How To Choose Track Lighting Heads & Pendants


As well as offering a functional and tailor-made approach to brightness and room ambience, track lighting heads & pendants can add a touch of sophistication and good taste when it comes to home décor.

Do you need the flexibility that a large overhead light can't guarantee? Is there a specific artwork onto which you'd like to bring the focus? Or perhaps you enjoy changing the layout of your furniture every once in a while, and don't want to be restricted by the lighting side of things? If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, track lighting heads & pendants will solve your problems and brighten up your day.

Combining practicality and cohesive design is key to finding the perfect heads or pendants to match your existing track and the décor of the room.

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What Does Track Lighting Consist Of?

Track lights consist of two main parts:

When choosing track lighting heads and pendants for an existing rail, it's essential to check whether or not they are compatible: there are three main types of rails (Halo, Juno and Lightolier Track System), so you need to look for HT, JT or LT on your new lights depending on what bar you own, otherwise it might not fit.

Track Light Rail H-Type
Black and Gold Track Head
Black 4-Light Track Kit
Silver Flexible Light Track Kit
Straight Light Track Lighting Kit
Simple Straight Light Track

What Types of Track Lighting Heads Are There?

While pendants come in a large variety of designs, track heads can be divided into four main categories:

Black Gimbal Track Head
Black Metallic Gimbal Track Head
White Mini Round Track Head
Black Round Track Head
White Round Back Track Head
One Black Round Back Track Head

What Style of Track Lighting Pendants Should I Choose?

Pendants, on the other hand, come in a much larger variety of designs. A simple way to categorize them is to look at the material, as some work better with certain types of décor. The most popular options are:

Clear Glass Round Lighting Pendant
Orange Glass Rectangle Lighting Pendant
Metal Bowl Lighting Pendant
Metal Drum Shaped Lighting Pendant
Metal and Fibre Lighting Pendant
Glass Single Bell Lighting Pendant

What Are the Best Track Lighting Heads for Different Types of Décor?

Can you imagine ornate glass pendants in a minimalist, modern bedroom? The mere thought makes us want to switch them off immediately! While functionality should also be one of your main concerns when picking your new track lighting heads or pendants, here's what we recommend in order to match the existing décor of your room:

Metal Round Back Lighting Head Track
Black Round Back Lighting Head Track
Monochrome Black Minimalism Lighting Head Track
Black Industrial Lighting Head Track
Metal Industrial Lighting Head Track

What Area Will Your Track Lighting Heads or Pendants Illuminate?

When it comes to track lighting heads & pendants, there are three different types of lighting that they can be useful for:

Numbers & Dimensions

Most track light systems are between 4 and 8 feet long and include from three to six lights. However, make sure you check your existing rail before purchasing your new track lighting heads & pendants to avoid disappointment.

Quick Tips

Too much to take in all at once? Don't worry: it's just because we had to cover lots of scenarios. Once you've identified your needs and décor, it'll be much easier to find some track lighting heads & pendants that match them! Remember these points: