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Liminal Living: A Transitory Haven on the Shores of West Vancouver

As the sands of time shift and the dynamics of family life evolve, the concept of a home undergoes a profound transformation. In a recent collaboration with soon-to-be empty nesters, McLeod Bovell embarked on a journey to design a residence that not only reflects the transition at a conceptual level but also immerses its inhabitants in the liminality of space.

The Interstitial Design

The project site itself serves as a metaphorical bridge between the familiar comforts of a suburban neighborhood and the untamed beauty of West Vancouver's stony seashore. The architectural design draws inspiration from the resilient creatures that inhabit this territory, embodying their ability to adapt to challenging conditions. The house, crafted from enduring materials such as concrete, stained Accoya wood, and aluminum plate, stands as a testament to its resistance against the battering effects of the shore environment.

Three-level heaven

With an area of 10,940 square feet, the house has been split into three levels,  offering an exquisite living experience on each floor. Ascending to the upper level unveils a haven of tranquility, featuring a principal bedroom adorned with a spacious walk-in closet. Additionally, two generously appointed bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms provide private retreats for family members or guests, while a guest suite with a terrace allows for an alfresco escape.

The main floor seamlessly integrates the heart of the home, comprising a modern kitchen and dining area, an inviting living room, a convenient powder room, a practical mudroom, and a washroom/laundry space, harmoniously balancing functionality and luxury. The exterior boasts an autocourt and garage for practicality and a refreshing pool for leisure and entertainment.

Descending to the basement, a thoughtfully designed office space, a guest bedroom for added convenience, a spa bathroom with a sauna for relaxation, and a recreation room create a multifaceted living environment that caters to every aspect of modern living.

Meticulously crafted courtyard garden, lower and upper gardens, covered terrace and stairs leading to the beach, provide abundant opportunities to step outside and enjoy outdoor cooking and lounging amid the timeless dance between architecture and the natural world.

Scenographic Approach

In redefining the conventional approach to design, the team abandon the notion of flat elevations and embrace a scenographic perspective. The house unfolds as a narrative, inviting residents and visitors to move through and around it. Courtyards, cantilevered volumes, and seamlessly integrated landscaped surfaces blur the boundaries between the interior and the natural environment. The result is a dynamic living space that is experienced, not just observed.


In the realm of interior design, the project at the interstice of suburban living and the West Vancouver seashore stands as a beacon of liminal living. McLeod Bovell's innovative approach transcends the ordinary, creating a home that captures the essence of transition and invites occupants to dwell in the moments between past and future. This is not just a house; it's a living, breathing testament to the beauty of embracing the in-between.

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