Large Artificial Flower Arrangements

To enliven the interior and introduce some colour. Flower arrangements are smart choices when decorating the house - they are cheap and if you choose artificial arrangements you want spend a minute taking care of them. Check out my collection of large artificial flower arrangements.

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Large artificial flower arrangements phoenix lime cream blossom home decor

Large artificial flower arrangements phoenix lime cream blossom home decor
A beautiful large contemporary floral arrangement manufactured of durable plastic. It is showing very realistic various thickness dark stems and twigs of Phoenix limes and blossoming white flowers with delicate yellow undertones.

Silk flower arrangement with large blue

Silk flower arrangement with large blue
Composed in white and navy, this large artificial flower arrangement can easily boost a beach themed interior. The flowers are displayed in a ceramic vase in white, with blue pattern reflecting the shape of peonies and dahlias to some extent.

Galla Calla Lily in Vase

Galla Calla Lily in Vase
Gorgeous decorative piece featuring pristine white calla lily blooms in delicate and elegant glass vase. Perfect embellishment for your home decor, this amazing set balances classical style with natural beauty flawlessly.

Large floral centerpiece in turquooise ceramic bowl rustic artificial flowers

Large floral centerpiece in turquooise ceramic bowl rustic artificial flowers
An autumnal in character large rustic floral arrangement of artificial silk. It's composed a.o. of fern leaves and blades of grass in yellows, browns and greens as well as reddish flowers. A round vase with a narrow stem is of greenish ceramic.

Large Cymbidium Silk Flower Arrangement in Burgundy

Large Cymbidium Silk Flower Arrangement in Burgundy
This impressive bouquet / flower arrangement in vibrant, vivid colors decorative detail is perfect for all kinds of interiors. Beautiful flowers made from silk touch material look like living.

Large rustic floral arrangement in wooden box rustic artificial flowers

Large rustic floral arrangement in wooden box rustic artificial flowers
This arrangement includes artificial flowers in a solid wooden container. The whole rustic stylization decorates indoors and outdoors. Artificial flowers look like real ones and they are resistant to wear, damage or ageing.

Large artificial flower arrangements vases

Beautiful tulips are associated with spring and summer - we wait so long. They are also the symbol of Amsterdam. Here they create a large artificial flower arrangement in a glass vase on the leg. Bright color, large green leaves.

Our advice Buying Guide

In addition to large artificial flower arrangements suiting every occasion in a budget-friendly manner, they're an excellent way of capturing specific moods or expressing feelings. Even though the flowers are artificial, it's nice to have an arrangement present during an event or special occasion. These arrangements are available in a plethora of colors, sizes, shapes, and themes. With that in mind, we're going to look at some options to help you make your selections.

What are the basic types of artificial flower arrangements?

There is a multitude of large artificial flower arrangements for different placements and uses. Despite their varying styles, it's possible to break these flower arrangements down into the following categories:

  • Line-Mass: a combination of European and Japanese elements are utilized with this style of flower arranging. Often referred to as "Contemporary American," line-mass arrangements feature an asymmetrical shape consisting of tall flowers featuring and arched plant spring.
  • Mass: often referred to as a Western Faux or traditional flower arrangement, the mass arrangement consists of a wide variety of flowers and leaves. These elaborate arrangements are based on symmetry and are often full and lush.
  • Pave: this arrangement consists of cut stems whereby there's no space left between the flowers. Flowers sit on the lip of the container and are built slightly upward in a compact manner to look like a bouquet.

Vertical: you'll find these large artificial flower arrangements most often in baskets. They feature a combination of different varieties of flowers in different colors and shapes.

How to pick the right containers for artificial flower arrangements?

When selecting large artificial flower arrangements to display in your home, during your event, or for your special occasion, it's a direct reflection of your personal style. Therefore, picking out a container or vase to match the arrangement is just as essential as the large artificial flower arrangements themselves.

  • Baskets: when you want to create an arrangement that lifts the space up visually, baskets are the optimal choice. They're available in materials beyond that of rattan including bamboo, wicker, and metal.
  • Column Vases: for those who are decorating with long stem floral arrangements, column vases are an excellent choice. You'll find this is especially true if you'd like to add branches or twigs.
  • Rectangular Vases: when you're decorating a modern interior with large artificial floral arrangements, the addition of a rectangular vase is the ideal accent piece. You'll also find these vases work well if you're using long stems, as well, because the rectangular space provides plenty of room for them to spread out.

How to maintain artificial flower arrangements?

It isn't uncommon for artificial flowers to gather dust. Therefore, it's essential that you purchase a silk plant cleaner to spray on your arrangement. In doing so, the cleaner will spray away dust to make the process of cleaning simplified. Perform this cleaning task at least once per week. Because some floral arrangements contain small and fragile parts, it isn’t recommended that you use your vacuum cleaner for maintenance. Otherwise, you could cause damage to your large artificial flower arrangements.


Large artificial flowers in vase

Floral arrangement in vase made of clear glass. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant decoration for each place according to taste.

Large artificial flower arrangements

The fruitful blend of artificial flowers and a glass imitation water vase makes this large floral arrangement an inspiration in every interior design. Beautiful silk and unusual form impress and bring to the decor a note of freshness.

Silk rose arrangements

Perfect for a library or Victorian living room, this large bouquet of artificial flowers. Full-blown roses accompanied with greenery and smaller blossoms combine for a formal arrangement that can dominate a table and provide a colorful focal point.

Large artificial flower arrangements

These artificial flowers are perfect for your home as you don’t have to tend to them. The green leaves and purple flower arrangement complements the dark brown vase which all contribute to the beautiful design of the flower arrangement.

Large artificial flower arrangements 5

This artificial flower composition constitutes a perfect accent for any glorious occasions, incl. weddings, banquets and official dinners. With white and yellows as dominating, it creates a warm and gentle ambience around the space.

Extra large fake flowers

This beautiful and classic flower vase is made of transparent material and always looks elegant and neat. It can be used in any interior for decoration purposes. Looks extremely pretty when white flowers are put in it.

Large cala lily in flat fish bowl vase traditional artificial

Large Cala Lily in Flat Fish Bowl Vase traditional-artificial-flowers-plants-and-trees

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Large artificial flower arrangements 7

Silk Flower Arrangements

Large silk flower arrangements 1

Complete the look of your interior with this sublime and utterly beautiful silk floral arrangement. It sports the perfect combination of green and yellow of the flowers and the big structure for a more defined accent to your space.

Fish bowl floral arrangements

A table centerpiece: French country artificial flower arrangement with yellow roses and blue wild flowers, all incorpotated into a lush bunch of greenery. Blue and white porcelain pot also suits a farmhouse style.

Large artificial flower arrangements 11

Large Artificial Floral Arrangements Silk flowers

Fish bowl flower arrangements

A charming modern floral arrangement crafted of durable nylon. It has the form of quite large stems and flowers in brownish tones. It features 20 LED lights mounted in flowers. Wires are niftily concealed in stems.

Large artificial flower arrangements 8

Elegant Silk Flower Arrangements | Why Artificial Silk Flowers Arrangements?

Large artificial flower arrangements 6

Large Hydrangea w/Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

Large silk and other quality materials flower arrangement in a

... large silk and other quality materials flower arrangement in a iron

Silk floral arrangements jpg


Large artificial flower arrangements 7

the chestnut cottage .. X ღɱɧღ || Southern Charm Silk Flower Arrangement

Calla Lilly with Cylinder Silk Flower Arrangement

Calla Lilly with Cylinder Silk Flower Arrangement

Silk floral arrangement

Floral arrangement consisting of faux flowers in pastel colors. Sophisticated decoration for each place according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Extra large artificial flowers


Large artificial flower arrangements 4

Medium to large silk flower arrangement with dramatic lilies - in white, yellow and orange, incorporated into a bunch of greenery. Designed to enhance any décor, can serve as a table centerpiece or console table decoration.

Large artificial flower arrangements 8

Silk flower arrangement styles and different shapes !!!

Large vase artificial flowers

Extra Large Tuscan Dining Centerpiece Silk

Large artificial flower arrangements 11

Elegant Centerpiece with Hydrangea, Magnolia, Roses AR336. This breath taking arrangement will add class to your décor and you will be the envy of your guests. Created with High quality silk flowers, crafted with hydrangeas, roses, and peonies 24"L x 20"

Large artificial flower arrangements

Large Artificial Flower Arrangements

Silk flower arrangements by anita widder flank a center hall

... silk flower arrangements by Anita Widder flank a center hall entrance

Silk flower arrangements 11

Silk Flower Arrangements

Large artificial flower arrangements for the home

A nice-looking contemporary floral arrangement of faux silk in a simple tall vase of transparent glass filled with clear gel. Stems and leaves of hydrangeas and orchids are in green shades, flowers are white with yellowish undertones.

Boxwood topiary artificial 6

If you’re looking for a way to decorate the rim of your outdoor area with a hedge, but don’t want the mess of a real, authentic one, take a look at this gorgeous faux boxwood hedge with a very close resemblance to the real one.

Large artificial flower arrangements 2

Transform your home decor with this lovely decoration in shape of a large centerpiece consisted of artificial silk flowers. It's a gorgeous composition of white, green and yellow that rests in a hexagonal steel vase.

Large cymbidium silk flower arrangement 2

With such a gorgeous decoration, you can embellish your dining table with blooming colors of cymbidium silk flower arrangement. The whole composition is placed in a wide vase with neatly woven design.

Large artificial orchid

Extra Large Silk Flower Arrangements - Bing Images

This elegant dendrobium white silk flower arrangement with acrylic water

This elegant Dendrobium white silk flower arrangement with acrylic water and vase will look stunning in your home/office and is presented by

Artificial florals silk arrangements large cymbidium silk flower

Artificial Florals > Silk Arrangements > Large Cymbidium Silk Flower ...

Large artificial flower arrangements 3

large artificial flower arrangement

Large artificial flower arrangements 1

A perfect decoration for modern homes, that blooms with colorful composition of red and yellow silk flowers. It comes with a clear glass vase, filled with pebbles and faux water, creating a truly charimg whole.

Nearly Natural Mini Calla Lily Silk Flower Arrangement

This lovely set decoration is simple and elegant. Beautiful lilies add lightness and the beautiful impression of the whole interior. Allow yourself to chic and timeless elegance through simple solutions.

Large artificial flower arrangements 16

roses and hydrangeas - beautiful: by such pretty things on Flickr

Large vases with artificial flowers

Large Floral Displays - Nothing adds elegance and style to a table like a huge floral arrangement. Learn how easy it is to make a dramatic statement using artificial flowers.

Large artificial flower arrangements 17

Floral Arranging Tips: -Clean off the dead petals -Change the water every day -Wrap a large leaf around the base of a bouquet -Use the vase to help you arrange

Boxwood topiary artificial

Faux topiary in the shape of the letters. It is made of durable polystyrene. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Modern decoration for each place.

Boxwood topiary artificial 1

Artificial topiary combines a classic and contemporary feel in your home or garden. Designed to withstand all outdoor elements, these topiaries are fully UV stable to prevent any fading or discolouration.