How To Choose Outdoor Wall Décor

A crawling gecko? A magical gnome? Or how about a little watering can? Visible from the road and guaranteed to catch your guests' attention, your outdoor wall décor can add personality to the exterior of your house or even introduce the theme on which you've been focusing indoors.

With thousands of options to choose from, let us make things easier for you by showing you what to look for in order to find the perfect outdoor wall décor for your house. You know, the type that will make passers-by turn their heads for the right reasons, not because your wall now looks terribly kitsch?

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How to Choose the Color of Your Outdoor Wall Décor?

Picture this scene: you buy the loveliest maroon design… only to remember about your exposed brick walls once you're already home and trying to put it up. The result? An unclear blur that almost disappears when looking at it from the road, as it blends in with its background. Unfortunate, right? Let's avoid this unpleasant scenario!

Before browsing through different style options, there are two things that you should keep in mind:

  • Color of your wall: your new purchase should pop, not disappear! Pick a color that creates a light and dark contrast against your wall;

  • Existing accent color: this is more of a personal preference matter, but, if you can already identify a specific brighter color around your external walls and garden (such as that of your house numbers or letterbox), you could emphasize it by choosing an outdoor wall décor that matches that hue! This will result in a harmonious, cohesive look, which is a clear indicator of good taste and an eye for design.

Butterfly Metal Iron Wall Décor
Bacchus God of Wine Wall Décor
Elegant Metal Sun Wall Décor
The Farm Metal Hanging Sign
Colorful Resin Plastic Mermaid Wall Décor
Elegant Rustic Design Wall Décor

How Big Should My Outdoor Wall Décor Be?

There won't be a wall décor police telling you off if your chosen design is too big or small! It all depends on personal preference and the wall that you're planning on decorating. Consider these points:

  • Do you want your new outdoor wall décor to be more of a surprise when someone walks to your door or would you rather have it clearly visible from the road? In the second scenario, aim for a minimum of 10 inches in height;

  • Are there any other design elements on that wall, such as house numbers, flower pots or windows? If so, a smaller item will do. However, if your wall is entirely bare… nothing's stopping you! Your design could literally go all the way up to the roof.

Bohemian Style Sun Moon Wall Décor
Metal Lizard Boho Wall Décor
Hand Pained Metal Flag Star
Weather Resistant Double Sided Hanging Number Sign
Rustic Style Welcome Wall Décor
Rusty Bicyclette Outdoor Wall Decor

What Are the Best Materials for Your Outdoor Wall Décor?

Outdoor wall décor is available in a wide variety of materials, from plastic to metal to ceramic and more. Since, given its position, it's unlikely to get dropped or damaged, fragility isn't really a main concern. However, what you should keep in mind depending on your climate is its weather resistance. For example, if your exterior wall is exposed to frequent rain, you might want to avoid wood, unless you're happy to make it waterproof by adding specific coating.

One of the best materials for outdoor wall decor is metal, which comes in the form of intricate scrollwork patterns, celestial accents, owls, butterflies, flowers, and many more. Metal accents tend to be weather resistant and even if they lose their attractive sheen, you can always polish them up.

Another interesting option is resin which can be crafted to resemble stone! You could swear that replica of Bacchus is real marble.

Artistic Metal Face Wall Décor
Resin Plastic Green Face Wall Décor
Personalized Engraved Slate Address Sign
Concrete Amusing Magical Tree Face
Copper Decorative Weathervane Sign Wall Décor
Lighted Solar Powered Glass Wall Décor

As long as you keep color and weather-resistance in mind, your choice will mainly center around the style that you'd like to create or the feeling that you want to convey when someone gazes at your house.

However, browsing thousands of items without really knowing what to look for is extremely time-consuming! Try and narrow it down to items that belong to one or two of these popular categories:

  • Magical world: from fairies to elves, this theme is ideal if you're fascinated by folklore, you already own some garden gnomes, or you simply want to bring a pinch of magic to your external walls;

  • Animal world: perfect to showcase your love for nature! You can just as easily pick garden-related animals like bunnies and geckos or give your wall an exotic twist with parrots, flamingos or the species that you prefer;

  • Flowers and plants: this type of décor will allow you to turn your external wall into an extension of your beautiful garden;

  • Nautical or maritime: particularly popular in holiday homes or houses by the sea, the designs that fall within this category range from anchors to lighthouses and more. They can also allow you to combine two different themes, for example by choosing maritime animals like sea turtles or mythical creatures like mermaids;

  • Sky: for a relaxing and tasteful feel, look for outdoor wall décor representing the sun, moon, stars or weather elements;

  • Classical world: ideal to achieve timeless elegance, especially if your garden already features some Roman or Greek-inspired elements such as statues or stone-like replicas of gods and goddesses;

  • Everyday items: if you're striving for a cozy and traditional atmosphere, décor elements inspired by common objects like wheels or spades will help you convey that lovely cottagey feel.

White Stone Angel Wall Sculpture
 Stylish Metal Turtle Wall Decor
Welcome Daisies Metal Garden Sign
Mermaid Wooden Decorative Door Hanger Wall Decor
Star with Scroll Metal Wall Décor
Vintage Style Welcome Lake Canvas Wall Décor

Quick Tips

Don't let the wide variety of choices put you off or rush you into buying the first item you find! When choosing your outdoor wall décor, just keep these top tips in mind:

  • Look for colors that would create a light and dark contrast against your external wall, or consider choosing your existing accent color;
  • If the front of your house is exposed to the elements, choose weather-resistant materials or coat your item with protective waterproof paint;
  • To skim through hundreds of thousands of products more quickly and easily, pick one or two themes to choose from! You can base it on the feeling that you want to convey or the style that you have already adopted inside your house.