Lamp Socket Covers

No one wants their child to get electricuted, but it happens every day. And one place it is likely is when your lamp socket is uncovered and without a bulb. So to stem this dreadful possibility, might we suggest one or more of our lamp socket covers. These are easy to install, but difficult for a child to remove. They will keep your family safe and keep curious fingers from toruble.

Best Ideas

Lamp socket cover diy lighting ceiling

Lamp socket cover diy lighting ceiling
Lamp socket covers available in various colors (white, black, red) and finishes (matte, sheen, or even plush). An element that might occur crucial for your DIY lamp. Playful decoration dedicated for almost all types of fixtures.

Antique Color 4 Paper Board Candle Chandelier Lamp Socket Cover Candelabra

Antique Color 4 Paper Board Candle Chandelier Lamp Socket Cover Candelabra
This chandelier lamp socket cover offers a design perfect for keeping your piece beautifully maintained and the antique color makes for a nice addition to your home decor, bringing a classy accent to it.

Freestanding Stainless Steel Heat Lamp

Freestanding Stainless Steel Heat Lamp
Freestanding table lamp with high quality steel shade and base. It's perfect for portable buffets and serving lines. Additionally, the construction sis Shat-R proof and shatter resistant as well as NSF approved.

Lamp socket covers 4

look like a hat! they're the lamp socket cover for mix and matching different lighting style.

Lamp socket covers 36

Flat Top Metal Socket Cover - Gold from Color Cord Company

Lamp socket covers 38


Socket heat lamp

Original socket heat lamp in a shape of cone inspired of Thomas Edison works. It works in standard lamp socket heat resistant. It can be used in DIY Food Dehydrators or other air heating applications requiring a compact easy mounting system.

Lamp socket covers 35

Steel Socket Cover - 2" Diameter - Fits Over Our #SL19192 Socket SL12232

Maybe a short piece of pipe covering the socket at

Maybe a short piece of pipe covering the socket at the base of the bulb would help hold the bulb straight and give a more complete look to our revamped chandelier.

Lamp socket covers 1

The Lampshade Gallery

Lamp socket covers 20

Vintage Barn Trolley Chandelier--Edison Bulbs, Vintage Cloth Covered Wire, Antiqued Brass Sockets

Light socket covers

Housedoctor Sierstuk voor fitting, koper metaal Ø4.5x11cm, Cover for sockets Kant copper (10,95)

Socket heat lamp 5

What do we need to create such a trendy vintage socket heat lamp? Interesting jar, which is easy to access, black metal cord and copper cap/socket, or stylized for gold. Of course we need to light bulb. This simple decoration also looks fantastic on weddings.

Westinghouse Lighting 70371 Socket Cover

Socket cover

Socket Cover

Edison base cone heater

Glass insulator socket for a lamp. This roll shaped socket fits most standard types and sizes of lamps. It is very durable, so it is able to serve its users for many years. The socket is very safe in use.

Socket heat lamp 43

Made of ceramic, like coffee mugs, this AviTemp socket heat lamp will not shatter if splashed and will last many times longer than glass heat lamps. Avi temp heat elements are ideal for home and professional conditions.

Socket heat lamp 23

This open grill clamp light comes with the bulb protector that is made of sturdy anodized wire and offers the heavy-duty clamp that can be attached on pipes, ropes and other surfaces. It comes with the porcelain socket compatible with higher watt bulbs.

Lamp socket covers 2

Ceiling lamp. It is hanged on thick rope and has brass base. It hasn't lampshade, there is naked bulb. It has very intensive light. Due to its simplicity this lamp will be fit to every type of interior, especially kitchen.

Silver socket covers

Copper Lamp Socket Cover Fitting

Sockets candle sockets are slim lamp sockets used with candle

sockets candle sockets are slim lamp sockets used with candle covers ...

Lamp socket covers 2

... Lamps Sconces Drip Wax Base Socket Candle Covers Made in Italy

Lamp socket covers and sleeves candle style

Lamp SOCKET COVERS and Sleeves, Candle Style

Lamp socket covers 1

An aesthetic though quite simple traditional style socket cover for hanging electric lamps. It has a cylindrical body with a conical top surface and a narrow bush for a cord. It's entirely manufactured of quality copper.

Lamp socket covers 31

light socket covers for my antique lamp

Lamp socket covers 7

A simple innovative wall lamp which is plugged directly into a wall socket. It has a thin tall stem with a plug on one end and a socket on the second end. The stem is of black coated aluminium. A bulb socket with a switch has a boxy wooden cover.

Laboratorio lamp 120 euros vintage borosilicate laboratory flask w lamp

Laboratorio lamp, 120 euros; vintage borosilicate laboratory flask w/ lamp socket in brass, rubber and porcelain & a fabric-covered wire. From Anve, a small Portugese co. making unique handmade goods in small editions, inspired by discovery tours through

Metal covered socket and cord set in gray possible hanging

Metal covered socket and cord set in gray - Possible hanging lamp idea for the bedroom.

Lamp socket covers

Here's a lamp I made from and old barn pulley. Bought antique fabric covered cord, and nickel plated socket. finished it off with an smoked radio bulb. I have 2 of them as sconces. They don't give off a ton of light, but aesthetically they do the job.

Lamp socket covers 37

Antique Polybeeswax Candle Covers | Antique Lamp Supply

Diy lighting resource

DIY lighting resource

Lamp socket covers 5

Industrial-esque lamp. It has three sockets and two usb ports, perfect for the side table in the bedroom! I put it together over the weekend. FYI Use proper wiring! It'll go boom if you don't! Here's a parts list: 1. 2-Gang Box-$1.12 2. 2-Gang Box Cover~$

Lamp socket covers 34

Cover for a lamp socket - Nd0401 / House Doctor

Lamp socket covers

Candle Socket Covers old floor lamp wall sconce antique

Lamp socket covers 27

String of lights in industrial style. Great as main or additional source of light. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Lamp socket covers 29

Love the mountain climber look but maybe not those colors DIY Pendant cord, silicone socket cover

3-Wire Medium Three Way Lamp Socket

3-Wire Medium Three Way Lamp Socket

Outlet stickers because who doesnt want their outlets to look

Outlet stickers. Because who doesn't want their outlets to look horrified and appalled at their behavior. lol for that lamp

Lamp socket covers 26

Lesley Anton: Blossom pendant lamp Height: 5 foot drop cable length (as shown) Ceramic Shade Dimensions: 3 to 8 inch diameters with heights of 3 to 4 inches Hardware: Ceiling canopy approx. 8 inch diameter. Stainless steel braided cables with thin plastic

Lamp socket covers 18

Brass Or Copper Lamp Socket Cover

Lamp socket covers 21

House Doctor DiY01 - Lamp, DIY, Set of 14 pcs.: Silver cover for socket, 3 meter black fabric wire w. barkelit socket (E27), 12 pcs. of glassballs dia.: 12 cm

Lamp socket covers 23

You need: White rice paper lampshade, a textile-covered pendant lamp wire, spray paint and masking tape. 1 Assemble the rice paper lampshade and hang it in the painting area using yarn. Cover your surroundings well before beginning to paint. 2 Apply a thi

Socket heat lamp 7

Very original lamp with a fish bowl theme. It stands on a metal stool finished in red color. This base features an X-shaped metal support. The lamp not only provides good illumination, but it also improves interior attractiveness.

Small Wire Keyless Lamp Guard - Replacement Cage

Handcrafted metal steel pendant hanging lamp with high quality dimmer

Handcrafted metal/steel pendant/hanging lamp with high quality dimmer socket, cloth covered wire & Edison style light bulb.

Beautiful industrial style pendant lamp shade is white with a

Beautiful Industrial style pendant lamp shade is white with a black stripe around the edge. Group 2 or more for a dramatic focal point over your kitchen island. Our pendant lamps include it all: 15½ foot cloth-covered lamp cord with switched socket, two

Lamp socket covers 10

Each pendant is custom handmade in Oakland, CA. This blown glass pendant light is aptly named the pendulum for the rustic solid wood sphere that balances this stunning handblown shade. Shabby meets chic with a nickel plated and hand brushed socket cover

Lamp socket covers 25

refurbished chandy, with rubber-stamped tissue paper decoupaged onto the "candle" part of the light sockets. Great idea.

Lamp socket covers 30

Canning | Dripping Socket Cover Canning Jar Lamp Kit - Lamp Making - Basic Craft ...

10Pcs Dual Terminals T5 T4 Fluorescent Tube Bulb Lamp Holder Socket

Fluorescent lamp holder socket suitable for tube bulbs. This product features a durable construction in white and green colors. The socket is resistant to wear and damage caused by different, negative factors.