Office Desk On Wheels

Have you preferred to move your office desk on occasion to change your perspective, an office desk on wheels is a wonderful investment and will make relocating your desk area a snap all by yourself? These are very sturdy on high-quality heavy-duty casters and come in plenty of styles. Take a look at our collection and pick yours for your office.

Best Products

Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair

Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair
Fantastic office chair designed to provide comfortable support and maximum versatility. Features solid frame, comfortable seat and meshed back, supportive armrests, and durable height adjustment mechanism.

Adjustable Low-Back Office Chair

Adjustable Low-Back Office Chair
Classic office chair with built-in wheels for easy movement. It is adjustable in height. Sturdy steel construction with profiled upholstered seat. Designed for office or work at home.

Whitney Shuttered Corner Desk Set

Whitney Shuttered Corner Desk Set
A professional and high quality desk set. It is designed to support computer and other types of the office equipment. What is more it provides a lot of space for files, documents, etc. Its white colour looks very attractive in any office or room.

Bradley 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Bradley 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
This 4-drawer filling cabinet sports the black finish and will ensure that all of your important paperwork is neatly organized and accessible within its structure. It is made of engineered wood and showcases half-moon cabinet handles.

Office desk on wheels 4

If you’re looking for an addition to your study room or a home library, take a look at this elegant, dark wood desk with a polished finish and wheels for ease of use and utility. Very useful and looks amazing while at it!

Office desk on wheels

Restoration Hardware has one of the coolest desks I've ever seen! Everything you need to work in a trendy style and you can close it all up and roll it away cuz its on wheels! But why would you want to close this gem up; its a treasure and simply amazin

Office desk on wheels 7

Office / Craft Room -Lots I like about this! It has so many fun elements!

Our advice Buying Guide

Is an office desk on wheels stable?

An office desk on wheels is extremely sturdy as long as it has high-quality, heavy-duty castors. There’s no reason that opting for the convenience of a portable desk means having to compromise the stability of your workstation.

Having wheels on your desk shouldn’t affect its stability at all because the majority of movable desks today come with locking castors. This means that once you’re happy with your desk’s placement, you can simply engage the locking mechanism, which will apply pressure to the wheel, preventing any motion.

In addition to being stable, office desks with wheels offer additional benefits like the flexibility to rearrange your workspace whenever you feel like it and making it easier to clean around your desk.

Can standing office desks also have wheels?

Office desks on wheels are available in a variety of formats, including standing desks. Adjustable standing desks can be stable on wheels as long as the legs and base are designed and stabilized with struts to resist tipping or shaking. Standing desks on wheels tend to be lighter in weight than those without wheels to allow for easier maneuverability.

Look for a standing desk that is deep and wide to give it sufficient balance while being wheeled around. Standing desks should be at least 24” deep if you want to move them around while they are at standing height. The wheels should also lock into place for optimal safety.


Office desk on wheels

The useful crafting space made of the the old school desk. When you add some extra shelves with boxes to store your accessories, this room will transform into a perfect do-it-yourself space for the perfect handyman.

Office desk on wheels 6

dream piece of furniture with lots of little cubbies...

Desk with casters 1

If mobility in an office is your priority, an office desk on wheels is probably the best pick. The desk on the photo is very spacious, and its casters are large (convenient) but also lockable (even more convenient).

Wheeled dining chairs 16

Reclaimed Wood Conference Table

Office desk on wheels 5

I just LOVE this...OK, someone figure out how to MAKE this....

A portable office on wheels nice to connect with us

A Portable Office on Wheels .... nice - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at

Desk with casters 4

studio with oversized lamp on a pulley

Office desk on wheels 5

Forget Standing Desks: Here's One You Pedal To Power Your Gadgets | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Office desk on wheels 8

where can we find one of those table rolls? A school supply store maybe?

Desk with casters 3

Workspace [Wooden top table with legs on wheels = Perfection!!!! Though I would say that I would prefer square to round brushed aluminum legs. OH! And adjustable height for the table top as well.]

Office drawers on wheels

Fun home offices but in particular pinning it for the white table on wheels – Husligheter

Office desk on wheels 2

Craft corner. Ikea Norden Gateleg table on wheels. Perfect for small spaces since both sides fold down.

File cabinet wheels

The use of boring office cabinets, has many names. Combined with their pastel color, and the border of the white desk on wheels gives an unearthly effect. The trio drawer file cabinets together are a phenomenal connection.

Mobile modular office desks

Mobile, Modular Office Desks

Desk casters

The colours, the retro chairs, the light fixtures, the furniture on casters - I could easily become a workaholic in this space!! :)

Office desk on wheels 4

DIY Workspace on wheels #desk #office - Werkplek op wieltjes #bureau. Kijk op

Craft desk ikea

A very functional and attractive home workstation that provides space for a computer or sewing machine. It includes some storage drawers and shelves for different materials. This mobile station includes functional wheels.

Small table with wheels

The impressive little table on wheels is an excellent way to create a solid corner in the bedroom. It can be used as a side table or night table, creating an attractive design with many applications.

Office desk on wheels

Something like this, with wheels on it would be an awesome storage spot and large workspace for kids in Kindergarten.

Office desk on wheels 8

A very useful and attractive home office stylization. It includes a desk on wheels that provides rectangular working space. Its lower parts include drawers for storage of documents and many other useful items.

Office desk on wheels 9

mobile workstation. this is a REALLY good idea. everything looks cuter on a vintage bar cart. then you just roll it out of the room when company comes.

Thin tables

Writing desk in industrial style. It is mounted on iron base with pipes theme. Rectangular top is made of wood with antique finish. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

Office desk on wheels 7

Cool Finds: Home Office Chic. I love how the desk and filing cabinet accent each other so well.

Home office trike mobile desk on wheels jpeg


Office desk on wheels

How can I ignore this? We own the white cabinet and this will be that Pink accent I desire for our living room/office TPS pink file cabinet | CB2

Table top storage

Modern stylized workshop made of the old file cabinets. Painted in the optimistic shade of blue. The big space on the bench top guarantees the comfort of macgyvering and the big storage place allows you to have all the tools in order.

Light folding chair

Office desk mounted on metal base and fitted with rectangular wooden top. Includes 4 drawers stacked horizontally for storing documents and others personal items. Great solution for work organization at home.

Office desk on wheels

Craft table DIY: two cheap bookshelves and a painted piece of plywood on top

Office desk on wheels 3

Traditional desk with a lot of drawers on the base. Top has large usable surface. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Perfect solution for kid's room, teen room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Office desk on wheels 1

Home Office Organization Keep your desk area clutter-free by installing several large shelves above it. The shelves work great for housing books and magazines. Two metal filing cabinets below the desk store important documents and keep them close at hand

Office desk on wheels

Chevron Chair Cover | Amy Giggles Designs

Office desk on wheels 10

industrial kitchen island

One panel room divider

A simple and interestingly made form of this sectional panel room divider makes the interior design gain additional space. Ideally, suits every modern interior where we want to create an intimate corner. Simple white form impresses.

Office desk on wheels 12

Art Studio/ Home Office design with custom island and 5' x 8' pegboard

Office desk on wheels 3

Tips on How to Run Your Medical Front Desk Effectively The Front Desk is a very important facet of your medical practice, and a friendly and efficient fron

End table wheels

Architect Gustavo Calazans' Modular Home is a fascinating exploration of modular small space living comprised of six sections divided by "environments", four which can be moved around on wheels: gourmet kitchen, dining table, sofa bed and module-office an

Office desk on wheels 13

Standing desk / project table. looks like two bookshelves with a top. Probably can be done on a budget.

Office desk on wheels 1

More than an Office Chair- a freaking masterpiece on wheels! I WANT IT!

Adjustable height dining chair

teal on wheels. With its sheltering curves and low profile, dapper swivel reworks the midcentury angle. Designed by Mark Daniel of Slate Design, this comfy seat crosses the line between business and pleasure, equally at home at the desk or dining table

Desk with casters

The Breakfast Nook - this is exactly what we need for our new home, especially with the casters.

Space saving home office desks 18

Space Saving Home Office Desks

Small home office ideas 04 i could have one of

Small Home Office Ideas 04 I could have one of the under the table roll out built for the small office space in the blue room

Geek Office Chair

Geek Office Chair