or a rope ladder. The child must be able to use this safely without slipping or falling. If the stairs are too steep, you might want to consider another design.

The sky is the limit when it comes to extra features for playhouses. Some children wouldn’t settle for anything less than a playhouse with a slide. Others are happier with a snug little cottage instead. Check your child’s wishlist. Do they prefer a large boot camp styled playhouse? Would a wooden cottage excite them more?

Always seal the wooden playhouse to protect it from rot and moisture. Keep an eye out for signs of the wood weakening. Maintenance is the key to a playhouse that lasts for years without trouble.

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This is easy to prepare outdoor wooden playhouse for your kids. It will bring to them amazing fun while playing. It is made of very cheap materials and can be prepared very quickly and you can be sure kids would love it.

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