Iron Wine Racks


What do you think about such wine racks? If this is the right style for you, now you have a rare chance to pick from this wide range of solutions, all of which are interesting and functional. Choose the most suitable design, size and shape for your household and get inspired.

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Shop rich and sophisticated wrought iron wine racks

Shop rich and sophisticated Wrought Iron Wine Racks.

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Wrought iron 32 bottle black finish wine rack

Wrought Iron 32 Bottle Black Finish Wine Rack

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Eclectic wine racks design ideas pictures remodel and decor

Eclectic Wine Racks Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

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Upton home winston wall mount wine rack

Upton home winston wall mount wine rack

A touch of original and unique style in the house. This wine rack is suitable for holding 5 wine bottles. It looks attractive and it is wall-mounted, so it is a space-saving solution. Solidity is the next advantage of this element.

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Handmade wine rack

Looking for a creative and pretty way to store and display your wine bottles? Just look at this gorgeous, hanging wine rack, stylized to look like a vine growing out of your ceiling. Your guests will be amazed!

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Wall wine rack towel holder

Secure your wine in grand style. This sturdy and functional iron wine rack features ornate scrollwork with an bronze finish that evokes the artistry of the Renaissance. Holds 45 bottles behind the slide-lock door. Size: 48 ¼" H x 16 ¼" W x 14 ½" D.

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Iron wine racks 1

Wrought iron wine rack with a scrolling slide-lock door. Holds forty-five bottles. Product: Wine rackConstruction Materi...

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Italian iron wine cabinet

Italian Iron Wine Cabinet

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Iron wine racks

This wine rack made from wrought iron is an awesome idea for storing your favorite bottles if you do not have an individual place for it. It can store up to 6 bottles and 12 wine glasses. Durable wrought-iron construction ensures quality for years.

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Wrought iron wine racks

The small dessert table with built-in wine rack for 15 bottles. It was created by the thick wrought iron twigs. The horizontal position of bottles guarantees that the wine will be still fresh and tasty. Looks great in the classic stylization of the living room.

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Iron Wine Racks

Buying Guide

The choice between freestanding or wall-mounted iron wine rack is a tough decision, and the best solution for you depends on the space you have available in your home. If you have enough room to accommodate a freestanding wine rack, the iron’s ornate designs are stunning and allow you to store a more extensive collection of your favorite wines.

Iron wine racks can also be purchased on a smaller scale if you want to avoid permanently attaching the unit to your wall but don’t have enough floor space. Small wine racks that house four bottles are ideal for your countertop. Choose one with spiraling wrought iron arms that caress your fine wines decoratively and securely.

For those unopposed to drilling into their drywall, a mounted wine rack can be a rewarding feature for your kitchen or dining room that makes the place look more upscale. It’s a classy way to display your wine bottles and store them without compromising your cupboard or floor space.

Yes, iron wine racks are pretty great in terms of durability. They aren’t flimsy nor do they easily get wobbly. Best of all, iron wine racks are far more solid and resilient than wooden designs and can stand the test of time as your wine collection continues to grow.

Besides, their metal surfaces help keep the wine at a cool temperature, which is a bonus.

Best Ideas

Zeldaron Mounted Wine Rack

Zeldaron Mounted Wine Rack

This wine rack will let you mount it to the wall to save up even more space, while the design will hold up to five bottles, letting you create a nice and warm atmosphere in the house and a more functional setting.

Trieste wine storage dining table

Trieste wine storage dining table

A touch of industrial style that updates any dining and kitchen indoors. It is a mobile table that features four wheels, a round, spacious top. It has also got lower rack designed for storage of wine bottles.

20 Bottle Wine Rack

20 Bottle Wine Rack

Wrought iron wine rack deco design

Wrought Iron Wine Rack Deco Design

8 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Iron wine racks 9

Four Bottle Wine Rack by Park Designs, in hand-forged iron, natural finish. Unique style - makes a great gift for wine lovers. 18.25" High x 12.5" Diameter. Free shipping

Wine rack table top

forged Wine accessories

Metal wine racks floor 1

Wrought Iron Wine Rack - 16 Bottle in Metal

This wrought iron wine rack that holds 12 bottles of

This wrought-iron wine rack that holds 12 bottles of wine ...

Pictured here is the wrought iron wine rack 42 bottle

Pictured here is the Wrought Iron Wine Rack - 42 Bottle

International caravan 24 bottle iron wine rack wine

International Caravan 24 Bottle Iron Wine Rack - Wine ...

Wrought iron wine rack bw8 wrought iron art

Wrought Iron Wine Rack BW8 - Wrought Iron Art

Cassina wrought iron looped feet raw steel iron wine rack

Cassina Wrought Iron Looped Feet Raw Steel Iron Wine Rack ...