How To Choose Mugs And Teacups

From that first hot mug of coffee in the morning to that last steaming teacup of tea to soothe away your worries at the end of the day, there's nothing like the feeling of wrapping your hands around that perfect mug or teacup. Regardless of what you put in it, these are a staple in many households today.

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What materials do mugs and teacups come in?

  • Porcelain is always going to be in fashion, as it is durable and stylish as well as functional. A romantic tea set with birds or classic floral prints, those tiny little espresso cups that pack a wallop of caffeinated goodness to your morning, or just a nice set of mugs for everyday use.
Porcelain Teacup and Saucer with Butterfly
2 Piece Porcelain Decorative Espresso Cup
Porcelain Cappuccino Coffee Cup
Classic Porcelain Mugs Set
Porcelain Tea Cup with Roses
Porcelain Old Styled Coffee Mug
  • Earthenware is a wonderful way to add some personality and variety to your mug collection. It's often found in souvenir mugs in many places around the world; it's more durable than glass and attractive to look at; your guests won't be able to resist reaching for one of these.
Earthenware Coffee Mug in Beige
Earthenware Christmas Mug in White and Green
Mint Stoneware Coffee Mugs
Stoneware Mug Set with Stand
Marbe Fashionable Stoneware Mugs
Earthenware Coffee Mugs with Stripes
  • Bone china is resistant to cracking and chipping and has a lovely translucent quality that will last you for a long time. It is going to be one of your most durable ceramic options because the bone ash makes it chip and crack resistant.
All White Bone Chine Coffee Mugs
Floral Bone China Coffee Mug
Bone China Coffee Mug Set with Flowers
White and Gold Bone China Tea Cup
Classic White Bone China Coffee Mug
Decorative Bone China Coffee Mugs
  • Melamine is heat resistant and nearly unbreakable. It is also dishwasher safe to survive the grind of daily use. Used in many kitchen utensils, it is a material that you can be sure will hold up, especially when kids want to serve you some breakfast in bed.
White and Yellow Simple Melamine Mug
Beige Melamine Coffee Tea Mug
Classic Melamine Coffee Mug
Melamine Mug with Flags Design
Grey Melamine Coffee Tea Mug
  • Acrylic is an inexpensive alternative that will come in many colors and fun options to suit your style without breaking the bank. It's easy to maintain, lightweight, and heat resistant and will make a good mug to have your morning coffee in on your porch while watching the birds or flipping through the paper.
  • Glass provides a sleek, modern route that mirrors those fun, highly popular coffee shops that are everywhere. Being able to see rich, dark coffee while you smell the heady aroma rising from your mugs, or watching blooming tea unfoldin a spectacle before your very eyes is always a treat.
Double Glass Coffee Tea Mug
Double Glass Modern Coffee Mug
Glass Infuser Tea Cup
Oval Glass Coffee Mug
Long Double Glass Mugs
Classic Single Glass Teacup
  • Stainless steel is often used to accent glass or other types of mugs and teacups, adding a bit of flash and durability to the rims or handles. All stainless-steel mugs can be hammered or sleek and polished. They can get quite hot to the touch, but as long as you have a good handle and allow them to cool before removing from the dishwasher, risk of burns will be minimal.
Silver Stainless Steel Coffee Tea Mug
Stainless Steel Coffee Mug
White and Pink Stainless Steel Inside Teacup
Gold Rose Stainless Steel Long Mugs
Stainless Steel Travel Mug
White Coffee Mug with Stainless Steel

What size mugs or teacups can I get?

Now you may wonder what size you need for the perfect mug or teacup for your teas or coffee, and there are many to choose from. Traditionally though, it depends on what it is you are planning on serving in it.  From extra small to extra large and all the sizes in between, it's what's on the inside that counts.

  • Extra-small: less than 5 oz. Traditionally an espresso cup.
  • Small: 5-8 oz. Teacup.
  • Standard size: 9-12 oz. Regular coffee mug.
  • Large: 13-19 oz. Latte mug.
  • Extra-large: 20+ oz. Oversized or soup mug.
Double Glass Extra Small Espresso Cup
Small Tea Cup in Teal
Green Glaze Standard Coffee Mug
Pink Stoneware Standard Mugs
Large Ceramic Coffee Mug Set
Yellow Extra Large Mug

What styles and colors of teacups and mugs should I get for home?

If you already have a tea service, just match the same color scheme and theme, for a more formal look. Otherwise, you can throw caution to the wind, and mix and match for a Mad Hatter's tea party look!

If you're drinking coffee or tea in your kitchen or living room, stick with either a color that fits in with your primary color, or opt for a more personal look. There's a lot of images or sayings printed on coffee mugs to choose from. Is yours the one that says: "World's Greatest Mom" or the one with a funny cat on it? Why not find out?

In terms of shapes, the choice is vast too. Again, a lot of times, the design you choose will be directed by what you are going to pour in your mug: latte macchiato, cappuccino or herbal tea… Nevertheless, for those who prioritize well-being, there are ergonomic designs that are wider at the top of the handle and smaller at the bottom to cut down on hand strain while having your favourite cuppa!