Have you already found the outdoor furniture of your dreams? Well done, you! Now you just need to make sure that it lasts you for more than one season. It's only logical to invest in good patio chair covers to protect your furniture throughout winter and the harshest weather conditions without having to waste precious storage space by bringing everything indoors.

Not sure how to choose patio chair covers that would protect them properly without becoming an eyesore in your garden? No worries: we've got you⁠ - and your chairs⁠ - covered.

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What Is the Right Size for Patio Chair Covers?

Your covers must fit your chairs like a glove. To avoid disappointment or time-consuming returns, it's vital to measure the chair before purchasing them.

While it's pretty obvious why choosing patio chair covers that are too small would backfire, going for something too big instead of measuring them is just as bad: the covers can end up touching the floor and building up dirt and water, or even fly away in the wind.

Regardless of the shape and design of your chairs, follow these three steps:

If you're buying a cover for multiple plastic chairs, make sure they're already stacked before measuring them.

What Is the Best Material for Patio Chair Covers?

We're sure that, when you picked your beautiful outdoor furniture, you've taken comfort and aesthetics into account. However, when it comes to choosing patio chair covers, functionality should come first: it's important to focus on materials that ensure weather resistance and durability.

For these reasons, synthetic materials will be your best choice, such as:

Weather Resistant Patio Chair Cover
Polyester Outdoor Loveseat Cover
Grey Patio Sofa Chair Cover
Water Resistant Patio Chair Cover
Black Polyester Patio Set Cover
Yellow Polypropylene Patio Chair Cover

What Features Should I Consider for My Patio Chair Covers?

Choosing a durable and weather-resistant material is a great start and, in some cases (like with cheaper plastic chairs), that might be all you need to worry about. However, it might be worth considering these features to avoid unpleasant surprises after winter:

Tear Resistant Patio Chair Lounge Cover
Tear Resistant Patio Chair Cover
Breathable Patio Chair Lounge Covers
Breathable Patio Chair Cover in Beige
Heavy Duty Patio Chair Cover
Heavy Duty Square Patio Chair Cover

What's the Right Color for My Patio Chair Covers?

The fact that patio chair covers are mainly functional doesn't mean that they must look boring! Now that we've covered their practical features, you can get creative with the aesthetic side of things:

Patio Chair Cover in Brown
Black Patio Chair Cover
Patio Chair Cover in Dark Beige
Beige Lined Patio Chair Cover
Patio Chair Cover in Dark Grey
Grey Patio Chair Cover

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