Metal Bed Bench


As if built from the remnants of a bed in the old west, these metal bed benches are an interesting feature for a rustic outdoor style. They would be very much at home on a ranch or anywhere with wide open spaces. And they are sturdy, with a steel frame and wood seat area. Take a look at this extensive collection and see if we have the metal bed bench for you.

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Metal bed bench

A DIY project that presents a garden or patio bench made of an old bed! The sides with the arm rests and the backrest were crafted from an old headboard. It even features a subtle decoration. The seat is simple and wooden.

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Metal bed bench 1

From trash to treasure? This lovely, enchanting bench was created with the use of an old, distressed, iron bed. A fully handmade with snowy white finishing and intricate, original design can truly enhance your garden space.

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Metal bed bench 20

more industrial decor - wish I had this daybed...wish I could rummage through this place :)

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Metal bedroom bench

Traditional bench mounted on metal frame. Seat is made of wood. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Back consists of vertically arranged wires. Classic form and functional design.

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Metal bed bench 6

Amazing outdoor bench built from reclaimed metal headboards. The bench is supported by four thick bases, each attached on every leg for stability. It comes with a nice rustic look too and while you’re allowed to sit on it, it’s best used to hold plant pots in your garden or patio.

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Vintage antique primitive metal deco headboard bed garden bench

vintage antique primitive metal deco headboard bed garden bench ...

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Twin bed bench

Constituting a great example of upcycling, this metal bench is made of a full size bed. All covered in azure blue, reveals that we are dealing with a bold project, which is designed to draw attention.

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Metal frame bench

A lovely bench that will look just great in your garden. It features a metal structure with the backrest created from an old bed headboard, which has a nice, curved design. The seat is simple and wooden.

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Old metal bed frame

Such a cute bench. It's fully made out of an old bed frame. Silver, iron frames that are actually the legs of our bench and wooden seating. The frame over the bench, at the backfront has some nice, modern pattern.

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Recycled metal bed garden bench

Recycled metal bed garden bench

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Best Ideas

Metal bed bench 1

An antique and rugged wooden bench. This bench has a dual purpose in that it can be used as a bench and also as a bed (with a foam on top). The metal frame is quite rugged and the wood is painted with different colors to prevent decay.

Bed headboard bench

Outdoor bench made of wood and metal. Back consists of vertically arranged wires. Perfect as additional seating in the garden, patio and others outdoor places as needed.

Metal bed frame bench 1

Metal Bed frame bench

Metal bed bench 9

Bench made from old headboard just weld up or bolt together a frame and add wood ( we used a old leaf from a table )

Repurposed bed frame

The American symbol of motorization - has been used to recycle to create an unconventional metal bed bench. Red color, high gloss - reminiscent of Chevrolet brand - stand stable on four black wheels.If you can not afford Chevrolet-you can start from the bench.

Metal bench from repurposed old bed

Metal Bench from repurposed old bed

Ann elias bed bench jpg


Metal bed bench 13

My husband made this out of an old metal bed frame and an old 56 Chevy tail gate and bumper.

Diy metal bed frame

How to transorm wooden bench on wheels into super modern, exotic style comfortable ottoman, that can be also used as sofa? Easily! By adding colorful mattress with modern-style artistic pillows or cushions.

Iron bed bench

This metal bed bench will add to your classical bed some romantic touch. With pattern of flowers refers to wonderful romantic stories form old times, creating calm and love atmosphere in your bedroom.

Iron bedroom bench

A wonderful and imaginative DIY idea for a love seat. It features a structure made of old, upcycled barrels in a positive, light green color. The seat is upholstered in a colorful, striped cushion. The unit looks really cool and funky.

Metal bed bench 4

DIY Repurposed Metal Headboard Bench - Southern Revivals/ for the ole day-bed, once I make the new frame replacement..

Home furniture dining room civic wood and metal bench

Home FURNITURE Dining Room Civic Wood and Metal Bench

Bench made from old bed frame

An amazing DIY-made bench having an unusual 'frame' created from ... an old metal bed finished in white. A simple wooden seat is attached to 2 decorative tall posts adorned with arched headboards both on a top and on sides as well as with flowers.