Laptop Tv Tray

You can use a TV tray to hold your laptop, but the design of the TV tray leaves something to be desired. And you can use a laptop tray to eat microwave dinners but it's often hard to clean them if you spill. That is why we offer you a laptop TV tray that is the best of both worlds. And these are quite attractive while also being entirely functional. If you are curious, you will definitely want to take a look at our collection.

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Tv tray table laptop desk c table side

Tv tray table laptop desk c table side
Multipurpose TV tray table. It can serve just as well as a side table, nightstand or any other purpose. Wooden and metal construction ensures stability and quality. Made from reclaimed wood, so you don’t have to worry about the ecology.

Pipe Side Table

Pipe Side Table
This side table is a small product that saves plenty of space. It represents a simple, rustic style. The table has got a solid wooden top made of mango wood. Its frame is made of raw steel and the overall size is 16"w x 20"d x 26.5"h.

Sofa table tv tray desk plant stand with

Sofa table tv tray desk plant stand with
The simple design of this functional laptop tray. Solid wood construction is durable and beautifully presented in every interior. The warm shade of timber captivates. It is a great help at work and during leisure.

Framed side table

Framed side table
This type of table is a stylish product that matches different interior stylizations. Its size (16"w x 16"d x 24"h) is perfect for small indoors. The base is made of metal, but the top is made of solid and attractive wood.

Nesting tv tray tables laptop desk c

Nesting tv tray tables laptop desk c
Medal fro reclaimed wood and metal, this set of nesting TV tray tables may have many uses. They work great as laptop desks, side tables or nightstands. Densely grained wood emphasizes the natural character.

Solid cherry wood folding tv tray laptop

Solid cherry wood folding tv tray laptop
This folding TV tray laptop is made from solid and elegant cherry wood. Densely grained, it will create a warm, natural appeal. A smooth addition to any traditional or rustic living room decor. Measures 22" length x 12" Wide x 26" Tall.

Masterpiece Mobile Tray Table

Masterpiece Mobile Tray Table
This tray table is very mobile and portable thanks to its caster wheels. It has been made of manufactured wood and is finished in cherry. There is a one year warranty on this piece. It will require some assembly.

Our advice Buying Guide

Even though the designs of laptops are becoming more portable and lighter with each passing year, they're still troublesome to work with while in bed or when sitting on furniture in the living room.

What are the benefits of a laptop TV tray?

Despite the nature of their name having lap in them, the weight of the device on laps in conjunction with the constant heat creates discomfort. These issues along with the fact that using a laptop in that position isn't ergonomically correct. With these factors in mind, the use of a laptop tv tray is an optimal solution. They're ideal for students working in dorms, careerists who bring work home, or anyone else who needs to use a laptop away from their desk or tabletop.

What features are optimal for a laptop TV tray?

Because you want your laptop to perform optimally and comfort is also a priority, it makes sense that you're going to need specific features. Here are some options:

  • Gaming: if you're using a heavy gaming laptop with a mouse, its high heat output will require spaces for the fan, and you'll need an area for the mousepad.
  • Portable work: if you need to complete light work projects at home, use of a lighter weight laptop tv tray featuring an ergonomic design is deal.
  • Large work projects: select a foldable tray featuring a broad base that will support larger laptops and other work items off to the side. It features adjustable legs, a stable base, and tiling surface.

What are laptop TV trays made of?

When thinking about its features, what it's made from is equally as significant. The main reason is that you want something that is sturdy so it will last through heavy use and hold your laptop. Many materials have their pros and cons, however.

For example, selecting a laptop tv tray will hold up and last for a long time, but they're heavy. Designs featuring a considerable amount of plastic are lightweight and will help your laptop stay cool, but they're not as sturdy. Aluminum models that collapse help keep laptops cool and are also lightweight, but they tend to move around when they're at their maximum height extension.

Therefore, selecting a model that features construction of a combination of materials is optimal. For example, a wooden top with a metal frame. If you'd like a wooden frame, select pieces that utilize slender pieces instead of chunky.

Are there standard measurements of laptop TV trays?

When selecting a laptop tv tray, you’ll find there are a variety of size options. The most optimal way of deciding the size that will work best for you is to think about what you’re doing with it, the size of the device that will be on it, and where you’ll be using it the most. Thinking about these factors will not only help you determine the size but also whether or not you’ll need a tray that collapses or one that you can merely tuck into a corner or closet. Some of these trays are small enough that you can collapse them and slide them beneath your bed or other pieces of furniture.


Table Tray Tray Tv Desk Laptop Computer Bed Office Wood Furniture Dorm College

Table Tray Tray Tv Desk Laptop Computer Bed Office Wood Furniture Dorm College
Enchanting with its raw, simplistic design, these laptop tables would be a perfect addition to one's urban or loft decor. They combine metal bases with wooden countertops. Properly brushed and sanded, they will serve its role for years.

Sofa server tv tray snack tray laptop

Sofa server tv tray snack tray laptop
An ideal addition to one's sofa, this small tray can be a great laptop or snack tray. Simplistic, wooden construction will fit into traditional or classic decors. Densely grained wood emphasizes its natural character.

Mission style wood adjustable computer

Mission style wood adjustable computer
A cool practical tray table crafted of brown-finished wood. Its base is built of a stable T-shaped foot and a sturdy angular pillar with a vertical cut and a height-adjustable stem inside which supports a rectangular top.

1pk White Adjustable Laptop Foldable Folding Tray Like As Seen On Tv Tablemate 2

1pk White Adjustable Laptop Foldable Folding Tray Like As Seen On Tv Tablemate 2
If you want to comfortably use your laptop even without leaving your bed then this adjustable foldable tray will make for just the perfrect option. It offers the metal structure and the white finish for an elegant look.

Tv Tray Table Laptop Desk C Table Side

Tv Tray Table Laptop Desk C Table Side
A practical TV tray that will make your quality TV time much more comfortable. It has a reclaimed wood top and a powder-coated metal frame with two flat legs, allowing you to slide them underneath a sofa to have a convenient tray right on the seat.

Expanding tray table

Excellent form of this laptop table/tray table is an attractive combination of solid construction and functionality, the base of the sweetener and the beautiful wooden top are elegant and beautiful in every design.

Folding tray table folding tray table

folding tray table Folding Tray Table

Tv tray table with a drawer laptop desk c by

TV Tray Table with a Drawer Laptop Desk C by BlackIronMetalWorks

Laptop tv tray

This laptop table is not only useful, but it looks solid, modern and simple. Great especially to living room. It features the C-shape, west Elm and crate finish and rectangular top.

Coffee table with tv tray

There are more ways than it is possible to count to use this multifunctional table. Its handmade structure of sheesham wood and iron makes it extremely durable and the sleek design adds even more to its overall appeal.

Simple laptop table

This kind of product is a tray table with a magazine holder. Its size is not very large, so it fits perfectly into small rooms. It is a table that has got a solid wooden construction that is resistant to wear and damage.

Slide under sofa table ikea

A functional TV tray that will make your TV watching time much more comfortable. It's relatively lightweight, durable and portable. It has a quality metal frame with a flat base for stability, and holds a rectangle wood top.

Laptop tv tray

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Rolling laptop table w tilting tabletop overbed desk tv food

This kind of table is a functional element that is ideal for students or office workers. It is a mobile, rolling laptop table that features a small, space saving size. Its smooth top is easy to clean.

Tv tray computer table

A functional TV tray that will make your quality TV time much more comfortable. It has a reclaimed wood top and a robust metal frame with a flat base, allowing you to slide it underneath a sofa to have a convenient tray right on the seat.

3 in 1 table laptop tv tray coffee

3 in 1 table (laptop, tv tray, coffee)

Color-Furniture White Height Adjustable Laptop Desk Table Stand Tray steel Tube / MDF

Tv tray table laptop desk side table night stand reclaimed

TV Tray Table - Laptop Desk - Side Table - Night Stand - Reclaimed Wood and Metal - FREE SHIPPING on Etsy, $95.00

90fab 129 retail price students minimalists and small space dwellers

$90fab $129 retail price Students, Minimalists and small space dwellers: The Tre Table is set to simplify your life with its curvy contours and compact versatility. A great piece if you live in tight quarters (or love smart and simple furniture), this

Under couch table tray

Metal TV tray for a laptop. Just as dedicated for a small, multi-task sitting room. Minimal look gained some uniqueness with a thick shabby chic woden top. I bet it's sturdy, but have no idea if it's light in weight...

Laptop tv tray

Add a functionality into your living zone and choose the laptop table with modern design. It features the metal and sheesham wood construction. It can be used as an end table or nightstand. It brings the simplicity and durability into any home.

The Ultimate Swivel Bedside Adjustable Hight Table Laptop Desk

New solid oak wood folding tv tray laptop table rv


Laptop tv tray

A simplistic, yet durable and pretty, this TV tray can be quite useful in many different occassions. Its frame is made of powder-coated metal, holding tightly a wooden top covered in a natural finish.

Green carved laptop tray

Green Carved Laptop Tray

Tv tray coffee table

Laptop TV trays are not only good for keeping your remote at, but also for people who lack the space to create a professional home office. Just use it as a laptop tray, and there you have your home office right in your living room!

Tv tray under couch

A very functional table, which doesn't take much space and can be used for serving snacks or dinner or as a laptop desk. It's a simple unit in a modern design that was made from a metal base and a dark wooden top.

Under the couch tray table

This classic coffee table made of mahogany wood isn't ordinary piece of furniture. It has adjustable desktop with metal stillage, which can be used as a des and little cubby-hole, which can be used to storage books or snacks.

Under the couch table tray

This set of laptop TV trays constitutes a stylish proposition for both one's outdoors and indoors. Available in 4 vibrant paints, they will add warmth and colour to the space. Based on aluminium framing.

Purple Lap Tray

Snack & Laptop Table

Snack & Laptop Table

Laptop tv tray

The combination of steel construction in copper tones, with functionality, creates this sensational tray table for your laptop. Simple constellation is excellent at work. Ideal for home. The solid wooden top is fascinating in combination with a copper finish.

C table for laptop


Tv computer table

DIY Copper Laptop Table - 6th Street Design School

Coffee table that raises up

A sleek addition with functional solutions, this fancy coffee table will be a real hit amongst your home decorations. Standing on a gold-finished metal frame, the table has a lift up, wood top, giving you a convenient TV tray and at the same time revealing a compact storage compartment.

Laptop tv tray

Have you every dreamt of the perfect piece of furniture, which fulfills all your requirements and is also enough small to fit in your small apartment? This multifunctional table, tray and laptop stand in-one is the thing you were looking for!

Tv eating table

Need a mobile laptop desk? Or a TV tray? Even a bed tray for breakfast? We have them all covered with the Adjustable Vented Portable Laptop and Tablet Desk.

Sofa server tv tray snack tray laptop by downhomewoodcrafts 150

SOFA SERVER TV tray / snack tray / laptop by DownHomeWoodcrafts, $150.00

Storage coffee table lift top brown espresso laptop tv dinner

Storage Coffee Table Lift Top Brown Espresso Laptop TV Dinner Tray Multifunction $125

Laptop tv tray

Industrial wood and pipe bed tray / Make a stepladder side table via

Tv tray book stand holder

TV Tray Book Stand Holder

Convertible coffee table turns into work desk

Convertible Coffee Table Turns Into Work Desk

Oversized wood and metal laptop table

Oversized Wood and Metal Laptop Table