Mirrored Trays For Dressers

If you were looking for somewhere to put jewelry or perfumes and you do not want them to fall off your dresser top, then perhaps what unit is a mirror tray. Quite common on vanities specifically for perfumes, these mirrored trays for dressers we're very common in the 20s through the 40s and are making a comeback as styles change even today. See what we have for you in this collection.

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Rectangular Mirrored Tray

Rectangular Mirrored Tray
This stylish and very elegant tray, is made of stainless steel and has a mirror-like basis. This is a very tasteful decor detail any contemporary interior executed in a modern style. Perfect for serving drinks and meals, or as decoration.

5 Pc Dresser Set Amethyst Glass Art Deco Perfume Bottles Tray Ashtray Trinket

5 Pc Dresser Set Amethyst Glass Art Deco Perfume Bottles Tray Ashtray Trinket
These sublime perfume bottles will ensure that your favorite scent gets the best treatment and is stored with class and charm. It sports the 5-piece set made of amethyst glass of the highest quality.

Vintage dressing tray mirrored tray for

Vintage dressing tray mirrored tray for
Elegant tray covered with mirror. Frame is made of metal and finished with sophisticated pattern. Perfect for display decorations, serving snacks, drinks and more. Traditional form and timeless style

Cynthia Mirrored Tray (Set of 2)

Cynthia Mirrored Tray (Set of 2)
It is a set that includes two mirrored trays. They are made of wood and glass and they have got a brown and mercury colors. You will be impressed how beautiful these trays are. IT is a very good choice.

Wayborn beveled mirror tray

Wayborn beveled mirror tray
Shabby and glamour style is closed in this mirrored tray for dressers. The whole tray is made from mirrored panels and has a rectangular shape. You’ll love the rich silver-gray look that blends into any color scheme.

Small vintage mirror tray for dresser or

Small vintage mirror tray for dresser or
With its rich ornaments and filigree brass frame, this small vintage tray can be a gorgeous addition to one's dresser or vanity. Perfect for your cosmetics or make-up stuff, this mirrored tray has 9 inches long and 6.5 inches wide.

Mirrored bath accessories

Mirrored bath accessories
The elegant vanity tray to but it on the top of dresser. The elements made of stainless steel are really easy to keep then clean, but also looking amazing then you are keeping your cosmetics and accessories in order.

Vintage vanity dresser mirrored tray

Vintage vanity dresser mirrored tray
Round tray covered with mirror. It is finished with decorative crystals. Perfect for displaying perfumes, jewelry and more. It is very well appreciated by customers for elegant design and high quality.

Vanity tray gold vanity tray home decor

Vanity tray gold vanity tray home decor
A classy traditional vanity tray having an oval handless frame of metal with a golden finish. It features an openwork raised edge with beautiful intricate floral ornaments. It has a mirrored bottom.

Round mirrored tray

A stunning, round mirrored tray that will make serving drinks or breakfast in bed a lot easier and immensely more stylish with its elegant looks and classy design. It looks like a sublime choice for your modern-styled home.

Mirrored trays for dressers 1

Foyer table...love the lamp (a must for an entryway!), mirror (another must have for an entry), and tray with family photos, candle, etc.

Mirrored trays for dressers 3

Decorative Beaded Edge Mirror Tray

Mirrored trays for dressers 23

for the ottoman - i like the mirrored bottom but not the open sides

Mirrored Vanity Tray, 9" X 5" X 1"

Mirror tray for dresser

Vintage Mirror Tray / Hollywood Regency by EllieandBelleVintage

Mirrored trays for dressers 10

Gifts for the Bride: Small Monogrammed Mirrored Dresser-Top Tray @ Pottery Barn

Mirrored trays for dressers 11

Love mirrored trays - for makeup, jewelry, accessories.. Victoria Large 22 1/2" Wide Silver Mirrored Tray $29.99

Mirrored dresser top trays

I'd like for the top of my dresser to be this neat and organized. Unfortunately, I have a nasty habit of piling stuff on there until nothing else will fit without something falling off.

Mirrored trays for dressers 26

Aniani, Tray...63... Item #19787 Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailMore Sharing ServicesPin It! Decorative and functional tray constructed of multiple mirrors with polished edges for a smooth finish. Designer: NA Dimensions: 14 W X 18 H X 2

Mirrored trays for dressers 12

Photos of dressing tables - Vintage filigree mirrored vanity tray.jpg

Round mirrored tray 29

Round tray with mirrored top. Frame is made of metal with gold finish. Ideal for serving drinks, snacks or display decorations. Handy gadget for each home. Classic form and elegant design.

Mirrored trays for dressers 2

French Style Vanity Table for the bedroom..I have always wanted one of these for the bedroom

Mirrored trays for dressers 1

mirrored tray for dresser

Dresser top mirror tray

A nice collection of mirrored trays for dressers or vanity table. The trays have mirrors on all sides, including inner and outer surfaces. They can be carried around conveniently thanks to rectangular cutout tables.

Mirrored trays for dressers 7

Acrylic Trays #westelm - the mirrored ones were too expensive, but these are cute too

Perfume plate

A truly enchanting proposition for every princess. This cut lace white vanity tray will constitute an exquisitely stylish surface to store your perfume collection.

Mirrored dresser tray

Chic traditional trays for dressers. Trays are rectangular but differ in size. They're made of wood composite, has mirrored bottoms, a black finish outside, small rubbery anti-slip feet, raised splayed out edges with tiny round convex mirror insets.

Mirrored trays for dressers

MATSON Mirrored Dresser or Perfume Tray

Mirrored trays for dressers 27

This Mirrored Vanity Tray – Rose can be found at Target for $18.99. This is a stylish way to display your perfumes and lotions. Great way to add some style to your vanity or dresser!

Mirrored trays for dressers 25

Jewelry Boxes For Women & Jewelry Storage | Pottery Barn

Mirrored trays for dressers

Mirrored Tray for Vanity Dresser or Bathroom by VarietyRetro

Mirror tray for coffee table holds coasters candles small vase

Mirror tray for coffee table. Holds: coasters, candles, small vase.

Mirrored trays for dressers 9

Another mirrored tray option for the vanity...

Mirrored trays for dressers 24

vintage vanity trays for perfume | Vintage Perfume Tray

Mirrored trays for dressers 17

i like the mirror with the ledge for nail polish storage - they're pretty to store in the open. but now it'll bother me that i don't have matching essie bottles like she does here...

White dresser with black top

Original, attractive and very practical dresser for girls. This piece of furniture features a white wooden frame with six large and three small storage drawers in pink color. The whole dresser is spacious and resistant to wear.

Mirrored trays for dressers 14

Mosaic Tray-Stained Glass Mixed Media-Pink, Black, Gray

Black white dresser 1

Adorable design for a cute and colorful corner in a kids’ bedroom with a traditional dresser cabinet made out of white wood with painted drawers in a purple color, nicely matching the large, monochrome photo above.

Antique mirrored vanity tray 1

A beautiful, silver tray that may serve as a nice decoration of your vanity table. You can keep your jewellery, perfumes or other cosmetics on it. Display it together with a candle in soft colors and you will get a nice decorative corner.

Stone bathroom accessories sets

The white tray made of Greek marble. It could be used as a contrast on the dresser to hold the jewelry and the parfumes. I am not pretty sure if it looks good in the modern bathroom, but will be perfect for the classical one.

Mirror tray for perfumes jewellery

Mirror Tray for Perfumes & Jewellery

Round mirrored tray 9

Round tray with mirrored surface. It is suitable for serving drinks and snacks. It also decorates different table stylizations thanks to its solid mirrored surface complemented by very attractive crystals.

Budget bedroom ideas bedroom decorating ideas for master kids guest

Budget Bedroom Ideas | Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Master, Kids, Guest, Nursery | HGTV

French Chic Garden Mirrored Tray

French Chic Garden Mirrored Tray

Vintage mirrored vanity tray

Romantic vanity setting with a DIY vanity tray made of an old picture frame. Thanks to raised edge with unique carvings, it serves the purpose with style. The bottom was painted hot pink to match the vanity table skirt.

Mirrored trays for dressers

Retro Brass Vanity Dresser Mirror Tray

Vanity tray set for dresser 22

Colorful and bright setup for a little vanity space on a bedroom cabinet, containing an elegant, curved mirror with a traditional, white frame, and a wicker cosmetics tray to store your makeup amenities.

Vanity tray set

Antique mirrored tray - a perfect backdrop for a meticulously selected collection of perfumes! Classically elegant vanity tray set with elaborately carved frame and feet in old gold. Original vintage item.

Vanity tray set for dresser 25

This whole vanity set can be a wonderful gift idea. Hand painted porcelain perfume atomizer along with a complimentary vanity tray set for the dresser. The lovely painted finishing presents a warm, charming flower mosaic.

Dresser top jewelry trays 4

Dresser Top Jewelry Trays