Nautical Wall Clocks


If you enjoy the sea and everything nautical makes you happy. If you wish you could run your life with sunrise and sunset as your only clock. If you prefer to stare at the stars to guide you over looking at your GPS. Then we think you're in the right place to take a look at these nautical wall clocks that will certainly fit in with your personality and perception of how simple life can be on the water.

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Our Picks

Nautical wall clocks large

Go for a nautical theme for your interior with this amazing and original wall clock. It comes with the Roman numerals and is easy to read, while the mechanism makes it extremely precise and functional.

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How to make a driftwood clock

This porthole clock will prove simply utterly fitting for your nautical kitchen and makes for one of the finest additions when it comes to style due to its detailed and charming face that looks like it's taken straight from a lavish styled boat.

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Driftwood wall clock

Although happy people do not count the time, travelers even like to check it from time to time - to assess how much time has passed since the sunrise. If you are a keen sailor, you'll love this white wooden anchor nautical wall clock with a blue dial.

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25.25" Coastal Distressed Ocean Blue Wall Clock with Knotted Rope Hanger

This nautical wall clock has got a distressed ocean blue finish, knotted rope hanger and Roman numerals. It is a fantastic addition for your living room, kitchen, dining room and other.

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Howard miller midcentury brass nautical wall clock with a quartz

Howard Miller midcentury brass nautical wall clock with a quartz ...

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Nautical wall clocks 1

This tastefully designed wall clock in the seaside styling is a charming combination of sea and sand colors and a beautiful ship's look. The clear Arabic numerals and clock directions make it very readable.

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Nautical wall clocks 3

Wall clock in vintage style. Round shield is made of wood with antique finish. It is fitted with Roman numeral and quartz movement. Sophisticated decoration for any interior.

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Rustic ship wheel decorative nautical wall clock

Rustic Ship Wheel Decorative Nautical Wall Clock

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Wet nautical mahogany anchor steel wall clock

Wet Nautical Mahogany Anchor Steel Wall Clock

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Brass porthole clock on wood brass porthole clock on wood

brass porthole clock on wood brass porthole clock on wood

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Nautical Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

A nautical theme is a traditional way to design a bathroom or bedroom, but the use of a nautical wall clock can be used in any room whenever you like. You don't have to use this clock exclusively in a room which is nautically themed – you can use it to remind you of the sea and the beach and add a nautical touch to your home. Let's take a look at some of the beautiful nautical wall clocks that you could buy.

Driftwood wall clock

This beautiful designer wall clock is the ideal item for a contemporary home that is hoping to achieve a slightly nautical look. Various sizes of horizontally positioned driftwood create a beautifully rustic and casual effect. The driftwood is various colors too, which makes it seem even more authentic. You'll be able to buy a genuine driftwood wall clock if you're prepared to pay for it, but otherwise, you can find decent faux driftwood clocks.

Compass style wall clock

One of the most popular themes for nautical wall clocks, a compass is one of the most well-recognized accessories when it comes to boats and the sea. It's already the ideal shape to be a clock hanging on your wall, so it's mainly about choosing the specifics of the design. Some of the clocks in this style will have a metal frame, while others will have wooden and more rustic frames. Brass is also a popular material for this style of clock, and instead of numbers on the clock face, you'll often see nautical flags or other symbols from the sea.

Boat-shaped clock

Something larger but the ideal piece of furniture for a bedroom which is themed in a nautical way, a boat-shaped clock often has shades of blue and other attractive details such as a bird or lighthouse. There may also be a small net or a fish included as detail features on this clock. It is available as a 3D clock or as a 2D flat clock to be hung neatly against any flat wall.

Boat wheel clock

Another nautical shape that is very well-suited to being a clock, a boat wheel is instantly recognizable and is normally made from natural wood to most accurately resemble the wheel. With a smaller rounded clock at the center of the wheel, there are usually Roman numerals or some nautical flags or symbols on the clock face to create a traditional effect and add even more interest to this popular home accessory.

Anchor clock

Another popular shape that can be recognized straight away by you and any guests who come over to your home, the anchor wall clock is often made from wooden material such as oak and then painted with rough wood paint for an authentic design. Roman numerals on the clock face help to create a rustic effect, and there may be a rope at the top of the bottom to further enhance the style of this clock.

Best Ideas

Brass Porthole Quartz Clock on Oak Ship's Wheel with Nautical Flags Dial Face

This type of product is a wall clock that is ideal for people who love ships. It has got a ship's wheel stylization and its face features flags of different countries instead of hours. The size of this clock is 13.5 x 3.5 x 13.5.

Aluminum crab outdoor wall clock

Aluminum Crab Outdoor Wall Clock

31.5" Nautical "Welcome Aboard" Life Preserver Distressed Hanging Wall Clock

It is a wall clock that has got a distressed finish and nautical welcome aboard design. it is a perfect gift for birthday, anniversary and other occasions. you need to have it.

Nautical themed clocks

A gorgeous example of a handmade item. Comprising a handcrafted seagull and an lighthouse, this hand painted nautical wall clock shall delight all fans of the nautical or coastal decors.

26" Nautical Boat Wheel Rustic Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

This wall clock fits perfectly to ylour nautical, simple and classic style and decor. It has got a boat wheel shape, rustic design and Roman numerals. You need to have it.

Driftwood clock 1

This nautical wall clock can be a perfect decorative item for someone, who loves the sea. It has the shape of an anchor, finished in antique white, which corresponds well to the sea-blue face and rope accents.

Clocks solid brass nautical wall clock with fishermans


Clocks brass porthole wall clock on wood base nautical


Clocks tide and tide wall clock solid brass porthole


Silver metal nautical porthole wall clock melody maison r

Silver Metal Nautical Porthole Wall Clock - Melody Maison®

Vintage brass wood seth thomas nautical porthole wall

Vintage Brass Wood Seth Thomas Nautical Porthole Wall ...

Wholesale ships time clock 12 inch wholesale nautical

Wholesale Ships Time Clock 12 Inch - Wholesale Nautical ...

Nautical clocks knotted nautical wall clock order now

Nautical Clocks: Knotted Nautical Wall Clock - Order Now!

Howard miller midcentury brass nautical wall clock

Howard Miller Midcentury Brass Nautical Wall Clock