L Shaped Loft Bunk Beds

L shaped bunk beds are a great idea for many reasons button L shaped loft bunk bed is so much better. Not only are they very well made and very sturdy, capable of holding plenty of weight, they also had the added features that are intrinsic with loft beds such as desks and shelving space. If you need to utile eyes or room in the most efficient way, see collection for details.

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L-Shaped Bunk Bed

L-Shaped Bunk Bed
Extremely functional and cozy, this L-Shaped Bunk Bed in 3-Step Hand Finish is crafted from solid wood for durability and practicality. The bunk bed also provides a falling hazard, therefore being suitable only for children 6 years of age or older.

Berg Furniture Sierra Full Over Twin L Shaped Bunk Bed With Stairs 22 Series

Berg Furniture Sierra Full Over Twin L Shaped Bunk Bed With Stairs 22 Series
Beautiful L shaped loft bunk bed is a charming combination of coziness and functionality ideal for your children's room. The whole is unique in style, and the decor is elegant and very comfortable.

Discovery World Furniture Dwf1154weston Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed With Bookshelves And Storage

Discovery World Furniture Dwf1154weston Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed With Bookshelves And Storage
Practical and long-lasting bung bed, twin over full. Instead of staircase there's a slanted ladder that takes up less floor space. Traditional slat design is fitting for the wooden construction. There's a large dresser incorporated.

Boys room contemporary kids los angeles

Boys room contemporary kids los angeles
L shaped bunk bed for space saving in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood. It has cabinets and a lot of drawers for storing clothes and other needed items.

School House Twin Stair Loft with Chest End

School House Twin Stair Loft with Chest End
This stunning set of bedroom for the children's room is the perfect solution when you do not have too much space. Stairs have been developed on the drawer and the lower bed is perfect even for two people. Beautiful wooden finish.

Utica Loft Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed with Storage and Stairs

Utica Loft Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed with Storage and Stairs
If you are looking for a charming set of furniture in the room the girls, this tasteful bunk bed is the perfect solution for you. Lovely detail decorative, practical drawers and stairs make the whole practical and beautiful.

Chelsea Home Twin Over Twin L Shaped Bunk Bed With 5 Drawer Chest And Staircase

Chelsea Home Twin Over Twin L Shaped Bunk Bed With 5 Drawer Chest And Staircase
Wooden bunk bed assembly. Twin over twin L-shaped bunk bed featuring large chest of 5 drawers and a staircase which hides four additional drawers inside. The bottom bed has rolling casters, so it rolls out.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you check out most rooms, it's the corner spaces that are not fully utilized. To take full advantage of your living space, you'd want furniture that is designed for corner spaces. An excellent example of this is the L-shaped loft bunk bed. And yet, this type of bunk bed is a bit tricky as it's not the "standard.” Hence, this article is going to be a buying guide for L-shaped loft bunk beds to help you pick the one that is perfect for your situation. Read on!

What are the benefits of L-shaped loft bunk beds?

An L-shaped loft bunk bed is a terrific solution for anyone who wants to maximize living spaces. The L-shape design is specially created for corner spaces. Aside from being a bed, a loft design means that you have extra space for whatever it is that you need.

What types of lofts are there?

Since you are essentially buying a loft bed, this means that you have an extra space underneath. Most loft beds are designed with a "specialty" for that extra space. Below are a few of the popular ones:

  • Storage Loft - This type of loft bunk bed is focused on providing you with more storage space for clothes, books and other essential items. For the storage loft, you'll often see shelves, drawers, and cabinets under the bed.
  • Office Loft - This loft bed is designed for you to have a working space underneath. It typically includes a desk and a chair.
  • Closet Loft - This is similar to the storage loft, except this one is specialized for wardrobe storage.
  • Children's Loft - This one is great for the kids. The underneath space is usually designed for a play area. Thus, this loft bed set may come with chests, storages, and shelves for toys.

What are L-shaped loft bunk beds made of?

These days, the two most common material used for such kind of bed is either wood or metal. These two materials have their own sets of pros and cons:

  • Wood - This material is what's considered as the traditional. Wood comes with the advantage of being luxurious and gives off the feeling of coziness. Wooden loft beds also feel "solid." It doesn't typically sway if you move in the bed, especially if you buy something that is made from solid wood and comes with excellent craftsmanship. On the downside, a wooden loft bed is typically more expensive than the metal counterparts. Wood is also susceptible to moisture and water damage. Thus, it comes with a bit of extra maintenance when compared to metal beds.
  • Metal - Metal bunk beds are either crafted from aluminum, stainless steel or a combination of both. In most cases, the frame is crafted primarily from circular or square tubes. Because of such, the structure allows it to be strong without using too many raw materials. It's the reason why metal loft bunk beds are generally cheaper compared to the wooden ones. On the other hand, metal bunk beds tend to make "squeaky" and other annoying noises when the user moves around in the bed.


L-Shape Loft Bed

L-Shape Loft Bed
Attractive contemporary bed for children. It's made of wood with a white finish. An upper bed has horizontal rails, full boards and a ladder. At the lower level there's a drawer unit with a circular-latticed top and open shelves behind it.

L shaped loft bunk beds

L-shaped Loft Bunk Beds | Legacy-Classic-Furniture-Solutions-L-Shaped-Loft-Bed--with-Work ...

L shaped bunk bed

This L-shaped loft bunk bed features the poplar solids, select hardwood solids, and select hardwood veneers. You can choose the brown cherry finish, which is excellent for teenage room.

L bunk bed 1

The bunk bed in your kids room has not only the sleeping functionality. It is also the wonderful place to have fun and play. Preparing the L-shaped bunk bed leave enough place for having a rest and also to store kid's toys.

L shaped bunk bed plans

Triple bunk bed crafted using solid wood, built on an L shaped plane. Two beds on top, a single bed on the floor level. Striped white and navy bedding echoes the navy floor rug. Some storage space (six drawer dresser) is provided.

Shaped bunk beds with extra loft

shaped bunk beds with extra loft

L bunk bed 4

That is a special level of bunk beds. Very personal and individual project - created in best, solid wood. Offers two spaces for beds, a shelf on the one side, together with a daybed, also with wooden frame and stairs, made of beech wood.

L bunk bed 3

This bed will be the real superhero of your baby. The bunk bed in the form of a famous Batman car, though made in wood - it is finished in black matte paint. It has very realistic batman and batamobile accessories. Occurs as a bunk bed with a ladder.

Woodworking bunk bed plans l shaped pdf free download

Woodworking bunk bed plans l shaped PDF Free Download

L shaped bunk beds desk

This would be perfect except i would need just a couple more beds.

L bunk bed

They say that the more children, the more comfort, and joy - but certainly less space. To fight this second myth, just look at the triple construction of a l shaped loft bunk bed, made of pine solid wood with a bright color and 2 ladders.

Spacious cheap bedroom decorating ideas for loft interior design chic

Spacious Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Loft Interior Design: Chic Contemporary Kid's Bedroom With L Shaped Bunk Bed In Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Half Round Chandelier Design ~ SFXit Design Bedroom Inspiration

Wooden triple lindy bunk bed plans and designs for children

Wooden triple lindy bunk bed plans and designs for children

L shape bunk beds

Found it at - ♥ ♥ L-Shaped Loft Bunk Bed - Honey Finish ♥ ♥

L bunk bed

More than two children - it's a huge challenge to organize a bedroom. The wooden complex of bunk bed, created a place for the quadruple beds, connecting them in the middle with a bookcase. Robust construction in oak wood, was painted in white.

This Kids sturdy Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed is made with a contemporary design and durable steel frame construction. Designed with safety in mind, this white bunk bed includes full-length guardrails and a sturdy ladder.

Modern bunk bed with queen size bed on bottom. Constructed on heavy duty metal frame with built-in ladder. Very safe due to full-length guardrails. Allows to save space and complement the bedroom decor with modern stylishness.

Bunk beds wayfair

Thanks to those L-shaped bunk beds, your large children's room will have enough space for your kids to have fun. Made of hardwood, each combo comes with a fixed ladder, 1 open shelf and a built-in lighting system.

L shaped bunk beds for sale


Shaped loft beds level small space bed children beds italian

Shaped Loft Beds Level Small Space Bed Children Beds Italian Beds ...

Shaped bunk beds australia childrens l shaped bunk beds reference

shaped bunk beds australia Children’s L Shaped Bunk Beds Reference ...

Offset bunk beds

Modern Twin over Twin L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Desk-Loft bunk bed ...

L bunk

The Kids Window. I like the openness and simplicity. Especially like the shelf on the top bunk! Still want under-the-bed drawers. -cld

L shaped loft beds

A space-saving loft bunk bed with an L-shaped construction suitable for corner placement. This functional element is suitable for small indoors. Wooden frame provides durability and the lower bed includes two storage drawers.

Badger Basket Trundle Doll Bunk Beds With Ladder - Pink/White

Dinky set for girl kids' fun. Bunk beds fit up to 22-inch dolls and a trundle bed for at max. 18-inch ones. Beds are of wood painted in white. They have unified grated sides with bottom cut-outs. There's a white ladder and pink bedding included.

If we ever needed to put two in the room

If we ever needed to put two in the room, the rectangular shape might due well with a setup like this. I love the storage lockers too.

L bunk bed 3

The L shape bunk beds are intended primarily for children and adolescents, in homes full of family warmth. These projects show white wooden bed complexes for more than 2 people. Ideal to save a space, and bring a comfort to housemates.

Folkestone l shaped bunk beds 2

Folkestone L Shaped Bunk Beds

L beds

The L-shaped bunk bed in the lovely blue shade. Perfect for twins. Below the beds there is a special playing place, what will be very useful when you have two kids. It could be easily repainted on any color you would like.

Shaped loft bed perfect

Shaped loft bed...perfect!

Loft graduate series extra long junior crew twin l shaped

Loft Graduate Series Extra Long Junior Crew Twin L-Shaped Bunk Bed ...

L shaped twin bunk beds

Kids Room Designs: Pretty White Pink Kids Room V Shaped Corner Kid Children’s L Shaped Bunk Beds | Interior Design and Decorating Ideas For Gabriella's Room but lighter pink

L shaped bunk beds with stairs

Wooden design L shaped bunk bed for modern loft. Bottom twin bed with trundle might be removed as well and replaced with a desk and/or dresser. Built-in staircase offers deep drawers equipped with metal handles.

Bunk beds l shape

Woodcrest Heartland Futon Bunk Bed with Extra Loft - Honey Pine - Bunk Beds & Loft Beds at Hayneedle

L-Shaped Loft Bed w/Underbed Storage by Chelsea Home Furniture

L shaped bunk beds for kids 1

Made from natural, bright wood, this DIY L-shaped loft bed will work out well in kids' bedrooms. L-shaped design allows arranging functionally the space under the beds, placing there a coach, a working station, wardrobes for clothes and others.

L shaped futon loft bunk bed

L-Shaped Futon Loft bunk bed

L bunk beds

I like this without the bottom bed for a reading loft in a playroom

L-Shaped Loft Bed with Underbed Storage

L shaped loft bunk beds

A beautiful loft bunk bed combo with L-shaped design and clean lines, perfect for teenagers' rooms. Made of white-finished wood, the combo also includes a built-in staircase with steps equipped with small drawers.

Dumbo_l shaped_loft_bunk_twin_wood jpg 1


L shaped bunk beds

L-shaped design of these loft bunk beds provides plenty of sleeping space in small rooms. Upper areas include beds with protective rails. Lower areas feature storage drawers and a cabinet that can serve as a TV stand.

Legacy classic kids solutions twin corner triple loft bed

Legacy Classic Kids Solutions Twin Corner Triple Loft Bed

L shaped bunk beds cheap

Boys Natural Bunks - l-shaped bunk beds with angled ladder and storage - bookcase, dresser. Perfect for sleeping 2 in a boys shared bedroom.