How To Choose Salt & Pepper Shakers & Mills


Salt and pepper shakers and mills are quite underrated kitchen tools. Most people simply choose a model that looks convenient to them without considering other important features. However, a mindful approach to picking the right salt and pepper shakers and mills can not only improve your kitchen's aesthetic but also simplify your cooking process.

These kitchen accessories come in a wide variety of materials, models, and colors. For that reason, choosing the right model that is ideal for your intended use can be challenging. Here, you'll find tips to help you pick the right shakers and mills based on your preferences.

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What are the different types of salt and pepper shakers and mills?

Retro Vintage Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Farmhouse Galvanized Salt and Pepper Set
Glass Art Salt or Pepper Shaker
American Style Glass Salt Pepper Shaker Set
Pineapple Salt Pepper Shaker Set
Simple Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Stainless Steel Salt And Pepper Grinder Set
Blue 2-Piece Salt and Pepper Set
Table Setting Salt Pepper Set
Natural Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
Old-style Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Acrylic Stainless Steel Salt Pepper Shaker Set
Elegance Salt Pepper Shaker Set
Manual Mr. Ms. Salt Pepper Shaker Set
Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Elegance Classic Style Salt Shaker
Blue Vintage Salt and Pepper Mill Set
Decorative Ceramic Salt Pepper Set
Rechargeable Salt Pepper Spice Mill
Electric Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Modern Simple Salt or Pepper Grinder
Adjustable Stainless Steel Electric Mill Set
BPA-Free Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder
Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill

Which material and style is best for salt and pepper shakers and mills?

Shakers and mills are available in various materials and styles suitable for each table setting.

Old-style Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Shaker
Decorative Striped Salt Pepper Shaker Set
Wooden Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Vintage Style Salt Pepper Mill Set
Modern Mill Salt or Pepper Grinder

What are the important features to look for in salt & pepper shakers and mills?

Aluminium Crank Handle Pepper Grinder
White Elegant Salt Pepper Shaker Set
Classic Style Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Dual Salt and Peper Filled Stainless Steel Grinder
Unique Elegant Marble Salt Cellar
Simple Functional Salt Pepper Shaker Set

Which salt and pepper shaker and mill is the easiest to use?

Although materials and designs play an important role when purchasing salt and pepper accessories, you should also consider their practicality.