Oriental Umbrella Stand

What do you think when you see these umbrella stands? We encourage to spend on this site as much time as you think is necessary, and try to pick the most appropriate model for yourself. This should not be that much of a problem as there are really a lot of impressive designs here.

Chinese umbrella stand

White ceramic umbrella stand

Oriental (Chinese or Japanese?) Pottery Mark Query - Impressed symbol on Umbrella Stand

Porcelain umbrella stand

Tall umbrella stand

To deliver an oriental accent to your entryway and provide some functionality as well, try an umbrella stand that sports beautiful Ming pattern in traditional blue, painted of course on white porcelain.

Oriental umbrella stand 1

Lot #271: Chinese Umbrella holder 1

1stdibs imari umbrella stand meiji period ca 1890

1stdibs | Imari Umbrella Stand-Meiji Period ca.1890

Oriental umbrella stand 6

Multi-color umbrella stand that brings a touch of oriental stylization into the house. This durable construction not only decorates indoors, but it also provides storage space and protection for umbrellas.

Steel umbrella stand

No fanciness here: this umbrella stand is tall, square, having no ornaments and it's built out of heavy duty stainless steel. This design merges durability with contemporary style falling slightly on the minimalistic side.

Oriental umbrella stand 2


Commercial umbrella stands

A simple sturdy modern freestanding umbrella holder crafted of rust-proof brushed stainless steel. It has a tall cuboidal square section body and can accommodate up to 10 umbrellas. It's intended for commercial use.

Stainless steel umbrella holder

An interesting eye-catching modern umbrella stand manufactured of stainless steel. It features a cylindrical openwork body in the shape of a numeral '3' with a spiral design. It has a round flat foot finished in black.

Oriental umbrella stand

Umbrella stand

Oriental umbrella stand 9

This was actually one of the first images I posted when I started this blog in January. Paaaaainfully patrician, or at least doing a good job faking it. Do be sure to notice the mahogany and gilt pedimented mirror, the blue and white umbrella stand in the

Blue and white umbrella

Antique Chinese Rose Medallion Umbrella Stand China L. 19th/E. 20th Century A very decorative and useful Chinese umbrella stand, in great condition with no cracks. Late 19th - Early 20th century With design in reserves of flowers and birds, and s

Oriental umbrella stand 15

17" Carved Lattice Decorative Umbrella Stand - asian - Coat Stands And Umbrella Stands - Oriental Furniture

Oriental umbrella stand 18

Gold Leaf Umbrella Stand -

Oriental umbrella stand 21

- Oriental Furniture Beautiful Excellent Quality Home Decor Gift Idea, 24-Inch Fine Chinese Porcelain Oriental Umbrella and Cane Stand, Landscape Design - Free Standing Umbrella Racks

Oriental umbrella stand 7

Oriental Furniture Umbrella Stand with Blue Floral Design in White $88

Oriental furniture rose medallion porcelain umbrella stand

Oriental Furniture Rose Medallion Porcelain Umbrella Stand
Umbrella stand in oriental style. It is made of high quality porcelain and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Elegant accent for any interior according to taste and need. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Oriental umbrella stand 16

Umbrella stand for users who love Japanese oriental stylization. It includes a multi-color Japanese theme on a stylish green background. Durable construction is stable and provides space for a few umbrellas.

Ceramic umbrella stand vase

Antique Oriental Chinese Japanese Porcelain Floor Vase or Umbrella Stand | eBay

Oriental home porcelain 24 inch rose medallion umbrella stand asian

Oriental Home Porcelain 24-Inch Rose Medallion Umbrella Stand - asian - coat stands and umbrella stands - Overstock

White umbrella holder

Oriental umbrella stand 8

23" Oriental Umbrella Stand on

Casa Umbrella Stand

Casa Umbrella Stand

Oriental umbrella stand 25

Oriental Qing Hua Umbrella Stand

Oriental umbrella stand 2

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Oriental stands

Oriental Porcelain Umbrella Stand in White & Blue

Oriental umbrella stand 3

24" Solid Gold Porcelain Umbrella Stand

Oriental umbrella stand 23

Umbrella Stand by Piero Fornasetti Italy mid-20th century Fantastic Umbrella Stand by Piero Fornasetti. The design is of handbags, valises & attaché cases of varying shapes & sizes stacked on top of one another

Oriental umbrella stand 26

24" Pure Silver Porcelain Umbrella Stand - traditional - coat stands and umbrella stands - by Oriental Furniture

Steel umbrella stand 4

Modern stand for umbrellas. This element of design is made of steel in black or white finish. These stands provide practical space for storing and holding many umbrellas. Their constructions are resistant to wear.

Oriental Furniture Authentic Asian Style Urn, 18-Inch Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Temple/Spice Jar, Floral Design

Metal umbrella stands

Designed with the perforated sides to dry your umbrellas faster and fitting large pieces as well as the smaller ones this umbrella holder is a must-have for the elegant office or home, ensuring utmost convenience.

Oriental Furniture Unique Group Family Gift Present Idea, 17-Inch Lucky Bamboo Asian Style Cane and Umbrella Stand

Contemporary umbrella stand

The place for one special umbrella - but you can be sure that it will never fall. Commercial very strong steel was used to construct this square base commercial umbrella stand. Functional two-piece stem, increases practicality. Whole in black.

Oriental umbrella stand 27

Umbrella Stand in Black

Black metal coat rack hat with umbrella stand

Black Metal Coat Rack Hat With Umbrella Stand
A perfect organization and attractive interior decoration - this kind of product is a coat rack that is made of solid materials and looks stylish thanks to its decorative details. It is 71.5 inches high x 20.5 inches long x 20.75 inches wide.

Porcelain Umbrella Stand - Chinese Blue & White Scenery

Exquisite porcelain umbrella stand with hand painted oriental designs from

Exquisite Porcelain Umbrella Stand with Hand Painted Oriental Designs | From a unique collection of antique and modern umbrella stands at

Steel umbrella stand 20

A practical contemporary base for garden umbrellas. It's made of black coated steel. It has a flat square foot and a cylindrical neck with 2 adjusting screws with black knobs. It's quite heavy and very stable.

Champleve oriental brass umbrella stand urn image 4

Champleve Oriental Brass Umbrella Stand / Urn image 4

Oriental stand

ink and color on silk, 1789-1804, Japan. Artist Rekisentei Eiri. William Sturgis Bigelow Collection

Oriental umbrella stand 29

Rattan Umbrella Stand

Commercial umbrella stand

Patio umbrella stand made of stainless steel. Suitable for each standard patio umbrella. It is resistant to mildew and harmful weather conditions. It is fitted with convenient handles for easy carrying.

Chinese umbrella stand 2

18"h Porcelain Umbrella Stand in Japanese Satsuma Peacock Design by Oriental Furnishings. $56.00. Made In China. Japanese Satsuma. Water Tight. Kiln Fired Porcelain. Hand Painted. 18"H Porcelain Umbrella stand in Japanese Satsuma peacock design. This exot

Oriental umbrella stand 30

Oriental Furniture Ladies Porcelain Umbrella Stand

23in Hand Painted Satsuma Design Umbrella Stand

Gold Leaf Umbrella Stand

Gold Leaf Umbrella Stand

PHAT TOMMY Heavy Duty Steel Cement-Filled Umbrella Stand Base Patio Deck

A very stylish and functional umbrella stand. This product has got a neutral black color that looks very attractive in different outdoor stylizations. The product assures stability for an umbrella and it is resistant to wear and weather conditions.