How To Choose Outdoor Wall Lighting


Outdoor wall lighting is a surprisingly important accent on a home. In addition to the functionality of providing safe lighting, a well-chosen lighting fixture can go towards the whole style of your home.

Below we'll cover the different considerations for outdoor wall lighting, such as types, finishes, styles, and safety.

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What type of outdoor wall lighting should I choose?

Outdoor lighting comes in several main types, all of which serve a different function:

Spotlight Outdoor Wall Lighting
Camera Styled Spotlight Outdoor Wall Lighting
Floodlights LED Outdoor Wall Lighting
Up and Down Outdoor Wall Lighting
Bronze Up and Down Outdoor Wall Lighting
Small Up and Down Outdoor Wall Lighting
LED Outdoor Wall Lighting
Outdoor Wall Lantern with Motion Sensor
Small Outdoor Wall Lighting with Motion Sensor
Outdoor Wall Lantern with Bulb
Classic Front Entry Lighting
Front Entry Lighting with Bulb

What are the most popular styles of front entry outdoor wall lights?

Since outdoor wall lighting contributes to the overall style of your home, it's also important to consider its aesthetic value. Below are some of the most common styles to look for:


These are styles where the light hangs away from the wall itself. The bulb is usually encased in a traditional lantern style, hence the name. These look best in classic-styled homes, but you can find sparse, modern designs, too. 

Barn light

Another main style is the bulb hanging down from a top casing that sits away from the wall. While many barn lights look great in rustic spaces, this style also comes in modern and sleek designs

Armed sconce

These have an arm that's attached to a base, while the light itself extends outward. The light typically shines up or out, but not always. If you're looking for a more modern style, you'll want to look up outdoor lighting by the term armed sconce first. Armed sconces tend to be more geometric, modern and austere than classic lantern or barn light styles.   

Flush mount

These are flat styles that sit on the ceiling so the bulb can shine downwards, but sometimes they are put on walls too. These work in a wide variety of styles since they look so timeless. There are designs, however, that follow a certain aesthetic.

Lantern Outdoor Wall Lighting
White Lantern Outdoor Wall Lighting
Bulb Outdoor Armed Sconce
Long Outdoor Armed Sconce
Black Classic Outdoor Barn Light
LED Outdoor Flush Mount

How to choose the finish for outdoor wall lighting?

Another important feature in outdoor wall lighting is how it's finished. That gives the overall look to the light fixture. You have many different options when it comes to lighting finishes.

Gold and Opal Glass Outdoor Flush Mount
Nickel Lantern Outdoor Wall Lighting
Bronze Outdoor Wall Lantern
Stainless Steel Outdoor Wall Lighting
Chrome Slim Outdoor Wall Lighting
Pewter Outdoor Wall Lantern

What are some safety considerations when choosing outdoor wall lighting?

If you follow the instructions, many wall lights are fairly easy to install. However, if you have to do any re-wiring, you may want to consult an electrician. Some outdoor wall lighting designs are even remotely or wirelessly controlled now, so if you don't want to mess with the wiring, you may want to look into that option. 

You should also make sure the model is solid as far as any weatherproofing goes. It should work in rain, snow or humidity. It should say that it is weatherproof, weather-resistant or suitable for wet locations. Also, be sure to use outdoor-rated bulbs and only use the bulbs that fixture is rated for.  

You may also want to look into smart outdoor lighting. Smart outdoor lighting has many security features that help make your home a safer place: