Narrow Bookcases


A tall narrow bookshelf is the best way to fill up a pokey little space, display books and decor, and make the most of corners. They are especially good when you have a smaller room or apartment and need to use the height of the room to save space. If you have a corner to fill (or just way too many books!), we’re sharing our top picks for the best narrow bookcases for small spaces.

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Our Picks

Classic Wooden Bookcase That Will Fit Into Any Corner With Any Decor

Classic Wooden Bookcase That Will Fit Into Any Corner With Any Decor

Winston Porter

What we like: Adjustable Shelves

What we don’t like: Manufactured wood

This is the perfect narrow bookcase for a classic wood look in your office or living room. It is narrow enough to fit in small spaces, but stands at 85.5 inches tall so you have plenty of storage space. This narrow shelving unit has five shelves that are fully adjustable. Perfect for rearranging decor throughout the year.

Made from manufactured wood, you will only get the wood “look” rather than pure hardwood. This usually makes it more affordable but less durable than a real wooden bookcase. If you want something simple and classic, this is the bookcase for you. 

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Narrow Wooden Bookcase with Draw for Rustic Functionality

Narrow Wooden Bookcase with Draw for Rustic Functionality

Millwood Pines

What we like: Alternating shelves, compact, drawer included, freestanding

What we don’t like: Top not level to fit into square spaces

This narrow wooden bookcase is the perfect combination of modern and rustic. Made from recycled materials, it has two narrow sides with alternating shelves on each for a unique, non-symmetrical design. It also has a drawer at the bottom for extra storage and stability.

Its narrow, vertical structure makes it compact and it is freestanding so it is perfect for small spaces and corridors. With its non-symmetrical design, the top won’t fit neatly into square spaces, but we still love the unique feel of this bookcase.

$83.99 $99.99

Extra narrow bookshelf for hard to fill spaces

Extra narrow bookshelf for hard to fill spaces

Zipcode Design™

What we like: Extra narrow

What we don’t like: Top shelf is not adjustable

We have found the perfect narrow bookcase for all your photos, decor, books and office supplies. Modern, stylish and simple, this extra narrow shelf would be perfect in a home office alongside a desk, in the kitchen for cookbooks, in the bathroom for towels-basically any room in the house. The slender design gives this bookshelf a distinctive look while its five shelves and 72” height offers plenty of storage space!

Although it will take some assembly and the top shelves are not adjustable, we love the uniquely narrow design that will fit into any small space to finish off your room. 

$138.99 $182.99

Narrow Bookcase with Modern Floating Shelves to Display Your Books

Narrow Bookcase with Modern Floating Shelves to Display Your Books

17 Stories

What we like: Combination of wood and iron, floating shelf vibe

What we don’t like: Open back where items might fall off shelf

Need space-conscious shelving? This shelf would fit anywhere from bedroom to bathroom, in a small apartment to a big house with lots of nooks and crannies. This narrow bookcase has a solid frame with floating wooden shelves, giving it a unique “open” feel. It is perfect for displaying decor rather than organizing clutter- it will become an art piece in itself.

Unlike most bookcases, it doesn’t have a back so items might fall off if you push them too far back. This sturdy design definitely makes the list for best narrow bookcases. It has a height of 59” and each rack can hold up to 20lbs. 

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Freestanding Narrow Bookshelf For A Little Bit Of Design Flair

Freestanding Narrow Bookshelf For A Little Bit Of Design Flair

What we like: Freestanding, metal bars for extra support and design

What we don’t like: Bright colors

A modern bookshelf that is narrow horizontally so you can have a lot of storage without coming out from the wall too far. Need even more storage? You can buy two units and place them back to back to create a pyramid of shelving on the wall. More than enough space to hold all your books and decor!

It is made from wood with crossed metal bars on each shelf for extra design and support and the shelves are all open to display your best pieces. If you have a minimal color palette in your home you might not like the bright funky colors, but this narrow shelf is perfect for modern homes looking for just that little bit of extra design features. 

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Stylish Narrow Bookshelf In Neutral Colors  Perfect for That Unused Corner!

Stylish Narrow Bookshelf In Neutral Colors Perfect for That Unused Corner!

George Oliver

What we like: Multiple color choices, easy to clean

What we don’t like: Open backs on shelves

Get the most out of that unused corner with this gorgeous corner bookshelf by George Oliver. It comes in multiple neutral colors which are perfect for any modern home, and the melamine veneer makes it nice and easy to clean. This would be the perfect bookshelf for an entryway, dining room or bathroom with just a little bit of empty space to fill.

Small items or paper may fall down the back with the semi-open shelving, however keeping it in the corner should save most items. It is easy to put together, so you’ll have the perfect narrow bookshelf up in your space in no time! 


Simple Narrow Bookcase For When You Have More Books Than Space

Simple Narrow Bookcase For When You Have More Books Than Space

South Shore

What we like: Simple Design, Adjustable Shelves

What we don’t like: May need more than one person for assembly

Got more books than space? This simple, classic narrow bookcase has got you covered. With its adjustable shelves and neutral color palette, it will literally fit into just about any space. It is perfect to fill up that little nook in your office or living room and fill it with books.

Assembly is simple, however you may need more than one person to move it when it arrives as it ships all in one big packet! We love that this unit passes all North American safety standards for shipping, and can see it completing that little corner of your home. 


Industrial Style Bookshelf Feels Straight Out of A New York Loft

Industrial Style Bookshelf Feels Straight Out of A New York Loft

17 Stories

What we like: Tip-over restraints included, Industrial style

What we don’t like: Particleboard

Let us introduce one of our favorite bookshelves in this list. From the industrial-style iron and wood to the sturdy frame design, this would fit right into the corner of any modern apartment or family home. The particle board might not last as long as solid wood, however it does make it more affordable and is fine with proper cleaning and maintenance.

As well as the industrial style, we also appreciate the tip-over restraints, cross bar and adjustable feet included for extra safety and stability. This narrow bookcase gets our tick of approval. 

$105.99 $118.99

Wooden Corner Bookcase With Just A Hint of Retro

Wooden Corner Bookcase With Just A Hint of Retro


What we like: Corner Design, Retro Vibes, Environmentally Friendly Materials

What we don’t like: Design means less storage

This narrow corner bookcase has a bit of a 70s flair, with its wooden shelves, tall legs and alternating directions. Unlike many modern corner shelves, this unit has a back to stop items falling down which gets our vote for design.

Not only is it strong and durable, it is made from high-quality, environmentally friendly bamboo. The aesthetically pleasing wedge on each level means that you don’t get the whole shelf for storage, but it adds to that oh-so-retro vibe that we love. 

$296.99 $335.99

Extra Tall Narrow Bookcase For Your Extra Small Spaces

Extra Tall Narrow Bookcase For Your Extra Small Spaces


What we like: 7 levels, industrial style, geometric pattern on sides

What we don’t like: Might not be good for renters with anti-fall support

Made from a durable metal frame and high quality MDF boards, we are in love with this industrial bookcase. There are multiple sizes if you want matching shelves, however the 7-storey unit is extra tall for those extra small spaces. If you have a small room but still need storage, a shelf that takes advantage of height is the way to go!

We love the geometric patterns on the sides of each shelf, and the rustic meets industrial design. Due to its height, it is recommended that you secure it to the wall with the anti-tipping kit, so this may not be suitable for a rental home. However, for most small spaces we think this will be the perfect piece!


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Narrow Bookcases

Buying Guide

Narrow bookcases make for a wonderful furnishing. Fill up the remainder of your living room or den space with a classic narrow bookcase and add personality to your home instantly. To make the right shopping decisions, consider the following.

  • Size matters. Narrow bookcases can be tall or short. How will your room look with a short bookcase? Do you need something that nearly reaches the ceiling? Do you want your room to appear less cluttered? These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before committing to a purchase.
  • Modern or vintage? It's important to know what kind of bookcase you want before buying it. This will save you time. Do a search of contemporary and antique structured bookcases. Do you want light colored wood or dark? Do you like wide handles or smaller ones? Picture your ideal bookcase or browse the web for inspiration and go for the desired look.
  • How many books or knick-knacks will go on the bookcase? Some people love putting little trinkets, pictures, and collectibles on their bookcase for decorative use. Think about this before deciding which product you want. Will you need more space? How many books do you own, or expect to shelve on the narrow bookcase?

Some bookcases feature wheels while other narrow bookcases feature adjustable height shelves. Adjustable shelving is a favorite among many buyers. You can customize the look of the bookshelf without buying a new product or getting rid of the one you already have.

Bookcases on wheels offer ease in maneuverability. Perhaps you need the bookcase in one or more rooms of the house. Move it from the office to the living room or den for variety.

It should be noted that some bookshelves are built from metal instead of wood. This design is perfect for those who want a contemporary look. The shelves will also be sturdier than their wood counterparts.

If you're putting a bookshelf in a small nook or corner of the room, try getting a corner bookshelf, scaffold or ladder design. They will fit snugly in a small corner of the room so that you can preserve space for other necessities.

It's okay to be creative when deciding where to put your bookshelf. The kitchen is an area where most people don't even think to place this furnishing. Stock it with your favorite cookbooks and it won't seem out of place.

Bookcases add a certain appeal and delicacy to any room, as well as a hint of intelligence and prestige. They're also great for propping decorations. Add picture frames and small plants on top for a perfect marriage of functionality and personalized style.

Best Ideas

Professional 100 Series Narrow Bookcase

Professional 100 Series Narrow Bookcase

High and narrow bookcase made of laminate. It has 6 adjustable shelves with a closed back panel. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It was positively evaluated by customers.

Way Basics Eco 2 Shelf Duo Narrow Bookcase and Storage Shelf

Way Basics Eco 2 Shelf Duo Narrow Bookcase and Storage Shelf

Narrow bookcase with 2 open shelves for storage. The construction is made of wood. Ability to display decorations, books and other necessities. Neutral accent to any interior.

Section 79.5" Narrow Bookcase

Section 79.5" Narrow Bookcase

Traditional bookcase to store books, display decorations and more. It features 6 adjustable shelves. It is made of wood. Robust construction is resistant to scratches, rust and more.

Tall narrow bookshelves

Painted in white, this tall narrow bookcase distinguishes itself with a lovely little drawer on its bottom. It is placed under 4 opened compartments for your books collections.

Narrow bookcases

This charming narrow bookcase is sure to make a lasting impression in any home. It features the five shelves and one drawer. The interesting shade of blue adds a drop of color into any room.

Tall narrow shelving unit

Lovely sky-blue, tall, narrow bookcase perfect for a bedroom, study or dorm room where it can be used to store favorite books or even ornamental items. Two drawers with cut-out pulls provide storage for various small items or files.

Narrow cabinet

If you can't find a bookcase that would be as tall and narrow as you'd like to fit your current furnishing, you can do a multi-shelf open compartment bookcase on your own with some pine boards. When ready, the bookcase can store DVDs and other stuff.

8 inch bookcase

Utilitarian, yet somehow attractive, this narrow set of shelves constructed from industrial steel piping and wooden shelves is the perfect selection for pantry, craft room or your family room. In a minimalist setting, it could even be used in a living room.

Winsome Wood 4-Shelf Narrow Shelving Unit, Espresso

With simplistic, yet detailed design, this 4-shelf narrow shelving unit will integrate easily into your space. It has solid composite wood construction with versatile dark espresso finish. Features ladder-style frame and rectangular shelves.

Swallow oak tall narrow bookcase

Swallow Oak Tall Narrow Bookcase

Harmonie narrow bookcase si


Im going to try this in the entry way of

I'm going to try this in the entry way of my mid-entry home - image all the cool things I can store on the shelves along with my books. And they can be accessed from either the living room above or the entry way below. Maybe I'll be able to keep track of

Tvilum fairfax tall narrow bookcase in white

Tvilum Fairfax Tall Narrow Bookcase in White

Bookcase narrow

... Occasional › Bookcases › TCH › TCH Windsor Narrow Bookcase Tall

Vintage cream mahogany narrow alcove bookcase

Vintage Cream Mahogany Narrow Alcove Bookcase

Alera : Narrow Profile Bookcase, Finished Back, Wood Veneer, 6-Shelf, 12x12x72, Cherry -:- Sold as 2 Packs of - 1 - / - Total of 2 Each

This narrow and tall cabinet check up wherever there is little space and need a piece of furniture. It's the perfect solution for any room where it counts every scrap of space. It is not only practical but also very nice.

Tall narrow bookcases

Pallet-shelf-floor it-s-good-to-be-home

Winsome Wood 4-Tier Folding Shelf, Narrow

Characterized by an open design, this stylish shelf is not only stable and durable, but it also can be easily folded. The bookcase includes 4 open shelves, and can be a nice addition for kids' rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and offices.

3 shelf bookcase with doors

This is a very attractive project that includes three shelves and a generously spaced sotrage cabinet. The whole construction is based on a solid wood. Its brown colour looks attractive in different stylization projects.

Target threshold tm carson narrow bookcase with storage for bathroom

target: Threshold™ Carson Narrow Bookcase with Storage. for bathroom.

Narrow tall bookcase

Corona Tall Narrow Bookcase

Shop for batamba narrow bookcase batamba narrow bookcase

shop for batamba narrow bookcase batamba narrow bookcase

Ikea bookshelf doors

Narrow bookcase designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. It consists of 5 shelves arranged vertically. Functional accent for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Narrow bookcases 2

South Shore Furniture Freeport 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase in Pure White