Jessica Mcclintock Romance

Jessica McClintock romance is a line of absolutely breathtaking furniture that will give your home a sultry aire as if it was plucked from a harlequin novel. These pieces are very fine, very well-constructed, and with the intricate details, you cannot pass up the opportunity to add some, or all, of these pieces to your home. See collection for more.

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Jessica Mcclintock Boutique Display Jewelry Armoire

Jessica Mcclintock Boutique Display Jewelry Armoire
It is a very elegant wardrobe that fits perfectly to the French interior. It is gray, but the fronts are extremely elegant and stylishly decorated. The cabinet consists of several drawers and cabinets. It's very elegant. It can be used for decoration of the bedroom.

Romance Jessica McClintock 33" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Romance Jessica McClintock 33" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
An exquisite table lamp with the most amazing, decorative base and a bell shade, all in a warm, bronze finish. It will look stunning on your nightstand, providing you with years of problem-free and reliable use.

American Drew Jessica McClintock The Boutique 5 Piece Mansion Bedroom Set

Jessica mcclintock furniture romance collection

JESSICA MCLINTOCH FURNITURE | Jessica Mcclintock Romance Bed

Jessica mcclintock romance bed

Trust me, if you think about princess bedroom - you see this one, decorated by Jessica Mcclintock. Stylized furniture in ivory shade. Plenty of pottery, pastel linen and porcelain dolls.The headboard is decorated with very romantic, delicate flowers patterns.

Jessica mcclintock furniture romance

A fabulous addition for romantic interiors that ooze with feminine accents. This gorgeous nightstand is beautifully hand-carved from hardwood and bathed in an off-white finish. Features a streamlined top, 3 drawers with decorative pulls, and bun feet.

Jessica mcclintock romance 1

Constituting an ideal proposition for a shabby chic bedroom, this beautiful snowy white armoire with an arched top delights with its ornamental accents and considerable capacity. Its fronts conceal a storage space divided between shelves and drawers.

Our advice Buying Guide

This specific style of furniture is available for a wide variety of items. The most popular room to find this style of furniture is the bedroom, since it has a soft and elegant look which many people like to have in the bedroom. As well as choosing beds in the Jessica McClintock romance style, you can find a large amount of storage, from bedside tables to large wardrobes and everything in between. Here are some things you should remember when buying Jessica McClintock romance furniture.

What are the common features of Jessica McClintock style?

It's important that you know the style of this type of furniture well before you buy anything. You may have seen one particular item that you like, and while this will give you a good idea of the general style, it's unlikely to give you all the background information that you need.

The main characteristics of Jessica McClintock romance styles are the curved edges and the finer details which are included in the furniture. It is unlikely that you will see straight edges and lines with this style of furniture – rather you will find headboards which are curved over the top, and small cabinets which have curves along the sides and along the bottom.

What colors dominate in Jessica McClintock romance furniture

With this specific type of furniture, there are limitations with the colors. The furniture is usually kept as neutral as possible since it already looks elegant and eye-catching. Here are some of the colors you will come across when shopping for this type of furniture.

  • Cream: This isn't as sharp as white, making it a great option if you want something very neutral and plain in color. The furniture itself certainly won't be plain, however, since there are many intricate swirls and patterns included around the edges, whether this is a small leaf pattern, floral pattern or just some extra swirls.
  • Brown: A natural look if you have wooden furniture in your bedroom and you want to keep up this trend. As well as the lighter shades of cream for this furniture, you can find dark brown wooden furniture too. You should not combine the lighter colors with darker colors, but rather choose just one for the whole bedroom. If you are concerned that the bedroom might look a little bit too dark, you can always brighten it up by using colorfully patterned bedding.
  • Marble effect: Rather than choosing one solid color for the bedroom, consider the marble effect Jessica McClintock furniture types. These aren't items that you will see very often, but you will definitely come across them as you shop online or offline.

How to care for Jessica McClintock romance furniture?

Once you've found the right furniture and you've decided what you're going to buy, you should think about how to look after it too. For unfinished wooden furniture, take care when using any products, since many are unsuitable. Even a damp cloth can have dangerous effects on unfinished or distressed furniture. Use a dry cloth to regularly dust, but speak to a furniture advisor regarding specific products for the specific items you have bought.


Jessica mcclintock romance 6

Set of the nineteenth-century furniture intended to a dining room. Set is composed of six beautiful chairs with silk seats and round table. Every element is made of dark, mahogany wood and has sculptural kickstands.

Jessica mcclintock romance eight drawer chest with decorative carving

Jessica McClintock Romance Eight-Drawer Chest with Decorative Carving ...

Jessica mcclintock romance collection furniture 1

Jessica McClintock Romance 4/6 Full Panel Bed

Jessica mcclintock bedroom furniture

Elegant night stand in the French style. It consists of 3 drawers for storing personal items. It is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. Sophisticated addition for each bedroom.

Jessica mcclintock romance

The lovely combination of hutch desk with functionality and unique design style makes this furniture a perfect decoration for a living room, bedroom or girl's room. Finished in white with beautiful romantic elements delights.

Jessica mcclintock desk

A stunning antique style chest featuring convex drawer panels. It's of wood with a subtle creamy finish. It has a cutout base, low legs, carved corner posts, a curved top. Six drawers have dangling C-pulls, a smaller top one (rich carved) - 2 knobs.

Jessica mcclintock romance furniture 1

Lea Jessica McClintock Romance 10 Drawer Triple Dresser with Antique White Wood Finish - 203-211

American Drew Jessica McClintock The Boutique 4 Piece Mansion Bedroom Set

Jessica mcclintock armoire

Girl's Victorian Inspired Four-Piece Bedroom Set with Dresser and Mirror - Jessica McClintock Romance

Jessica mcclintock romance 1

American Drew Jessica McClintock Home Romance Renaissance Dining Table

Jessica mcclintock romance

The dresser is the must have in any bedroom. This one is designed by Lea Jessica McClintock and it features the vertical rectangular shape, wall mirror and antique white finish. It creates the romantic atmosphere in any zone.

Jessica mcclintock romance jessicas oval mirror beautiful signature mirror with

Jessica McClintock Romance Jessica's Oval Mirror. Beautiful Signature Mirror with Heirloom Finish.

Jessica Mcclintock Boutique End Table

Jessica Mcclintock Boutique End Table

Jessica mclintoch furniture jessica mcclintock romance sleigh bedroom set

JESSICA MCLINTOCH FURNITURE | Jessica McClintock Romance Sleigh Bedroom Set

Lea jessica mcclintock romance hope chest furniture

Lea Jessica McClintock Romance Hope Chest- Furniture

Jessica mcclintock bedroom

Romantic bedroom furniture set referring to vintage cottage style in its design. Its characteristic comprise ornamental details, such as bun feet and occasional carvings, cream finish and traditional appeal.

Jessica mcclintock romance collection light bath 5551 477 jessica mcclintock

jessica mcclintock romance collection | ... Light Bath 5551-477 Jessica McClintock Home - The Romance Collection

Jessica mcclintock romance bedroom such a cute set for the

Jessica McClintock Romance Bedroom... such a cute set for the little princess in your life...

Jessica mcclintock sleigh bed

Vintage approach to an elegant computer desk made out of solid wood with a retro-style layer of beige paint. The desk has decoratively carved legs as well as ornamental engravings on the shelves and bottoms.

Lea jessica mcclintock furniture

Jessica McClintock Home Screen Lightly Distressed Maple Bisque Finish Mozambique Inlays & Ash Burl Veneers

Jessica mcclintock romance 5

Jessica McClintock Romance Rectangular Leg Dining Table by American Drew

Jessica mcclintock kids furniture 1

Daphne Nicole - Lynda Cade: Beautiful White Rooms for White Wednesday!

Jessica mcclintock lea furniture

Jessica McClintock Romance Full Storage Panel Bed by Lea Industries

Jessica mcclintock bed

Jessica McClintock Romance Twin Storage Sleigh Bed by Lea Industries

Jessica mcclintock romance furniture

Tall and ultracute dresser that oozes tons of vintage romance. Just look at these subtle carvings and ornamental hardware - all finished cream white for extra subtlety. And you get six drawers - good enough!

Jessica mcclintock kids furniture

An exquisite accessory for every princess who loves to sleep surrounded with adorable decorations. This cute poster canopy bed comes with a gorgeous headboard and footboard, lovely turned posts and scrolled canopy - all bathed in a yummy-creamy finish.

Jessica Mcclintock Boutique 3 Drawers Media Chest

Jessica Mcclintock Boutique 3 Drawers Media Chest

Jessica mclintoch furniture lea jessica mcclintock romance 6 drawer chest

JESSICA MCLINTOCH FURNITURE | Lea Jessica McClintock Romance 6-Drawer Chest- Furniture

Jessica mcclintock canopy bed

JESSICA MCLINTOCH FURNITURE | Jessica McClintock Romance Desk Side Chair by Lea Furniture

Jessica mcclintock romance ten drawer bedroom storage dresser by lea

Jessica McClintock Romance Ten Drawer Bedroom Storage Dresser by Lea Industries | Wolf Furniture

Jessica mcclintock romance ten drawer dresser 1

Jessica McClintock Romance Ten Drawer Dresser

American Drew Jessica McClintock The Boutique Sleigh Bed in White Veil - Queen

Jessica mcclintock romance collection furniture

Beautiful vertical mirror in the Jessica McClintock Romance frame is an excellent way to decorate a beautiful bathroom or vanity corner. White color delights and brings freshness and elegant style to the decor.

Jessica mcclintock romance 7

Jessica McClintock Romance Vertical Dresser Mirror by Lea Industries

Jessica McClintock TV Stand

Jessica McClintock TV Stand

Jessica mcclintock romance

An adorable choice for rooms that are overflown with feminine accents. This computer desk oozes with stylish curves and a warm off-white finish, offering a rounded edge desktop, beautifully adorned drawers, an arched top and open shelves.

American Drew Jessica McClintock The Boutique Double Dresser and Mirror Set in White Veil

Jessica mcclintock romance sleigh bed with trundle twin size

Jessica McClintock Romance Sleigh Bed with Trundle Twin Size |

Jessica mcclintock bedroom set

Drawer Dresser, Lea, Jessica McClintock-Romance Collection | Home Gallery Stores

Jessica mcclintock furniture

The lovely and very characteristic stylistic computer desk with captivating, romantic decorative details gives the interior a unique dimension. Practical shelves and drawers are very functional and are perfect for storage.

Jessica mcclintock romance collection

Elegant cabinet in the French style. Construction is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. It consists of spacious cabinet with double doors and wide drawer. Perfect for storing clothes and others needed items.

Jessica Mcclintock Boutique Arm Chair

Jessica Mcclintock Boutique Arm Chair

Jessica mcclintock romance dp b001 lea furniture jessica mcclintock

jessica mcclintock romance dp b001 lea furniture jessica mcclintock ...