Magnetic Shower Curtain Liner

A shower curtain liner is a great feature to protect your shower curtain from mildew and wear. And if you prefer to have a fabric shower curtain they are even better. Our collection of magnetic shower curtain liners come in all sizes for any shower need and will give you peace of mind that your expensive shower curtain will not be destroyed with the ravages of time. See collection for more.

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Magnetic shower curtain liner 4

Mildew Free, Antibacterial Shower Curtain Liner w/ Extra Bottom Magnets (6), Fully Waterproof, Reinforced Grommets, Nontoxic PEVA For A Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Choice (Clear) from My Stunning Abode My Stunning Abode TM

Pink shower curtain liner

Pink Shower Curtain Liner
If you’re looking for an easy way to avoid having your shower curtain stick out and make the floor wet, take a look at this set of shower curtain liner with a magnetized bottom which makes sure the curtain stays inside.

Magna lock magnetic shower curtain sealing system

Magna Lock Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealing System
An aesthetic practical rectangular novelty sealer intended for using with shower curtain liners. It's crafted of durable white plastic and has a magnetic tape inside. It prevents escaping water on the floor and due to it also slipping or falling.

How to stop your shower curtain from blowing in

How To Stop Your Shower Curtain From Blowing In

Maytex norwich fabric shower curtain liner

Maytex Norwich Fabric Shower Curtain Liner
An aesthetic innovative liner for protection fabric shower curtains. It's crafted of long-wearing plain grey polyester. It has a magnetic hem to keep a material off the body, metal grommets, can be machine washed.

Magnetic shower curtain liner 13

Interesting ideas on how to use magnets cut out from a useless old shower curtain liner. Round quite powerful magnets can serve e.g. for attaching papers on a fridge, keeping metal bits and bobs in a garage, keeping protective foils etc.

Magnetic shower curtain liner 40

Carnation Home Fashions 3-Gauge Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner with Weighted Magnets and Metal Grommets, Evergreen

Magnetic shower curtain liner

Heavyweight shower curtain liner has magnets to keep it in place. With metal grommets, this five-gauge liner will be perfectly paired with any shower curtain, and best of all it resists mildew.

PEVA Extra Wide Waterproof Shower Curtain or Shower Curtain Liner for Bathroom Accessories

Complete shower curtain set with hooks and rings. The curtain is long and semi-transparent, with white geometric pattern. The material is PEVA: water-repelling, mildew and mold resistant, anti-bacterial.

Magnetic shower curtain liner 20

Peach Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner : Magnets, 70" X 72" | Carnation Home Products CARNATION HOME

Shower Curtain Liner - Super Clear, Mildew Resistant, Odor Free, Anti-bacterial, Heavy Duty Vinyl, Metal Grommets, Best Lifetime Guarantee, 72x72,single pack

Perfectly transparent shower curtain liner resists mold, moisture and rust. It repels water and dries quickly between showers. Retains shape and stays securely in place while you shower using heavy duty tear proof grommets that last.

Shower Curtain Liner

Shower Curtain Liner
It is a shower curtain liner that is made of 100-percent polyester and has got a simple look. You can choose one of 8 colors: light blue, linen, sage, black, brown, rose, white and ivory. It is perfect for your bathroom.

Heavy duty shower curtain liner 27

Shower curtain in simple form. It is fitted with metal grommets for easy mounting. Neutral and functional design for each bathroom as needed.

Nylon shower curtain liner

Well-chosen shower curtain - it gives character to the entire bathroom space. When our bathroom offers us a minimalist whiteness, adding such a gray, shining nylon shower curtain liner, full of charcoal accents and beautiful leaves - we create a unique space.

Extra wide shower curtain fabric

Embellished with a subtle, pale pink flower mosaic, this extra wide and long shower curtain is attached to a special, chrome liner, which ensures stability and sustainability.

Magnetic shower curtain liner 18


Heavy duty clear vinyl shower curtains

A minimalist contemporary shower curtain manufactured of resistant water-repellent vinyl in a patternless snow-white shade. It has reinforced hems and round chromed metal grommets. It can be hand washed.

Shower curtain liner with magnets

Bulk Home Collection Beige Vinyl Shower Curtain Liners, 70x72" at

Bath bathroom accessories shower curtains hooks liners shower curtains 416

... bath bathroom accessories shower curtains hooks liners shower curtains

Magnetic shower curtain liner 7

The magnetized shower curtain liner is super lightweight and made with thin polyethylene. Magnets stick to bathtub to help prevent watery messes. Comes in assorted colors including pink and light blue. Each liner is packaged in a polybag with hanging hole

Magnetic shower curtain liner 10

Magnetic Shower Liner

47x64 Shower Curtain RV Shower Curtain Shorter and Narrower than regular shower curtain Color: Off-white

A simple shower curtain that will surely help you not only make your bathroom a lot more functional and help you keep your privacy but thanks to the neutral design and the light finish it is a sure option of blending with any possible decor.

Magnetic shower curtain liner 31

Peach vinyl shower curtain liner.

Home collection vinyl light beige 3 magnet shower curtain liner

Home Collection Vinyl Light Beige 3 Magnet Shower Curtain Liner 70 X 72 New
It's a good idea to choose a model with a small load on the bottom, it can be a small weight, a ribbon, a lead line or a stitched material. This simple white magnetic shower curtain liner made of non-woven fabric is resistant to damage, waterproof and light.

Magnetic shower curtain liner 33

Nexxt Design Nuvo Design Shower Curtain Liner with Magnets and Metal Grommets, White by Nexxt Design,

Magnetic shower curtain liner 29

Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner with Metal Grommets & Magnets: LIME GREEN

Magnetic shower curtain liner 24

going to try these on the downstairs clawfoot... that way its a liner and curtain in one. maybe have to sew some heavier magnets into the bottom hem to make sure it doesn't blow in. in white, ivory, and tan... hmm... Canopy Microfiber Fabric Shower Curtai

Magnetic shower curtain liner 14


Magnetic shower curtain liner 8


Magnetic shower curtain liner 19

Slate blue vinyl shower curtain liner.

Magnetic shower curtain liner 30

repurposing vinyl shower curtains

Extra wide shower curtain liner 1

An aesthetic though rather simple modern shower curtain crafted of water-repellent nylon. It's wide and features a white and delicate blue vertically striped pattern. It has reinforced hems and metal grommets.

Magnetic shower curtain

100 % Vinyl Yellow Magnetic Shower Curtain Liner with Grommets, Mildew and Water Resistant Standard Size 70" X 72" RL Plastics

Shower curtain liner 78 inches long

This shower curtain liner sports an extra wide design to make it easier and more versatile to use and is made from highest quality metal, while its chrome finish allows you to match it easily with any piece.

Magnets for shower curtain

What a great idea for the dramatic play/Housekeeping area! If you need to start a collection of magnets I just cut them out of the shower curtain liner before I toss it out.

Vinyl Hotel Shower Curtain Liner

Vinyl Hotel Shower Curtain Liner
An excellent combination of beauty and functionality, this shower curtain provides both the decorative and practical utility with the monaco blue finish, so sure to instantly brighten up your interior.

Extra long shower curtain liner 96

Sometimes the simplest design choices are the best ones - a minimalistic approach to a shower curtain liner, this one is entirely made out of see-through plastic with a set of tiny, simplistic curtain hangers on the top.

Magnetic shower curtain liner 6

Vinyl Magnetic Shower Curtain Liner W Metal Grommets - Burgundy

Extra wide shower curtain liner 3

Shower curtain in traditional form. It is made of waterproof fabric and finished with floral theme. Includes hook holes for easy assembly. Adds freshness and elegance to each bathroom.

Nylon shower curtain liner 1

This silky soft nylon liner is water-repellant, and its reinforced mesh header makes it extra strong and durable. Made from 100% nylon, is machine washable and easy in maintenance. Measures 70" W x 72" L.

Bath bathroom accessories shower curtains hooks liners shower curtains 425

... bath bathroom accessories shower curtains hooks liners shower curtains

Magnetic shower curtain liner 34

Pink rose vinyl shower curtain liner.

Bath bathroom accessories shower curtains hooks liners shower curtains 423

... bath bathroom accessories shower curtains hooks liners shower curtains

Solid Satin Stripe Shower Curtain

Solid Satin Stripe Shower Curtain
Satin shower curtain in elegant style. It includes hook holes for easy mounting. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Functional addition for each bathroom as needed.

Magnetic shower curtain liner 35

ZenFresh PEVA Anti Mildew Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner 3 Magnets, White 72inch x 72inch $ 19.95 Bath Products Product Features Heavy Duty – Don’t settle for flimsy shower liners. Our shower curtain liners are 10 gauge thick. It pa

Nylon shower curtain liner 5

Long shower curtain with a waterproof construction. This material assures protection from water and moisture. Its white color is neutral, universal and it looks very good in any type of bathroom design.

Solid Polyester Dorset Shower Curtain

Solid Polyester Dorset Shower Curtain
This simple and charming shower curtain made from durable polyester is a great solution for every bathroom. Beautifully was made in stylish color. The whole works perfectly in any interior.

Carnation Home Fashions 72 Long by 108-Inch Wide Extra Wide Vinyl Shower Curtain, White

This beautiful shower curtain made of vinyl is a super resistant and durable. Beautiful and subtle shade allows adapting it to each interior. Made of rust-proof metal grommets provide long use.

Vinyl "Jumbo" Shower Curtain Liner

Vinyl "Jumbo" Shower Curtain Liner
If you're looking for simple and practical solutions for your house, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and unique shower curtain. Check it out and enjoy the highest functionality in your bathroom!

Vinyl Deluxe Shower Curtain Liner

Vinyl Deluxe Shower Curtain Liner