How To Choose Salt & Pepper Shakers & Mills

Salt and pepper shakers and mills are quite underrated kitchen tools. Most people simply choose a model that looks convenient to them without considering other important features. However, a mindful approach to picking the right salt and pepper shakers and mills can not only improve your kitchen's aesthetic but also simplify your cooking process.

These kitchen accessories come in a wide variety of materials, models, and colors. For that reason, choosing the right model that is ideal for your intended use can be challenging. Here, you'll find tips to help you pick the right shakers and mills based on your preferences.

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What are the different types of salt and pepper shakers and mills?

  • Basic salt and pepper shakers made of glass are the most common of them all. These shakers are versatile, affordable, and ordinary in appearance. They blend well with their surroundings and are frequently placed on casual and retro table settings.

    Easy to use and refill, but can only distribute salt and pepper that is already ground which diminishes flavor, and aren't ideal for modern table settings.

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  • Salt and pepper mills let you add fresh-ground salt and pepper to your meals because of their grinding mechanisms. They come in various designs, such as modern and traditional, and fit well in all sorts of table settings, including rustic and elegant themes.

    Fresh-ground salt and pepper have a particular effect on the meal's flavor.

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  • Manual salt and pepper mills require you to turn the top. These aren't practical for those with little hand strength and for use while you are cooking as your hands might be greasy or wet.

    Manual mills are aesthetically pleasing at the same time. They add a touch of style to your dining room table and can freshly grind your salt and pepper.

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  • Rechargeable and battery-powered mills are convenient to use because they grind quickly and firmly. They are very convenient when you cook – all you need to do is press a button.

    The downside is you need to change the batteries quite often, which might be a concern for eco-friendly homeowners.

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Which material and style is best for salt and pepper shakers and mills?

Shakers and mills are available in various materials and styles suitable for each table setting.

  • Wooden shakers and mills are the most durable ones. They have a traditional look and blend well with classic dinner tables. However, they are hard to clean and disinfect.

  • Metal shakers and mills made of steel and copper are also durable but heavier. They come in various modern designs, are mostly found in contemporary kitchens and dining areas, and provide the table with elegance.

  • Plastic and acrylic are easy to clean, lightweight, available in various colors, but can break over time. These materials are ideal for kitchen tables and simple table settings.

  • Ceramic salt and pepper shakers come in numerous designs and patterns and go well with vintage table settings.

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What are the important features to look for in salt & pepper shakers and mills?

  • Salt is not appropriate for metal mills unless they are corrosion-resistant. If that's not the case, choose a ceramic one instead.

  • Acrylic mechanisms aren't as durable and consistent as stainless steel and ceramic varieties. Go for a long-lasting grinding mechanism if you want your mills to last.

  • Look for a mill that has coarseness settings. This will allow you to change the grind from fine to roughly cracked based on what you want.

  • Small to medium-sized mills are preferable for kitchens and dining areas. Leaving the salt and pepper sitting around for quite a while will cause them to lose their flavor.

  • Choose shakers and mills that are easy to use and clean, as well as water and steam resistant if they're for cooking use. Stylish shakers are favorable if you're going to place them on your table as decor.

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Which salt and pepper shaker and mill is the easiest to use?

Although materials and designs play an important role when purchasing salt and pepper accessories, you should also consider their practicality.

  • Shakers and mills that are easy to crank and twist provide convenience for your wrists and speed while cooking. Choose comfortable grips and smooth twisting tops if you cook regularly.

  • Grinders with handles are durable and have a unique look, but take more time and effort to operate.

  • The most common way to release the salt and pepper is by twisting the two parts of the mill.

  • However, shakers and mills that can be twisted aren't as durable and usually have particles stuck in between the parts.

  • One of the easiest and most user-friendly ways to grind your pepper is by using electric mills. All you need to do is press a button. Nonetheless, these aren't always durable and may sometimes require a mechanism replacement.