Large Dog Stroller

A dog stroller is a great choice if you want to take the pet for a long outdoor excursion. To ensure the maximum of comfort for the pet, always choose a stroller which fits the dog's size. Here's a collection of large dog strollers.

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Dogger dog stroller

Opt for a dog buggie for even the largest of dogs and ensure that your dog can always go for walks with you, even if he's no longer the young puppy he once used to be. It sports the easy to carry structure to make it more convenient for you.

Large dog stroller 1

This lovely pet stroller combines style and functionality, creating an ideal option for transporting your dogs. It can lift up to 150 lbs, constituting a consider worthy proposition also for bigger dogs.

Pet gear large pet stroller blue

Pet Gear Large Pet Stroller - BLUE -

Large dog stroller 2

A stroller for larger dogs. Air-filled tires, rear shocks and lockable front tire provide the ultimate comfort and decent maneuverability at any type of terrain. Mesh canopy protects from insects and nature elements.

Ships within 2 3 business days if you need it

Ships within 2-3 Business Days (if you need it to leave us faster ...

Expedition Standard Pet Stroller

Expedition Standard Pet Stroller
While taking your dog on longer walks or to vet, such a pet stroller may be highly utilitarian. Believe me, you will not want to get rid of it once you try it. It is particularly easy to steer thanks to a system of double wheels.

Dog stroller for medium dogs

Houndabout Dog Cat Pet Bicycle Bike Trailer -- needs bigger windows for Bitsy to see out of but I like that it hooks up to a bike :)

Our advice Buying Guide

A large dog stroller is a helping hand as you travel with your precious canine. It's also a great tool for reducing stress on the body of your dog if it has trouble walking due to joint pain or a recent surgery. It's certainly convenient to have even when it is perfectly happy as it can keep a dog contained in a public area while still allowing the dog to keep you company. A large dog stroller is basically a large crate on wheels!

As it can be difficult to pick the right dog stroller for a large breed, keep on reading as we’ve listed some tips that will help you purchase the best stroller for your pooch.

How to determine the right size for a dog stroller?

While buying a large dog stroller, make sure that it’s a good fit for the size of your four-legged friend as it needs to be comfortable inside its portable crate. Measure your dog’s height by placing one end of a tape measure on the floor and bringing the other end up to the top of your dog's head. You’ll need this when looking at stroller specifications.

A stroller that is of the wrong size in relation to the size of your pet will not just cause discomfort but also injury, which is the last thing that you want your best friend to go through! It is imperative that you pick the right size as getting one that’s large may make the dog jostle around inside it.

Also, lots of large dog strollers come with specific weight limits. Identify your current dog’s weight and compare it to the load rating of your chosen stroller. If you make the weight rating of strollers as a filter, you’d also make the shopping process easier and more enjoyable.

Are there strollers for more than one dog?

You may need a large dog stroller to contain several puppies. If so, then make sure the puppies are not cramped while they are inside their stroller. You should also provide ample allowance so you’d still be able to use the stroller for the growing pups.

Check if the stroller that you will be getting for multiple dogs is designed specifically to carry lots of pets as it should be able to provide you with several leash attachments. Of course, you need to ensure it is made of a durable material that will be able to handle constant use and wear and tear.

What quality stroller should you get?

These are two important factors that you need to consider when getting a large dog stroller. If your plan is to use the stroller for occasional walks and/or trips, then an inexpensive, low-quality stroller will be fine for your intended use. As you may already know, such kind of strollers will come at a lower price. For regular walking and/or various situations, you would need the best dog stroller. You may have to spend more money on it. If possible, only get the stroller that is a product of a reputable brand that offers a comprehensive warranty or return policy.

How to make sure the dog stroller is safe?

Perhaps you plan on taking your dog to lots of places with its stroller. Remember that even the calmest dog can feel stress within an unfamiliar environment; hence, you need to check its stroller’s safety features like a harness, locking wheels, or the ability to create a den. These things and more will ensure that your dog will be safe regardless of the situation while you are traveling.


Large dog stroller 3

Dog stroller that can also be used as a dog trailer. This large sized element is suitable for transporting large dogs. It protects them from negative outdoor effects. This construction includes a practical handle and three wheels.

Large dog stroller

Dog stroller mounted on metal frame. Cover is closed by zipper. Includes convenient handle for easy movement. Dedicated to large dogs.

Guardian gear sprinter ext stroller dog stroller

Guardian Gear Sprinter EXT Stroller -- Dog Stroller~

Pet buggy wheeled pet carrier

Brown Double Pet Stroller Heavy Duty Side By Side with Large Wheels - Top of the Line -

Large dog stroller 8

Posh Puppy Boutique is a shop for designer dog clothes and accessories - Dog Wheelchair puppy Strollers, pet toys, collars, carriers, treats, stunning bowls, diaper, belly bands, id tags, harnesses, apparel

Stroller for large dogs

Pet Gear AT3 All Terrain Large Dog Pet Stroller Blue | eBay

Petego stroller conversion kit for comfort wagon pet bicycle trailer

Petego Stroller Conversion Kit for Comfort Wagon Pet Bicycle Trailer, Large Petego

Ebay dog stroller

PET GEAR JOGGER LARGE DOG Stroller Capacity 70 lbs NEW

Large dog stroller uk

A cool contemporary pushchair for large dogs. It's of wooden materials with a natural finish. It has an oval basket and a tall back with a handle. The whole shell features a vertical X-slatted design. A cushion is covered in red polka-dot fabric.

Petzip pet happy trailer stroller red 1

PetZip Pet Happy Trailer Stroller, Red -

Large dog stroller 4

... , there is the Roadster Pet Stroller for medium dogs and large dogs

Large dog stroller 8


Dog jogging stroller

Based on 2 large wheels, this extra large dog stroller will make all your walks and trips a more pleasurable experience, both for you and your dog. Easy in assembly, it can become your second favourite companion.

Dog strollers for large dogs

dog strollers for large dogs

Dog strollers designer small dog stroller petzip pet gear puppy

dog strollers designer small dog stroller petzip pet gear puppy dog ...

Dog strollers ebay

If you’re travelling often and are a pet owner, you probably often struggle with transporting your ports. It’s not an easy task and the pets are usually not cooperating very well. This beautiful pet stroller is an excellent solution for such problems!

1000x1000 jpg 1764


Large dog stroller 14

I don't know about a trailer for a perfectly healthy golden retriever, like they show in the photo... but maybe an elderly dog that misses going running!

Pet gear at3 roadster stroller

Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller Midnight #dogs

Ebay pet strollers

Combination Pet Dog Bike Trailer and Jogging Stroller for Large Houndabout II | eBay

Large dog stroller 9

Amazing dog strollers...

Dog strollers 1

Dog Strollers

Roadster II Dog Jogger Pet Stroller

Roadster II Dog Jogger Pet Stroller
Take your pet everywhere with you, no matter the weather and the distance. This functional pet stroller offers all merits of modern utility, plus it sports attractive style with a white paw print on front.

Dog buggies

Roadster Pet Stroller for dogs up to 100 lbs! Yea! Brookstone

Booyah dog trailer

HoundAbout Large Pet Stroller

Extra large dog stroller 2

Need a convenient stroller for your cat or small dog? This one has all: a tubular steel frame with cup holders, locking caster wheels, and a stylish basket with two tents - one covered with a recticular and the other with full pink fabric.

Large dog stroller 7

Available Stroller Accessories

Side by side double pet stroller

This would be me. I'd be the nut goin' down the street with a goddamn dog stroller.

Large dog stroller 11

$60 Outward Hound Pet Stroller Outward

Large dog stroller 13

Dog Stroller

Stroller allows owners to bring not one but multiple pets

... Stroller allows owners to bring not one, but multiple pets along on

Buggies for dogs

Let's Have Some Fun with Your Pet Stroller!

Ebay dog strollers

A pet stroller with large tires makes it easy to go for a run or hike with your elderly pet. A protective screen keeps insects and dirt out and your pet safely inside.

Large dog stroller 6

Pet Gear Special Edition Pet Stroller Review. In June I wrote an article on why some dogs use dog strollers. It's a pretty good read & you might be surprised on some of the ways a dog stroller comes in handy. But today, I'm going to talk specifically abou

Blue classic 4 wheels pet dog cat stroller carrier w

Blue Classic 4 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller Carrier w Raincover

Large dog stroller

... -Handle-Large-Black-Beige-Blue-Pink-Pet-Dog-Cat-Stroller-Carrier

Pet stroller ebay


Dog stroller ebay

Dog Bike Trailer / Stroller

Sprinter EXT II Dog Jogger Pet Stroller

Sprinter EXT II Dog Jogger Pet Stroller
It is a Sprinter EXT II dog jogger pet stroller that Includes plastic cup holder, padded handlebars, and storage underneath. If you looking for something amazing for your dog you need to buy this one.

Petzip 3 in 1 dog stroller dog carrier stroller combo

petzip 3 in 1 dog stroller dog carrier stroller combo

Large dog stroller 7

Kasko Comfort Wagon Pet Stroller Conversion Kit (Large) -

Pet gear expedition large dog stroller

Pet Gear - Expedition Large Dog Stroller

Handle large black beige blue pink pet dog cat stroller

... -Handle-Large-Black-Beige-Blue-Pink-Pet-Dog-Cat-Stroller-Carrier